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Over the Hill, but young at heart. Married at eighteen, had a career behind the cameras, and at thirty-six produced a beautifully unique daughter, now in her teens. Currently working at my second career, stay-at-home-mom, about to embark on career #3...designing uniquely themed rooms for folks with a distinctive sense of humor...and deep pockets. ;-)

Devout liberal. I like to think of myself as creative, love to travel, especially outside of the US, and have a profound affinity for British TV. I credit BBCAmerica and this lovely bloke named Barrowman for turning up my already liberal fervent to full on high. I'm passionately committed to equal rights for the LGBT community, freedom FROM religion, and the notion that life is to be ENJOYED, not lived in fear. Morality is found in goodness of heart. Words, especially those considered naughty, should not be subject to puritanical editing. And sex...Americans are far too uptight about sex. Gay sex...straight sex...it's all good, and if you're doing it right, there ain't much difference. Savor it while you still can. :-D

Oh yeah...if anyone's interested in watching my YouTube vids...I'm cos2mwiz.

...just three more words before I shut up...ADAM Freakin' LAMBERT!