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TORCHSONG...Just a few observations on the party...

OK...had a break from the festivities here at TorchSong to post a bit about the fabulousness...

First off...I just want to say that having John by video link was a brilliant solution to a disastrous situation. I think in some ways it allowed John to feel free to let loose with a bit more of his down and dirty raunchy side than perhaps if he'd been here in person...certainly, I doubt we'd have seen some of the bodily displays noted below...or maybe it was just the painkillers sending him over the top...but for whatever reason, I'm extremely grateful and immensely entertained.  :-PPP

Just a fraction of the important things I've learned....
John WILL be at Comic Con!   WoooHooo!!!!!...(Gareth says there is a rumor he'll be asked, but hasn't confirmed as of yet.)
~  Carole and John are writing a TW novel...and yes, I've heard directly from Carole that there will be loads of Jack and Ianto in it. *YAY*...finally!
~  Gareth is an excellent pianist...and writes quite entertainingly naughty songs.
~  Tom Price is an incredibly sweet man, funny as hell, and a joy to talk to...AND an unbelieveable trouper for doing a hilarious Q & A even when obviously in ridiculous pain.             
~  Carole and Claire are extremely gracious to John's fans.
~  Tommy Lee...what can I say? No one illustrates Captain Jack better and he'll be working with John and Carole on a few more projects.
~  That scene John talks about on page 238 of his book, where the crew plays a prank and doesn't call cut, is the Jack/Ianto snog from  TTLM...And Gareth thought they'd left it at least in the bloopers...sadly, no. :-(
~  Mark Sheppard is willing to show John his version of "Helicopter" to get a guest shot on TORCHWOOD.

Just a fraction of the things I've no particular order of appearance...
~  A Full Moon....if you know what I mean
~  A lovely gentleman's ripped abs...and tight, speedo-ed bum. *Oh yessss*
~  Short simulation of an event at Cameron MacIntosh's estate, recounted in "Anything Goes"
~  Gareth with a mic down his jeans...Which, I'm very proud to say was due to MY question: What has he learned specifically from working with John?...answer: VIAGRA is not a bad thing...illustrated with a funny story from the set...zipper down...mic get the idea. =D
Carole being adding to the list of Barrowman's on which Gareth has performed major snoggage. (Geez...As if having John as a brother isn't enough! Can this woman get any effing luckier?!)

Much more later, after I've had time to replay this whirlwind weekend in my head...and pictures to follow as soon as I'm anywhere near a flash card reader. 

Off to get a bite to eat and then see Gareth and John's last video wank of the weekend. :-DDD

*This is an edited version of my original entry and some comments have been removed to delete any references to incidents that John may have asked not to be disclosed online. Apologies if one of the comments was yours. :-)


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