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JB GDL CC bitch

JOHN BARROWMAN and DAVID TENNANT at San Diego Comic Con!!!

Officially announced this morning! Although, I already knew John would be there...hearing David and Russell T. Davies will be there is just the icing on the cake. Also, Russell Tovey for the BEING HUMAN panel and Noel Fielding for THE MIGHTY BOOSH  panel. It just doesn't get any better than this!...well...OK...having Gareth there too would make it a perfect weekend. *fingers crossed*

Just have to start working on the CC powers that be. They've got TORCHWOOD in too small a space. Ballroom 20 was filled last year and so far they've scheduled the panel in a room about half the size. Absolute Insanity!

Well...at least they're all there...and I got our four day passes and room reservations long ago before it all sold out, so....*YAAAAAAAY*

CAN NOT wait! Trouble is we're going to have to figure out how to get Wednesday's and Thursday's TORCHWOOD shown while we're there. Doubt the Marriott gets BBCA.. I guess I'll have to start working on them too. They've scheduled a showing of the Friday episode, "with key members of the cast" ...hopefully that means John...along with clips from the upcoming WHO specials...hopefully with David in attendance. It would be brilliant to have both those lovely gentlemen together in the same room. :-)))

Unless they change their videotaping policy this year, I should be posting full panels on YT as soon as I get home...so please stay tuned. =D

*skipping off to do the Happy Dance*


I hope you're able to video everything... I really appreciated all the videos you've done so far since I'm not able to go to most conventions. :)
Trust me...If the policy is the same, you won't miss a thing. :-)))
Just hoping he stays away from flip-flops and pool decks between now and then. ;-)
You lucky thing, you!
Yeah...I REALLY needed some happy news today, so it couldn't have come at a better time. :-)
Lucky you! So jealous. If I'd known all these people were going to be there, I might have seriously tried to go. Have you watched Being Human yet?
Nope, haven't watched BH yet, but I'll have to catch up somehow. Assuming it's out there on YT somewhere. A little miffed that they're treating DW like it's bigger than TW though. Sincerely hoping we'll get to see John and David in the same room sometime during the weekend. Fingers crossed that the videotaping policy is the same as last year. ;-)
You should definitely watch it. I love it. I actually think it's better, as a show, than TW. Without the delicious boy-kissing, however. *pout* I think some of it is on YT. Other ways of acquiring also, of course.

Well, DW is definitely bigger than TW. There's no way around that.

Yes, I hope they allow video'ing. That would be fantastic.
I'm pleased for you. He'll probably be foolish enough to do a signing stint for Holzheimers while he's there so maybe you'll get your Torchsong stuff signed belatedly.
Oh, I'll guarantee he'll be at the Holzheimer's booth signing. According to Mary Lee, they have first right of refusal for his appearances. Something to the effect that BBCA has to ask THEM for permission to use him. Obviously, John has signed some kind of contract with them. Whatever.

Yeah, I'll be taking all the stuff I packed for TorchSong, so we'll see what kind of "deal," if any, they'll be offering to us TS attendees.
No way in hell does BBCA have to ask Holzheimers for permission to use him at a publicity event. It just does not work that way. Mary Lee is talking bollocks. If very big tv company connected with the company to which JB is contracted wants JB at event then they get him at the event - noone has to ask the silly little autograph dealer first.

But he could well have been stupid enough to agree a year or two's contract giving Holzheimers first refusal in relation to any signing appearances although considering that the reports from the first SDCC at which he appeared of their treatment of the fans was dire and Torchsong turned into an absolute debacle (not because he wasn't there but because of how rude and uncommunicative Jonathan and Mary Lee were) he's an absolute fucking idiot if he has. His association with them is getting to be a professional embarrassment for him at this point. Especially if the photos taken during Torchsong never see the light of day...

If I were you I would just insist on a free auto - its the least the premiere package holders deserve - give them back the signed photo if necessary.
Well, I can tell you this...Last year I asked at the BBCA booth WHY John wasn't signing there instead of at Holzheimers small booth near the back of the venue. They told me that John had signed with Holzheimer's and they couldn't have him. Personally, I found many ways his appearance in the Holzheimer's booth could have been improved upon last year and have actually spoken with Mary Lee about them, but she said that Comic Con puts so many restrictions on them that she wouldn't be able to implement most of them.

I still find it VERY hard to believe that they couldn't at least find a bar table and stools to get him and Gareth more visibility above the crowd, but what do I know? Hoping she might take some of my suggestions this year if at all possible. Event planning and staging is kind of my forte, and like all of us, I have certain ideas of what makes for a successful personal appearance. Don't quite understand why Gavin and John don't seem to see the problems. But at least I've tried to help with some suggestions, not much more I can do but go and hopefully enjoy.

Luckily, Gabriel will be there and I had the opportunity to have some nice exchanges with some of the other "handlers" that will be there, so maybe their personal interactions will be a bit more fan friendly at Comic Con this year.
Appearing at a publicity event like the BBCA Torchwood panel and signing at a publicity event are entirely different things. So yeah I can very easily see John having done the Torchwood panel at SDCC as part of his contractual publicity requirements with the BBC but having agreed separately to do a signing for a fee with Holzheimers. I mean I note this year that neither the Torchwood or Who cast are signing for BBCA which means if they are signing at all it will be a signing appearance for a fee at one of the commercial booths. Not quite the same thing as the BBC not being able to have him appear without Mary Lee's permission!! I'm sure she was just bigging herself up.

I've never been to SDCC but I know that the people who met him there last year that I spoke to said that the handlers were disgustingly rude, that they wouldn't allow personalisations and that a lot of the time you weren't even allowed to speak to John. The biggest problem that I had with Mary Lee (and Jonathan) is that unlike any other convention organiser I have ever dealt with they cannot accept constructive criticism. I actually got disinvited from Torchsong at one point for pointing out that people would be terribly upset if they had to queue for a long time to get into the cocktail party because they were starting registration so late. This was taken as some form of personal attack. And what happened? People queued for hours to get into the cocktail party and were terribly upset. Not one single constructive comment or suggestion that anyone put forward was taken on board which is what makes me so so wary of them as organisers. Everyone can always learn a little something from others - otherwise how do you ever improve in life?

Like you I'm bewildered as to quite what John and Gavin think of them. John has gotten very upset in the past when he has thought UK fans were being treated brusqely at events and I know from comments people have made that he made comments about some of the Holzheimers handlers last year. Path of least resistance maybe? But it would be wiser to distance himself if he isn't under contract. And Gavin? Well he's a big picture guy - not one for the details of con appearances.

Gabriel was very nice and the other handlers were variable. It would be good to have Gabriel looking after him - he was fan friendly, exceptionally polite and I'm sure John would appreciate the view!
Well, it was all the same handlers at TorchSong as at Comic Con last year, so it seems they've mellowed a bit. At least now they'll likely recognize some of us and be a little more friendly than when we first met them at Comic Con last summer.

Know what you mean about the registration line for the cocktail party. When the schedule first came out I think several of us told them it had disaster written all over it, but...what can you do? I hear they are definitely going to put on the event again next year, so it's likely the same mistakes won't be made. :-) We can only hope.
Well assuming that they still have a business next year! Most people I know are putting in credit card disputes against them and I'll probably have to (although I'd prefer not too) if they don't refund the extra photo shoot money. I did think the event was quite poorly organised and that they would have struggled desperately if John had been there - it was just one long queue after another. Personally I'd prefer it that John didn't go near them again - I know lots of people have written to Gavin about how awful the organisers were to them.I didn't have huge issues with the event itself - just how incredibly rude and uncommunicative Mary Lee and Jonathan especially were. And failure to listen doesn't bode well...
awww - I really hope videoing policy if the same as well - I watched last years about 4 times I think & LMAO the whole time! Thanks from us unfortunates who don't live in one of John's 2 main countries! If you weren't supposed to video at TS though - & these people apparently have say over what can/can't happen as far as John goes?
Luckily, the panels are all run by BBCA, not Holzheimers, so the video policy is up to BBCA. I think if they want as much publicity as possible for their shows, they will allow video. Their only caveat last year was that the large video screens were off limits due to copyright material. I imagine it will be the same this year.

I'm thinking most of the reason that the HUB and TorchSong have a no video tape policy is that the boys get REALLY raunchy and it could come back to bite them. Comic Con is a bit more tame due to the "family" audience...unfortunately. Although John, Gawd love him, does manage to get in a bit of the innuendo whenever possible...and for this we are quite grateful. ;-)

Edited at 2009-06-18 12:03 am (UTC)
The no vid policy at conventions is just mostly because the actors say silly stuff that they don't necessarily want on youtube the next day (and of course the show skits could potentially get them in trouble with the BBC). But a publicity appearance for BBCA would be tamer. So here's hoping you can vid away!
Believe me...They edit the hell out of themselves at CC, so it's likely I'll get to be a video fool...again. *fingers crossed*

That's why I asked John at the TorchSong cabaret if they could arrange an "adult" panel at Comic Con this year. Last year they weren't even allowed to use the "F" word. It's really ridiculous here. America can be so fucking pathetically puritanical. :-(
Thanks! Always love adding new friends, and I've snagged a few of your terrific icons along the way, so thanks back at ya. :-)))
This is so exciting. I am really happy for you :-)

Also hope you don't mind I friended you *blushes*

Edited at 2009-07-05 06:26 am (UTC)
Please...Friend away! I'll do the same if you don't mind.

I'm getting very excited for CC, but I do wish they'd put the DW and TW panels in the same room. Will be a logistical bitch to get good videotaping seats for the TW panel. *fingers crossed* :-)))