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JOHN BARROWMAN and DAVID TENNANT at San Diego Comic Con!!!

Officially announced this morning! Although, I already knew John would be there...hearing David and Russell T. Davies will be there is just the icing on the cake. Also, Russell Tovey for the BEING HUMAN panel and Noel Fielding for THE MIGHTY BOOSH  panel. It just doesn't get any better than this!...well...OK...having Gareth there too would make it a perfect weekend. *fingers crossed*

Just have to start working on the CC powers that be. They've got TORCHWOOD in too small a space. Ballroom 20 was filled last year and so far they've scheduled the panel in a room about half the size. Absolute Insanity! least they're all there...and I got our four day passes and room reservations long ago before it all sold out, so....*YAAAAAAAY*

CAN NOT wait! Trouble is we're going to have to figure out how to get Wednesday's and Thursday's TORCHWOOD shown while we're there. Doubt the Marriott gets BBCA.. I guess I'll have to start working on them too. They've scheduled a showing of the Friday episode, "with key members of the cast" ...hopefully that means John...along with clips from the upcoming WHO specials...hopefully with David in attendance. It would be brilliant to have both those lovely gentlemen together in the same room. :-)))

Unless they change their videotaping policy this year, I should be posting full panels on YT as soon as I get please stay tuned. =D

*skipping off to do the Happy Dance*

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