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Ianto demands

And Henceforth You Need Only Say ADAM...plus a Bit of a Comic Con Bummer...

There are no words.

Like Madonna, Cher, Mick....there is ADAM. 

Just in case you hadn't seen them yet...or thought you didn't care...

Spec-fucking-tacular entrance! This is only the tight/short version.

Wider/full length version available here:

Bowie Medley:

And a tighter clip of Fame:


WooHoo! This Friday in Sacramento...and now, Saturday in Oakland with a friend I haven't seen in ages. I May be getting a bit excited. ;-)

As for the devastating Comic Con news, it's been confirmed... No Gareth this year...at least from the source who brought him over last year...Holzheimers.
I would love to see BBCA step up to the plate and bring him, but I fear it is too late. :-(((

*as this means no innuendo filled John/Gareth interaction will be videotaped at CC, *waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh*... I sulk off to watch the Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce do his Bowie Medley...for the upteenth time*

Oh and...Many thanks to the wonderful "benches" over at ontd_ai for keeping me entertained until 5:45 am, when I had to finally collapse from Adam overload. (Who knew a bunch of barely twenty-somethings could be so utterly hilarious? Truly Fan-fucking-tastic comm.)

Wait....OH HOLY SHIT!...

*YAAAAY!!!...obsession implosion*


Well...I can't say "just" John, because I'm very grateful he'll at least be there, but no, no Eve, Kai or Gareth. John, Russell and Julie...AND TW has to share a panel with BEING HUMAN, which is really pissing me off. BBCA is treating it's highest rated show like a second class citizen.

Meanwhile David, Russell and Julie will be doing the DW panel. Hoping they'll add John into that mix. We'll see.