lv2bliberal (lv2bliberal) wrote,

I Laughed, I Cried, I Hyperventilated...Bloody TORCHWOOD!!!!


I am in Utter, Complete, Shock and AWE!  John, Gareth, Eve...the Brilliant, BRILLIANT Russell T. Davies!!!! That was THE most EXCITING, heartwrenching, humorous hour of telly I can EVER remember witnessing! 

If TORCHWOOD doesn't come back for a FOURTH season, I'm literally going to have to OFF someone at the BBC!!!

I'm reeling. All the performances were award worthy and I am dyin' until tomorrow. John really wasn't using hyperbole when he kept saying that we'd want more, and more, and more. I'm floored. Just a deliriously happy, scared, and eagerly anticipating kind of way. :-)))

And HOW bloody wonderful was it just to hear the TORCHWOOD music again?!!! I'm...I'm...absolutely ecstatic!

(Hope you don't mind...Just felt the need to share.)

Profound appreciation to luvinthe88and20 for uploading so I could burn a disc and watch on my big screen. <333333

Living in the states, and having this TORCHWOOD love really sucks sometimes
(well, most of the time actually...except when John comes to Comic Con. WooWhoo!...Two more weeks!)

I'm soooo gonna be glued to BBCA for a rewatch party, and then at Best Buy the day the BlueRay comes out!

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