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It's a Burton and Depp Kind of Day at Comic Con...

...At least that's what I'll remember as the highlights of the first full day at SDCC. :-)))

Huge thanks to my daughter and her bf for literally sleeping on the grass outside the convention center from 6 pm Weds. evening so I could join them at 6am Thursday for the last few hours wait to snag some coveted seats in Hall H. Unfortunately, the TWILIGHT crazies began lining up two days ago, so it forced everyone else...(Burton enthusiasts)... to gather their sleeping bags and head over there much earlier than anticipated.

First up...Robert Zemeckis and his new version of Scrooge. Gorgeous 3D, but seemed a bit slow. Then the man of the hour, tremendous crowd love for Mr. Burton, surpassed only by the applause for his clips of ALICE IN WONDERLAND...Truly Fucking AWESOME!!!!! (and we got to watch them three times! *yay*)...but the biggest excitement of the day came when Tim's "imaginary friend," Johnny came out as the surprise guest.  It was a short appearance, but most definitely the high point of the trip so far.

Then I had to sit through the TWILIGHT snooze panel (sorry, offend, but no. Just no. I really don't get the fascination.) Next up we were treated to 25 minutes of random scenes from James Cameron's AVATAR. Gorgeous, unique, a bit weird and will be interesting to see how it all comes was fun to see Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana though.

Hoping to post my Burton/Depp video this evening, but the connection at this hotel is so sloooow, we'll see. I'm sure someone else with better seats will have it up already. :-)

The kids are sleeping out there again tonight, so hopefully more fun from Hall H tomorrow, plus John and Naoko are signing at the Hollzheimers booth all day tomorrow and Saturday. Good times!...and sore feet. :-)))

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