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OK...FINI!...My Last Two Tennant/Barrowman/David-Lloyd *Highlights* Vids from Comic Con '09...

at least I think they're my last. I may be lying. ;-)

and because I still can't read TW fan fic...or look at CoE icons...or watch new TORCHWOOD music videos on YT...

Hope y'all enjoy!...or at least can commiserate. :-(  (Russell, you suck...Just sayin')

(Now I just need to get my ass in gear and figure out how get my CC pictures up!...one of these effing days.)  =)


I love the five stages of grief one! So sad, but thank you for posting. You're cool. :)

I'm working on a "bringing Ianto back to life" fic, so I'll send it to you when I get some of it done. XD
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed...and I haven't been able to read any TW fic without getting all freakin' teary eyed, but if it's bringing him back, I'll give it a go. =D
I'm glad you made this cut of the event, because I can't get myself to watch the whole Torchwood panel. So sad :( But great video, thank you.
You're welcome. For me, the panel is doable but I still can't look at icons or read fanfic, and even start to tear up at the titles. I used to go to youtube every morning to see what was new. I haven't watched a single video since. Russell is a complete bastard. :'(

I don't know...perhaps he did me a favor. He certainly killed my obsession. :)
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I can kind of ignore what happened and still enjoy the fanfics, and Torchwood things. I'm living in my own S1-S2 world. But I completely understand people who can't. It's a fine line with me as well. I certainly won't touch another show, however appealing with RTD in the saddle. Who needs another heartbreak?

Re: cooool

Ha! Glad you liked...I think. =)