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Adam HIPS!

Since I Just Noticed It's Been Almost a YEAR Since I Posted Anything...

I guess it's time to fill in the blanks. Let's see...

Did a few stops of the Idol Tour last year, basically to see the new King of Glam do an 18 minute set. The antics on the final stop were priceless. =) ~

Had an EPIC New Year's Eve (audio sort of sucks, but the pictures are pretty) ~

Made a pilgrimage to the desert...Fantasy Springs ~

Vancouver x2 was next...but the camera nazis honed in on me right away and I didn't have a small backup. A mistake I quickly rectified as soon as I got home. That ain't happening again. =(

Spent June '10 in Shanghai & Tokyo

(vid to be added later, if I ever get it edited)

Spent a day and a half at Comic Con. No TORCHWOOD/WHO so, meh. But my daughter did get to participate in a photo shoot for Morgan Spurlock's documentary so, yeah. \o/

And now, easily the most FABULOUS summer of my entire existence is coming to an end. But GlamNation will never be forgotten...

Warfield 1 ~

Thunder Valley ~


Warfield 2 ~


Costa Mesa 1 ~


Costa Mesa 2 ~

San Diego ~




Full shows of my GlamNation stops and TORCHWOOD vids at my YouTube Channel ~


Next up...
GlamNation Atlanta & Florida \o/

...and I'm excited about TORCHWOOD 4. Already have our tickets for Comic Con '11. WOOT!



As soon as we got out passes and walked inside this year, we jumped in line to get passes for next year...solely on the expectation that John and Co. will be there. I'm not doubting it a bit. =)