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Since I Just Noticed It's Been Almost a YEAR Since I Posted Anything...

I guess it's time to fill in the blanks. Let's see...

Did a few stops of the Idol Tour last year, basically to see the new King of Glam do an 18 minute set. The antics on the final stop were priceless. =) ~

Had an EPIC New Year's Eve (audio sort of sucks, but the pictures are pretty) ~

Made a pilgrimage to the desert...Fantasy Springs ~

Vancouver x2 was next...but the camera nazis honed in on me right away and I didn't have a small backup. A mistake I quickly rectified as soon as I got home. That ain't happening again. =(

Spent June '10 in Shanghai & Tokyo

(vid to be added later, if I ever get it edited)

Spent a day and a half at Comic Con. No TORCHWOOD/WHO so, meh. But my daughter did get to participate in a photo shoot for Morgan Spurlock's documentary so, yeah. \o/

And now, easily the most FABULOUS summer of my entire existence is coming to an end. But GlamNation will never be forgotten...

Warfield 1 ~

Thunder Valley ~


Warfield 2 ~


Costa Mesa 1 ~


Costa Mesa 2 ~

San Diego ~




Full shows of my GlamNation stops and TORCHWOOD vids at my YouTube Channel ~

Next up...
GlamNation Atlanta & Florida \o/

...and I'm excited about TORCHWOOD 4. Already have our tickets for Comic Con '11. WOOT!


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