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Maddow think

Hell of a way to end an already Spectacular summer...ATLANTA & FL

I sincerely can't recall ever having a summer of this caliber...EVER...and that's saying a lot since I'm well over the hill into middle age. Atlanta was a pretty last minute add to the itinerary, and as it turns out, a very wise decision to just say fuck it and go. Monumentally glad I did. =)

Got me this lovely moment of waaaay too much shiny glitter on my face. Oy. And the more I stare at this pic, the more I think his expression is "Uhh huhhh...Neil...Save me please. Just take the fucking picture!"...but then I tend to think on the negative side. Found out Neil & I share the same birthday. Ran out and bought Astrology for Dummies. 'Nuf said. =)

So the first Atlanta show was unique in that we FINALLY found an audience that were awestruck, and reverently quiet during Soaked. I'd post my vid, but I just took it down from YouTube today. The bastards tagged it for copyright, and I didn't want to lose my entire channel for a few vids. =( On the bright side...it's forcing me to put together DVDs of several of my last shows...Costa Mesa 2, San Diego, Both Atlantas...but I digress.

After the show, lovely Maria took us (myself, Anita, and Aaron) to one of her new favorite haunts...Einstein's. Perfect evening. Splendiferous food. Their Edamame Succotash is absolutely to die for. Truly a shame they don't ship.

Next morning we went to the fantastic Dali exhibit, and then out for a gastronomically delightful lunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room. Again, MUAH! to Maria. We waddled back to the hotel. Can I just say the Artmore was a lovely little boutique hotel, but fuck their internet speed. OK. Feels betterer.

That evening...The Tabernacle...and THIS performance, became the pinnacle of my entire summer.

The seats, the crowd, everything was perf...well, ALMOST everything was perfect. I could have done without the totally wasted SOB behind me that kept trying to rub my shoulders and ruffle my hair all night. But I stayed on task...mostly. Actually a bit surprised I held it together when the Black lipped, dreadlocked God of the Universe appeared on stage for the encore. Dropped jaw aside, I got the entire show, even though my battery light was flashing for the last two minutes of the encore, and I was going to die of a heart attack if it had run out before the last few otherworldly notes were wailed. Unforgettable show over...catastrophic battery failure averted...MF wasted SOB quickly reamed a new asshole...I grabbed the first taxi back to the Artmore. Long story short, TWO whole freakin' days later I finally had the vids up on YT. Artmore internet=fail.

Flight to Melbourne. Yay! Excited to take my family, and some of their *friends to the show...until I sorta kinda maybe-a-little wished I hadn't. At least I think two guys I ran into named Rick & Jason had a pretty good time, so that made my night. \o/  Still, there is this...

Uploading videos...Celebrating mom's 88th birthday...uploading more videos...Skype call back to the burbs of Sacramento makes my Dad's entire year, so he takes whole gang out to breakfast. My FL peeps still playing catch-up to the 21st Century. Adorable...Bye Sebastian/Melbourne/enlightening & enraging family visit. Moving on...

Hard Rock. Niiice hotel room. LIGHTNING internet. Two thumbs WAY up! Very happy I could give my niece the chance to meet Adam, and Neil was a sweetheart. All in all, a fabulous way to end a rather glorious summer...

When's LA? Bring. It. On. =)


Aww, thanks! I think I only met one or two people on this trip, and that was really on the fly. I have to get better at prearranging meet ups next time around. =)

I'm just grateful that changing flights is so expensive these days. I came very close to leaving for FL a day earlier and blowing off the Tabernacle show, but the $300 change fee stopped me. The universe was being kind to me that day...added bonus, the $300 is now in my LA fund. \o/

I have a feeling EVERYONE will be at that show(s). Are you flying in from a far off state? It would be a perfect place for one large scale meet up party. Hope someone down there comes up with a plan. =D
Yeah, you're probably right, hope so anyway! Thanks! Covered the gray two days before the trip. Ha! When I was a kid I always thought being a Capricorn was kinda sucky, birthday and holidays all the same time of year. Now?...explains why I TOTALLY get Neil. =D

Luckily the battery held out just until they finally walked off stage, so I could breathe again. Added bonus...I now know how long a fresh set of batteries will last in my camera whilst shooting a concert. Valuable info for GN2. \o/