lv2bliberal (lv2bliberal) wrote,

TorchSong Happiness...

Seventeen days ago I was standing outside the Birmingham Hippodrome, asking John Barrowman if he was going to be back at Comic Con this summer. He didn't know, but said he was having his OWN convention and to keep watching his website for the details...Today, as promised, TORCHSONG was announced on his site and ... I  GOT the Whole Shibang TICKETS!!!!!    At my age it would be unseemly to shout a fangirl *SQUEE* I'll just do a wild Happy Dance and pinch myself for the rest of the day month. Much more dignified. :-DDDD

Gareth and Kai at Gallifrey next month, then John again in June...and hopefully again in July, at Comic Con. WOO HOO! No matter what other shite this year brings...FANTABULOUS Times ahead!
Tags: gareth david-lloyd, john barrowman, torchsong, torchwood

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