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GDL on JB lap

TorchSong Happiness...

Seventeen days ago I was standing outside the Birmingham Hippodrome, asking John Barrowman if he was going to be back at Comic Con this summer. He didn't know, but said he was having his OWN convention and to keep watching his website for the details...Today, as promised, TORCHSONG was announced on his site and ... I  GOT the Whole Shibang TICKETS!!!!!    At my age it would be unseemly to shout a fangirl *SQUEE*...so I'll just do a wild Happy Dance and pinch myself for the rest of the day month. Much more dignified. :-DDDD

Gareth and Kai at Gallifrey next month, then John again in June...and hopefully again in July, at Comic Con. WOO HOO! No matter what other shite this year brings...FANTABULOUS Times ahead!


Goggling at the fact that you were personally asking JB about this...Do you have a link for Torchsong so I can see what it is exactly? (jealous of all your con plans)

Never mind, I found it. I'd heard about this before, actually. There's not much info on the con website about what exactly will be happening, but the cabaret thing would be great, I'm sure.

Edited at 2009-01-08 05:13 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, got to ask a few questions of John at the stage door, our first night in Birmingham. Writing up the journal entry as we speak.

Really looking forward to the cabaret and the cocktail party...not to mention the panels. Gotta believe Gareth will be there. Don't think he's missed a convention yet, and John certainly knows what the fans want. ;-)
Well, yeah, it would be great if Gareth's there. I know he's supposed to be in the US in Jan-Feb, maybe March too. If you're lucky, there'll be a repeat of the Hub! swoon. (And yeah, I'm way too old for this too, haha, I regularly feel ridiculous. I have some hesitation to go to a con because of that, if I ever have the opportunity.)

I love that pic of John in your icon. I used that header for quite awhile.
First off...how do I steal your kiss animation? Guh is right.

I felt sort of ridiculous last summer at Comic Con, but then I met so many other women of my age there, including one that I'm going to TorchSong with, who is six years older than me! So I decided to take John's mom's advice..."You're a long time dead" and just get over the impropriety of it all and go for it. I have no illusions...just more fun. Luckily, my husband of thirty three years thinks I'm a bit nutty, but he's fine with it.

Hell...right before I talked to John, he was signing for a woman who looked to be in her eighties, he knew she followed him everywhere and was quite sweet and gracious to her.

Yes, I'm soooo hoping that since this is John's own convention there will be NO limitations on the smut...HUB Style! ;-)

I have a few Hub-tastic icons. Go to my user info (profile). Just to the right of my user pic, you'll see a listing of # of entries, # of comments ( embarrassingly huge), and at the end of that line, # of Userpics (again, I somewhat embarrassingly gave in to icon lust and got a paid account so I could get more). Click on Userpics and it shows them all. You can just drag and drop onto your desktop and then upload onto your own LJ page, just make a note of the creator so you can credit them in your own userpics.

Well, I'm glad to hear of other non-young fannish types. My best online Torchwood pal is relatively close to my age, so we commiserate about this sometimes. In all the Hub and other con photos I've seen, everyone looks so young, it makes me nervous to go to one. (not to mention proximity to objects of fannish obsession, which might make me keel over). That's great that you're going to Torchsong with someone - what fun. My partner also thinks it's somewhat nutty, but tolerates. She's used to obsessive types, haha.
Thanks so much! Stole a few, but now I'm up to my max and will likely get the bigger icon package as well. Love them all, can't bare to part with any. ;-) Besides, I have to go back and snag on of your SKINS icons. That's a show my daughter and I both adore.

Trust me. NOT everyone is so young. LOTS of Boomers at Comic Con. I managed to stay away from most of the fannish objects, but did do a smidge of shopping in the BBCAmerica store...AND there was comic book style print of Jack juxtaposed with The Face of Boe that was just too beautiful to pass up, so I had John sign it for me. My daughter, on the other hand, made out like a bandit with SteamPunk gear. So yeah, now that I think of it, it can be very dangerous to your wallet! :-D
Fannish objects - oh, I wasn't clear, LOL, I didn't mean literally objects, I meant JB and GDL! proximity to THEM would have me on the floor. And again, good to hear of some older people at ComicCon - I went once with my partner who was there on business and I totally was NOT a fan at all at that point, but it was interesting to observe. I remember every one being young, but it was a long time ago, well, 5 years ago. It's gotten much bigger since then I think.

Skins - I'm still working on last few episodes which I have taped. Not sure 2nd season was as good as 1st. I think they got a little too sensationalistic, with some horrible problem for each character every week. But still good. I love Tony. The actor who played Chris is also in Merlin, which I just started to watch last night.
Well, yes...JB and GDL DO have that effect. :P

Our favorite character is Sid, but we just scream "WHY?" at the TV every time he goes back to Cassie. Just curious...looking at your icons I noticed you don't have any QueerasFolk (US) Brian/Justin or Melanie/Lindsay. Did you ever watch that show, or did you just not like it?
Oh, I really like Sid too. Boy, Cassie turned into a right bitch, didn't she? I wish he'd take off his hat though, ha. I never got into QAF. I watched one episode where the women were having a baby and Brian was the donor(?), and it didn't ring true to me at all, I didn't find it at all believable. That kind of spoiled it for me and I didn't want to watch any more. But now I know so many people who were big fans, it makes me want to try again.
Was Cassie ever NOT a right bitch?...or just incredibly high maintenance? OY! She was trouble from day one. We didn't ever get the fascination. Oh well...whole new cast next round. Sad. :-(

Get past the baby thing and the Brian/Justin relationship/non-relationship is the core of the series...and it is HOT!!! HUB kiss GUH Hot for five seasons...at least, in my humble opinion. :-D

OK, you've convinced me, I better get watching QAF. Other people have told me the same thing about it. That icon below is very nice. :) Cassie - well, she wasn't mean until she came back from the loony bin in Scotland. Then she went off the deep end (even more).
Damn...I keep forgetting to change my icon for these replies. Here's one of my favorites. :P