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Maddow think

I have a few Glam Nation Tour HD Club Nokia Vids to share...

They're pretty decent, from front row nearly center of VIP. During the encore it even appears he looks directly at my camera a few times...and there is a wink. Enjoy. =)


thanks so much for these - they're truly awesome! I was devastated when I couldn't get tix for the one concert he did over where I live in Sydney Australia - that'll teach me to pay more attention I guess :)
Aww, thanks! You're very welcome. I have NO doubt he loved Sydney and he'll be back next year sometime. BTW...LOVE your Avi. After the Ianto tragedy I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for series 4 thru 11. Need John on my TV. Thrilled that he's signed on for 7 years! =)