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Guess it's time to update a bit after FOUR years. =D

I nearly forgot I even had an LJ, but since I'm paying for it... =D
Sadly, I haven't been to San Diego Comic Con since I last posted in 2011 but I've been a bit busy between AFL concerts and traveling so no complaints.

Most recently, Morongo, where Adam Fuckin' Lambert lived up to his usual. =D
My Playlists:

Then there was this band named QUEEN... + Adam Lambert that toured summer 2014
Las Vegas Two >>>
Las Vegas One >>>
Los Angeles Forum >>>
San Jose Arena >>>
Chicago (N. American Tour Opener) >>>

In 2012 and 2013 there was the TRESPASSING Era.
Paso Robles >>>
Fantasy Springs Two >>>
Pacific Amphitheatre >>>

All of the above mixed in with several other shows here in the states and a trip to London to see QUEEN + AL at the Hammersmith Apollo. Needless to say, it's been quite a fun four years. =)

Meanwhile, Rei moved to Tokyo three years ago and we visit often. She did come back a few times though and last year we got an updated Cherry shoot. No more Rainbow hair but she was born to ROCK the 40's vintage look. =)))

Ha! Might be another four years until I post again...We'll see. 
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