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Our TORCHWOOD - WHO Holiday 2008...Day 7...Christmas!

Disclaimer:  If I sound bitchy, it's because I found out this afternoon that some IDIOT on YouTube STOLE my TORCHWOOD INNUENDO SQUAD Comic Con video, renamed it and posted it as their own. I'm pissed.  And yes, there are lots of pictures of my Roaming Gnome on today's post. He's not your average, overexposed travel Gnome. He's my heirloom TORCHWOOD Gnome, (read previous posts to see why) . . . and yes, he will be going wherever we go for the rest of our trip. 'Nuf said.

  Christmas in London...NOTHING...and I mean NOTHING, is open. and a smattering of restaurants, but otherwise NOTHING! This morning we left The Hyatt Regency Churchill and checked into the Marriott County Hall, home of the London Eye, the Dali Museum and Movieum...None of which were open today...So, we just walked about taking pictures...

First Up...the Hotel...

Rachel stopped to help out a solo tourist in need of Picture Assistance.

Next Up...What else?...BIG BEN and Westminster Abbey...

On to Whitehall . . .                   Cool cop cycle, eh?

After walking all the way down Whitehall, we turned around at Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery and walked back up Whitehall to the hotel for a bit of a thaw. On  the way we saw a little Italian restaurant that was open and decided to return there for Christmas dinner. Of course, it wasn't all that busy when we passed it, but by the time we came back . . . With no other restaurants in the area open...IT WAS MOBBED! We waited in line for about forty minutes, right behind a couple of women who it turned out were from Brazil. We know, because after waiting so long, we all looked at each other and decided the next time they called for a party of four, we'd join ranks and dine together. And so we did...

The waiter stuffed a table in what appeared to be a nearly enclosed closet area...lit so brightly that the white walls seemed hospital sterile. It was a fascinating afternoon! The daughter was studying philosophy at the Sorbonne and the mother was visiting from a small island off the coast of Brazil. We got talking about American culture, and to our surprise, the mother was a HUGE Oprah fan. They also loved HOUSE and lots of other American shows. Almost everything they new about America, they knew from American television. A little frightening, but still, very interesting. It was a real Rick Steves in Europe afternoon, and a very least for us...way to spend Christmas.

The food was good, the conversation lively and  interesting, the private closet eating in a prison cell. Still, extremely memorable Christmas dinner.

On the way back to our room we stopped outside the hotel to take in some more of the sights on the Thames...

And then that evening...before we settled in to watch THE DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL on TV... I looked out the window to see this...   


I LOVE London!  

Then we found out the hotel didn't get BBC 3, so we couldn't watch the Doctor Who Confidential, after the Doctor Who Christmas Special...Bummed.    

Tomorrow...Post Christmas sales on Regent Street...and a surprising reception at HAMLET!                                                                                                                                          

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