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Our TORCHWOOD - WHO Holiday 2008...Day 9...WHO Shopping!

DISCLAIMER: All pertinent excuses on previous entries...

Last day in the UK. Breakfast at the hotel and then over to Westminster Abbey. Rachel had been there twice before, but she'd been too young to remember much about it, so we revisited. Besides, now that she's into the whole Gothic Grave thing, I thought she'd have a better appreciation for the finer tombs. Quite crowded...lots of Russian being spoken. Have I mentioned that everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE there are hordes of Russian tourists. We took a leisurely walk through, snapped a couple of pictures in the Cloisters, (no photos aloud inside) and then headed for the Westminster tube station.

Somewhere in our travels, we were chatting up one of the concierges, and they told us for DOCTOR WHO stuff there was one place we HAD to go...FORBIDDEN PLANET on Shaftesbury. So we got out at Leicester Square and walked up to Shaftesbury to find a very unassuming storefront which, as advertised, did indeed turn out to be an ENTERTAINMENT MEGASTORE. We finally found Tennant gifts for Rach's best friend...(calendar, posters)...and loads of WHO merch we'd never seen before. I was hunting more for TORCHWOOD stuff, but that seemed to be limited to six inch figures, poster (sold out,) and the odd key chain so far. (JB thinks they should make a Torchwood line of Adult toys...But 'til then, why not at least make some anatomically correct Jack and Ianto dolls? I think that's something the fans might enjoy.) Just sayin'. ;-) I did walk out with a Torchwood logo key chain. Not quite the same, but it'll do for now. :-)

If financial times had been different, we'd really have gone nuts in this store. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Rach's favorite horror movies...they had it all. After about forty-five minutes upstairs ogling, but not buying, all the toys we couldn't possibly carry home, we took the stairs down to the book and video level. Immediately, Rach made a beeline for THE MIGHTY BOOSH Book on one of the end caps. HAD to have it.  We probably could have spent another hour down there just going through all the titles of interest, but we knew it was time to get back to the hotel if we wanted time to see any of the attractions by the London Eye.

Once back in the warmth of our room, we struggled with the idea of going back out into the freeze to see the Movieum and the Fright Club attractions. Even the thought of getting to see another replica of the Tardis and another Dalek didn't tempt us enough to go back out in the cold.  I spent our remaining time figuring out how to best add our newly obtained gifts to our already overstuffed bags, and snapped a few pics while people watching (I'll bet they were all Russian,) out the window of our glorious room with a view.

When the time came, we loaded up a cab with our ridiculous amount of bags, said goodbye to the Thames, and enjoyed the last bit of London sights on the ride up to the Eurostar station at St. Pancras. Before we headed through security, we found a small sandwich shop in the terminal, Benugo. Once again, we found one of  the cheapest meals to be one of the best.

Miraculously, we made it through security without much hassle. There was one tense moment when they wanted to check out the Cyberdog goggles with the menacing metal spike on them, (NO, not the boyfriend's goggles! Don't confiscate the boyfriend's goggles!) but they seemed to get a good laugh, whispered a bunch to each other, and then put them back in the bag. Whew! Bullet dodged.

The waiting area was crowded and since we had a cart load of bags, we stood by the elevator in anticipation of boarding. Rach spent the time laughing at her new MIGHTY BOOSH book, while I spent the time worrying that we'd be the last to get to our assigned car and there wouldn't be any space left in the luggage area for all our bags. Next time I SWEAR we'll be traveling light!

Long story short...we got to the car...FIRST! No worries on the luggage, other than holding everyone else up while lugging our luggage onto the luggage rack. Smooth ride in the dark of night, so no sights to see along the way. By the time we got off at Paris Nord, all the luggage carts had been snapped up, so we struggled to get roll our bags out to the taxi stand. LONG line, but taxis waiting ten deep, so not long until we got to the front and were helped by to our taxi by a guy...who, of course, wanted compensation for his effort. Since I only had euros in bills, no coins, he had to settle for a two pound coin, and with a hand gesture of disgust, he bid us adieu. Ahhh, yes...Welcome to Par-eee.

Wide eyed for the ride to the Hilton Arc de Triomphe, we traveled down Boulevard Haussmann past the dazzling Christmas lights of the Gallerie Lafayette and Printemps Dept. Stores, making mental notes of places to return and see. Once again, the hotel room was larger than we'd had in most past trips, and they'd left a lovely tray of desserts and bottles of water to welcome us. Nice.

We have two days left in Paris. Tomorrow is Sunday, so we'll stay in town and save Paris Disneyland for birthday. :-)


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