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Our TORCHWOOD - WHO Holiday 2008...Day 12...home :-) ... :-(

Time to go home. The taxi was outside the lobby at 7am to take us to DeGaulle for the eleven + hour Air France flight back to L.A. We checked in our two heavy suitcases and the giant duffle bag...(that one I brought...just in case) ... AND wrapped up our DOCTOR WHO golf-sized umbrella to go with the checked luggage, never expecting to see it again, much less expecting it to emerge unscathed. Considering the two GINORMOUS Disney tote bags full of stuff we were lugging as our second pieces of carry ons, we got through security with relative ease. Walked around the shops by the gate a bit. Bought some local magazines and a few more snacks for the plane, and then took the elevator to the Air France lounge until it was time to board. Gotta LOVE the perks of traveling Business Class. :-)

Time to board, settle in, and down our glass of pre-flight champagne...

From the moment we took off, I swear, it was nothing but food service, after food service. We were offered, and ate, three three course meals, with appetizers, (we even tried the pate,) and desserts, plus several snack and drink services in between dozing off and watching bits of a couple of movies. The sleeping part helped the flight seem a lot shorter, and soon we were back in L.A.

A short wait for baggage...and the umbrella amazingly in tact, we breezed through customs...Nothing to declare. Then a walk out in the downright balmy LA air...(75 degrees and felt like summer) pushing two luggage carts from terminal 2, back to Southwest in terminal 1. Since baggage retrieval and customs had taken much less time than I'd anticipated, it was now nearly FOUR hours until our flight back to Sacramento. We planted ourselves near the check-in line and ordered a couple of hours of Wi-Fi to keep ourselves occupied until it got closer to flight time and we could check bags...and go through security, all over again.

Upstairs at the gate, we watched clips of Mighty Boosh on the Boosh website to pass the time. Short hop back to Sac, walked in the door about 7:30 pm, tired, but definitely NOT hungry. Let's see...that was 4:30am body clock time. I unpacked and stayed up for the next six hours before finally crashing. It's over two weeks later, and I still haven't fully regained a normal sleep pattern. Crap, aging sucks.

It was the most exhausting twelve days of my life, but worth every moment. The highlight was definitely seeing John's panto, and I do regret not having seen it twice, but overall the entire trip was an unforgettable experience and one I'm sure Rachel will have fun nightmares telling her kids about some day. :-D

Paris and London?...Now that Rach is old enough to really appreciate the history of what she's seeing, we'll have to go explore again soon, more temperate weather...and with Mark along too. CARDIFF?...If someone said I could move there next week, I'd have the house packed and ready. Absolutely ADORED it and miss it already! Eagerly looking forward to our next chance to go...Perhaps NEXT Christmas! :-)))))))

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