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A Video NOT to be Missed!!!

During my daily morning perusal of YouTube for the latest and greatest TORCHWOOD/Barrowman vids, I found this bit of ABSOLUTE FREAKIN' GENIUS! If you Love the movie with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen (as I do) and you are a TORCHWOOD junkie (goes without saying)...You will laugh your Ass off!!!

PRIDE & PREJUDICE - TORCHWOOD STYLE!... from the utterly awesome MadameDeVideoland



That was funny!
And here's Two more funnies...first Jack/Ianto


second...well, what's there to say???!...


Ha! Great vid!

Here's one you might like, that's not on youtube:
tw_youresodamnhot - Melina

Edited at 2009-01-31 12:53 am (UTC)
Yes...He IS so DAMN F-ING HOT! Another GREAT vid. Thanks.
And what is it with YouTube taking down so much great stuff and making people move elsewhere? Damn annoying!

Since I'm not above shamelessly plugging my own stuff, I'll bat one back at ya...Here's one I threw together. Although, it's been out for a long time, so you might have seen it before. If not, ENJOY!

Your vid is hilarious!! I hadn't seen it before, although I've seen all the clips from Comic Con. But I really liked the way you put it together.

God, Comic Con must have been EPIC. I remember I was glued to youtube and torch_wood all weekend, just gobbling up everything I could find about it. And it wasn't just TW, either: they had MST3K, and Dr. Horrible cast with Joss, and Robert Rodriguez...damn.

You've seen the clip (from Dragon*Con, I think) of Gareth talking about the pics he and John sent each other on set, haven't you? Once again, EPIC.
Thanks! It just HAD to be done. Those were all my favorite bits from the hour anyway. ;-)

Comic Con was great. I really only went to see John and Gareth, but the Spaced panel was funny and the folks in costumes were quite awesome. I see your icon...I was actually standing right behind the Dark Horse Comics booth, when Neal Patrick Harris and the rest of the Dr. Horrible group walked by and into the holding area at the back of the booth.

I'd been waiting there with my daughter because we'd heard that Gerard Way would be arriving soon, and she's a HUGE My Chem fan. Sure enough, right after the DH group cleared the little room and began their signing, Gerard walked right past us and my daughter got to say HI. She was thrilled.

All in all a very fun weekend. My first con, mindnumbingly overwhelming, but I survived. Going to Gallifrey, TorchSong and Comic Con again. Probably won't make it to DragonCon, but yes, I saw that video of Gareth...Brilliant! Hoping we'll get responses like that with him and Kai Valentine's Day weekend at Gallifrey!

Don't know where you live. Are you going by any chance? If not, I'm asking everyone if they have any questions they'd like me to ask of the boys. :-)

Anyway...Glad you liked. And just to be a pain...here's another of
my favorite vids... another oldie, but a goodie!