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Ianto Kick Arse


Last weekend was a complete blast...with the possible exception of Saturday morning when I woke up with my very first hangover...NEVER again. Well, at least now I know my limit. Silver linings and all that... ;-)

Janice was a doll and asked my TOP/BOTTOM question of Gareth and he took it quite well. check. I got terrific video, although it looks like total dog poop on YouTube. check. I got two more pics to glue to the bottom of my TORCHWOOD gnome. Four down...two to go. check. AND he's now officially signed as well. check.

Since I haven't posted in LJ much, I figure I can at least use it for shameless promotion, just in case anyone actually visits. I've posted 21 videos on YouTube in the last day and a half. Three panels with Gareth, Kai and  surprise guest Naoko. Fabulous!

Since I've not yet figured out how to post video on this site, I'll just list the links for the 1st of 7 videos posted for each panel...

Gareth and Kai: First appearance of the weekend...and a surprise guest...Naoko!


Gareth's Saturday solo:


Gareth and Kai: Their Sunday finale:


AND...While I'm at it...A bit of promotion for my  Comic Con TORCHWOOD INNUENDO SQUAD




I found your clips on YT and they're very good. Thank you for uploading them.
Glad you liked! It was a dirty (read fabulous) job, but someone had to do it. ;-)

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Always good to know that people are finding the stuff you throw out there. :-D
You should post a link to this entry on torch_wood and/or tw_cast and/or garethdlloyd, so people would know you're the kind soul bringing the wonderful stuff to us.

I know...this is so lame...But I'm new to this and don't know how to do that. :-(
Would the FAQ about how to post to communities help? http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=76

I think it's quite easy, but if you still have any doubts let me know :)

If yo want to post a link to this entry in your comm post, it's:
YAY! I figured it out. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Wouldn't have occurred to me. Just posted to Torch_wood for now. I'm still trying to figure out how to manage the inbox flooding from the few other comms I've joined.:-D

That is if you do want to post :) (I'm worried I sounded pushy there).
Not pushy at all! The whole point of posting them on YT is to get as many people to see these brilliant gentlemen as possible. I'll take all the help I can get! :-)))
I've watched some of Gareth's interview and will eventually get to all the rest. So jealous! Ummm, so what was the top/bottom question? Will you be posting the gnome pics and any others you got? I'd love to see those. Thanks so much for taking all the video and posting them.
Hi! Hope you had fun at NYCC! Yeah, I'll probably post my gnome pics tonight, but that's about all I got, still wise. Pretty much whenever I was shooting, it was video.

Ahh...the Top/Bottom question...Well, I've read so many fanfics that have Ianto being the submissive partner, that I've always wanted to know Gareth's take on it. Glad to hear he thinks Ianto is versatile and is more of a take charge top when office hours are over. ;-)

Believe me it was completely my pleasure to video and post. We had a terrific time and are already thinking about going back next year. The rumor is that Naoko and Andy Davidson (PC Andy) have been invited to attend. Besides, where else in the states can you enjoy a DALEK doing karaoke?!

spent all evening watching the gallifrey videos - they were awesome!! thanks for posting!!
Yes...Gareth and Kai are awesome, aren't they?! Happy I had a hand in your evening's entertainment though. :-D
Thank you so so so much for posting these. Being stuck living in New Zealand, I don't get to go to very many of these conventions at all so its always nice when video crops up. You rock :o)
Aww shucks...Thanks. But I'm just lucky. It's a quick flight from the San Francisco Bay area to LA and SD, so it's not a big really big deal getting to these things. Please stay tuned...more coming in July...hopefully. :-)
I'm trying to make it to Comic Con 09 myself but won't have recording capabilities (its either pay for the flights or pay for the new shiny video camera). And you definately got good seats too. What did you do? Camp out hours before the doors opened? ;)
Yes actually. Especially at Comic Con, you have to camp out early. We were in the outside line at 6am and then walked very quickly to the Ballroom 20 line as soon as we got in the door. There was a wait of about three hours inside, if I remember correctly, to get into the room, and then another couple of panels to sit through (entertaining, but not what we'd come to see) before Julie and Stephen were up, followed by John and the gang.

So yeah, it's the only way to get good seats. At Gallifrey...no lines, and no real need to have done it, but even so, I entered the room early and sat through other panels just to make sure I got the seat I wanted.
Thank you so much for sharing these! They are wonderful. I'd loved your vids from Comicon 08 so I was thrilled to see you'd done the same for Gallifrey. You do amazing video work! May I ask, are you using a tripod during these?
First, to the question...Yep, I use a monopod because there is no way I'd be able to hold the camera up for an hour without a major pain in the arm, plus the monopod is just easier to deal with when you don't really have room to spread out. Downside...not quite as steady, but good enough.

I'm just happy to have the opportunity to go to these things. Being able to take home some video is the icing on the cake...And if posting it promotes this fabulous show...even better!:-)))
I figured you had to have something. Thanks for the info. It is nice to be able to preserve memories, and laughter. I was at ComiCon, but as it was my first, I didn't know we could record. I quite happy someone had shared just for said memeories.

Sadly I was ill this past weekend, and couldn't go to Gallifrey as planned, so I was quite thrilled when I saw they allowed vid, and that you'd shared again. You caught almost everything I really wanted to see.

Thank you, again. :-)
Still...too bad you didn't get to go! Gareth and Kai did so much more, including a charity auction and Kai did karaoke. It was an amazing weekend. Actually, I'm not an old WHO fan...well, I'm old, but not into OLD WHO... however, the Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant panels were hilarious too. I'd never had thought I'd care to see them, but really glad I did. All worth the price of admission!
Many thanks for posting these. :D
It's truly my pleasure! And thank YOU for creating all those INCREDIBLE icons. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! *bows in awe* :-)))
Well I finally got a chance to watch all these vids, and I wanted to Thank You! so much for putting them up. Those of us who couldn't go *sniffle* are very grateful!!

Kai and Gareth are just your absolutely typical GUYS, aren't they? Love 'em.
You're very welcome. Yep...ya gotta LOVE them. They do seem like typical GUYS, and surprisingly approachable...hmmm...Perhaps that's why my friend "accosted" Gareth in the bar. (or maybe we should just chalk that up to our two hours of downing martinis and margaritas.) :-DDD