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Maddow think

Torchwood Gnome goes to Gallifrey One...

A few people have asked to see the pics I've gotten of WOODIE, my roaming Cardiff Gnome, with the men of Torchwood.

Their wish is my command...


                                                                               NO, They're NOT endorsing Travelocity either.

HA! My daughter, just saw the new pictures with Gareth and Kai and noted it's a bit weird...(not the gnome...OK, yes...it is a bit weird)...but the fact that I've been able to achieve pics with these four lovely gentlemen in a span of a little less than two months. She's right. Come to think of it, it's quite surreal!


That's so cool! Thanks for posting.
Maybe it's just because I've been up for 24 hours, but yeah, I'm feeling rather chuffed by the whole thing. :-)

Did you have fun at NYCC? The bits I saw of Eve's panel looked fun.
I had a blast. Full run down here with pics (not too good, camera too primitive I guess): http://alba17.livejournal.com/24144.html
This is TOO cute.
Well...I know the roaming gnome thing is a bit goofy and isn't all that original, but hey, he went with us to Cardiff, so I figured why not get him in a shot with John, and then it just snowballed from there. :-D
I love it. Are you going to get the girls next?
Gonna try. Hoping they'll be at Comic Con...or perhaps TorchSong. Have to take him to TorchSong anyway, since I forgot to have John SIGN him. *head desk* :-)