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Maddow think

B R A V O Sean Penn!!!!! YOU are my HERO!

STANDING OVATION! His Oscar acceptance speech couldn't have been more perfect! People who voted for Prop 8 SHOULD be hanging there heads in shame!

Here's a story that got my blood boiling this week. An abomination of a state legislator in Utah has publicly spewed vile hatred. If you read this, PLEASE take action and write a letter of disgust to this sorry, sorry excuse for a human being.


There is no more time for complacency. We ALL must get our asses out there and fight this profound ignorance!


I only saw the last 1/2 hour of the Oscars, so I did see Penn's speech and I agree it was great. I was hoping that if he won, he'd say something political. Didn't know about that Utah state legislator, what a creep. I wish such people would use their brains once in awhile.