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Maddow think

Another Shameless Plug...My Gallifrey & Comic Con Vids

Since it seems some people are still having a hard time finding ALL the Gareth/Kai and John/Gareth/Naoko Gallifrey and Comic Con vids I've posted on YouTube...This should make it EASY...No excuses! Go watch you wankers!


One stop shopping on three pages full of geeky pleasure...

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Thanks SO much for the Kai/Gareth/Naoko video! I couldn't be there for that particular panel in person so I really appreciate it!!
Sorry. I missed the first minute or so of that one. Won't go into detail, but chalk it up to brain fade. You only missed their intros and a bit of rugby talk, if I remember correctly. Glad you enjoyed! :-)))
Remember when you were having trouble with the uploading on YT of the HiDef vids? Well, now only two of them are available in HD, #4 and #5 of the Friday panel. You can see this in the download as it makes you chose between the AQ[18] and the AQ[35] option. YT is very weird.

A huge thank you for sharing the goods with us :)

BTW, are you really going to make a transcription for the whole thing?
I know...I uploaded them ALL the same way. I don't get what's happening. Frustrating. I know I sent them with all the correct encoding (or whatever)so I'm hoping eventually, they'll all come up High Quality...well, I trying to hold on to my optimism...Oh, WTF YouTube sucks. :-(

Yeah...months ago I promised someone from France that I'd make a transcript of the Comic Con full hour. Got a bit sidetracked with life, (and smutty LJ fics) so perhaps I'll start on that this week. Once that's done, I'll get to these panels. Please don't hold your breath, but I will get to it as soon as possible. Will post an entry to let everyone know when they're done. :-)
You are awesomesauce!
Why thanks! Just doing my duty as an obsessed Woodie. (These TORCHWOOD bastards own me.) :-DDD