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Maddow think

2009 : Sometimes You Just Gotta Say What the Fuck...and Go For It.

Just an update since I'm paying for this damn thing and I haven't posted anything for a while...

Have I mentioned that this year is my year of Cons? Gallifrey One in February...twas Brilliant.  TorchSong in June. Followed closely by San Diego Comic Con (unless there's no Torchwood presence there, in which case I'll pass and save the dough)... and then, because I simply could not stand to miss another Homerotic Hubtastic Raunchfest...Hub 3 in October. (Still flying high that I somehow managed to snag a Gold ticket)   *grins*

If anyone would like to meet up at these gatherings, please drop me a line. :-) I have a feeling I'm going to be one of the older folks, at Hub 3 especially, so if you're in the same bracket (older than John, but younger than The Doctor) and believe the old adage about safety in numbers, feel free to say HI!

ALSO...I'm working on transcripts for ALL of my Comic Con and Gallifrey YouTube vids. (that pretty much tells you how much I am avoiding the rest of my life) ;-)...If anyone is interested in having them, please make yourself known and I'll buzz you back as soon as they're completed.

Transcripts Currently Complete: TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad (the original: Comic Con)

And a reminder...I've posted a few new vids since last I regaled you all. Phil Ford talking about "Something Borrowed," James Moran talking about writing for Torchwood and Series 3, and Kai singing Hymns and Arias, all from Gallifrey One. Some interesting shit...so go watch!



The age range at the Hub events seems to go from 6- 60 - its doubtful you'll be out of place.

Don't go expecting too much though - he's already announced 5 guests and I can't actually see them inviting Gareth to the next one as that would make 3 events in a row and I think the move is towards new series 3 guests over actors they've had previously.

Also prepare yourself for John not to be there all weekend and possibly not at the cocktail party.
OK, so I come in a bit under the 60. Good to know. Thanks. :-)

Looking at the list so far, it seems they'll need a few more guests of the testosterone variety, although Eve or Naoko would be great. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they wouldn't actually put the little girl on with the full panel would they? That'd certainly cramp their style...and the "sauciness" is the whole reason I'm coming.

No illusions of how long John will be there, as long as I get to see at least one full on raunchy panel and one filthy skit with perhaps some snogs, or at least some serious groping, I'll walk away happy.;-)

But honestly...Can they actually call it a Torchwood weekend without at least a couple/three of the core cast members there for the whole party? That would seem a bit disingenuous. A weekend of guest players does Not a Torchwood con make, and whoever else appears in Season 3, they're still only guest players.
They've got Mr Torchwood himself - John Barrowman, two main guest stars (Daniela and Beth), the little girl and a series 3 cast member - of course they can call it a Torchwood convention! No reason why they wouldn't put the girl on the panel. They had "young Jack" on one - they would just probably tone it down a bit for her.

They don't need to have Gareth and Kai or indeed any of the other core cast for it to be a "Torchwood event". Personally I feel that they won't have Kai and Gareth back (and probably won't be that interested in having Naoko and Eve back so soon) and will instead favour going for new guests such as the guy who plays Rupresh who is a major player in Children of Earth, probably the villianess Liz May Brice and someone behind the scenes. The poll on their website is looking at one more major guest (Gareth is in the poll up against RTD, Marsters, Eve, Burn etc), one supporting guest (Tom Price is well in the lead) and one behind the scenes person. The organiser is very keen to have Burn back so would likely plump for him above the rest. Gareth is hugely popular but the organisers don't care for him and its unheard of to have guests at 3 events in a row.

As for the raunch, snogging and groping well ymmv. Personally I actually find it all a bit dull and prefer it when the guests actually talk - John's guest talk at the Hub 1 was fantastic - fascinating and interesting and Gareth's guest encounters are a joy as he is articulate and charming. Genuinely raunchy is fine but the humour tends to the puerile and after a while you do start to think that the joke is on us when they start kissing each other for the baying fangirls' amusement. The first event was fabulous but I don't think you'll ever get that again. It was a real one off. The group talk should be fun but actually the group talks this time around were fairly incoherent.

Also bear in mind Hub 1 was before John ended up on the front pages over the flashing incident and before he landed a prime time tv show aimed at all ages - I see him being distinctly more careful and tame at the October event.

And as for the skits - yikes! Awful doesn't quite cover them - but people's sensibilities vary Some people find it all terribly daring and naughty - others a bit silly schoolboy humour.

I don't know - I think if you're expecting 2/3 of the main cast you could be disappointed- only way I see that happening is if they're not down to be there all weekend. If he say gets Burn for a day, John for a day and Gareth there all weekend that could work. But don't bank on it.

Edited at 2009-03-24 05:33 pm (UTC)
I guess it's because I'm coming from the states I have a different perspective...lacking the myriad of opportunities to see John and the rest of the cast that you guys seem to have on a monthly basis. Over here we're lucky if we get to see any of them twice a year. None of this is dull or old hat to us.

Guess I'll have to go put in my two cents on that poll, if it'll let me. :-)
Seeing the actors is never dull - you misunderstood me. Seeing the actors try and out-raunch each other or resort to silly crass jokes gets dull very quickly when they're such extraordinary interesting articulate individuals. I'd take John talking sensibly and eruditely for an hour any day over seeing him pretend to grope or kiss another member of the cast.

Go join the Showmasters forum - I think it would be fair to say that the organiser doesn't quite understand the fanbase. He certainly doesn't get Gareth's appeal so if it is Gareth in particular that you are keen to see it certainly doesn't hurt to go and vote for him and put down a couple of lines about how much you would like to see him.

Aaaggghhh! I just signed up for the forums, logged in, clicked the dots (Gareth, PC Andy, Chibnall,) and hit VOTE...But is comes up as NOT ALLOWED! WTF! It won't even let me post a reply. :-(

What can I say, I'm one of those folks that LIVES to see them out-raunch each other, and if I don't get to see at least one major snog, I'll be a bit disappointed...but I'll get over it. ;-)

Oh well...There's always TorchSong. I heard directly from a reliable source that John's been told he can do ANYTHING he wants, and they're doing their best to keep it an "adult" event, so....:-P
Go pay torchsong_09 a visit and see just how terrified everyone is about how bad that event is going to be. Not looking like a good move for John at all that one.

Persevere with the forums- plenty of international folk are posting on there.

Oh no the out-raunching bollocks is dull and already looking like the law of diminishing returns. because as I said its all faux raunch and faux kissing -I'm more interested in the actors themselves than fan service and always will be. Oh I'm sure they'll be a kiss or two but I'd be desperately worried if that was the main thing you were looking for from the event! There are a million and one more exciting things to look forward to at the Hub 3 than a male/male snog! I mean John will be there! Who gives a damn whether he kisses anyone?

Edited at 2009-03-24 08:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, believe me, I'm one of those who has great fears about the organizational skills of the folks "organizing" TorchSong. There have been plenty of bad signs on that one already. I'll just be happy to hear him sing. The panto was terrific and his duet with Naoko at Comic Con was fun, but it's not enough. :-)

I'll go check out that board though...Another place to go bitch! Thanks. ;-)

Since I haven't been present for, or actually heard any audio of the fun that goes on at these HUB events, the little I have read about the raucous nature doesn't seem the least bit dull to me...perhaps I'm just too easily pleased. However, I really am looking forward to the million and one other exciting things the HUB has to offer...and like you said, just having the opportunity to see John again is worth the trip. :-)))
looking forward to meeting you at Hub3! It'll be as much fun as you want it to be... (I've been at 1 and 2 and whilst having Kai/Tom/Matt/Gareth/Burn etc back would be great, at least we'll meet John and get a picture with him!)

and where would I be able to find that transcript?

Don't get me wrong, I'm coming for John, it's just that I'm hoping for at least one or two more of the main cast as well as that bunch of guest players.

If you email me at info@madwoodie.com I'll email back the transcript. I'm not sure how else to send it, although, I guess I could just post it in my journal. Never thought of that before. Perhaps I'll try it with the one I have done already and see how it works. If it does, I'll post the rest the same way as I finish them. :-)