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2009 : Sometimes You Just Gotta Say What the Fuck...and Go For It.

Just an update since I'm paying for this damn thing and I haven't posted anything for a while...

Have I mentioned that this year is my year of Cons? Gallifrey One in February...twas Brilliant.  TorchSong in June. Followed closely by San Diego Comic Con (unless there's no Torchwood presence there, in which case I'll pass and save the dough)... and then, because I simply could not stand to miss another Homerotic Hubtastic Raunchfest...Hub 3 in October. (Still flying high that I somehow managed to snag a Gold ticket)   *grins*

If anyone would like to meet up at these gatherings, please drop me a line. :-) I have a feeling I'm going to be one of the older folks, at Hub 3 especially, so if you're in the same bracket (older than John, but younger than The Doctor) and believe the old adage about safety in numbers, feel free to say HI!

ALSO...I'm working on transcripts for ALL of my Comic Con and Gallifrey YouTube vids. (that pretty much tells you how much I am avoiding the rest of my life) ;-)...If anyone is interested in having them, please make yourself known and I'll buzz you back as soon as they're completed.

Transcripts Currently Complete: TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad (the original: Comic Con)

And a reminder...I've posted a few new vids since last I regaled you all. Phil Ford talking about "Something Borrowed," James Moran talking about writing for Torchwood and Series 3, and Kai singing Hymns and Arias, all from Gallifrey One. Some interesting go watch!

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