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TORCHWOOD Comic Con Transcripts...Because I Need a Diversion

Without further ado...Watch Parts 1 & 2
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Now...The Transcripts:

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 1 of 7

Julie:  He really, really is very understated. OK, and next up...*John Kiss* Hello! ...We have Gareth David-Lloyd who plays Ianto. *Gareth &
John near miss of a kiss*...ah and who plays Tosh...Naoko Mori
Mod:  Wow, this is gonna be fun, I can tell.
John:  I apologize now for anything said or done....I'm just kidding.
Mod:  Hide the children
John:  How crazy is this?
Julie:  Marvelous!
John:  Love it!
Julie:  So...
Mod:  So welcome. How was...Did you guys get in OK? Everything work out?
John:  Yeah. I never have a problem getting in. Yeah, I actually spent um...I went to university in San Diego, so I know the town very well, but ah, flew in  from...Yeah, WHEW, San Diego...Ah, I flew in from Toronto on Tuesday because I'm doing a program up there for CBC and um, yeah, Canadians...Four of them...WHEW! It's a boot. Uh, and I love it.
Mod:  You had a very crowded car coming down from...
John:  Yeah I did. My whole family are sitting...Wave...My mom, my dad...Stand sister, my niece and then Scott's sitting down. My partner Scott...Hey Scott...Stand up. Stand up....And my dad has got that t-shirt on that you know, it's it's kind of obvious. Anyway. Yeah. It was a crowded car. Seven people. But you guys have been here since when?
Gareth:  Um...Yesterday.
Naoko:  And I've been spending a lot of time out here, eating lots of Mexican food. Um...but this time around I've been in LA for a couple of weeks,'s very nice.
Gareth:  I've been eating lots of Mexicans.
John:  Well, you're close to the border, so you're fine...Anyway...
Mod:  Well you know, I mean Torchwood is such a fascinating show and it's certainly more sexed up than Doctor Who. Can you tell us a little bit about...
Julie:  All I can say is Thank God Steven Moffat's left the panel. I can't think of what we'd do. He'd be back on his dating stories.
John:  I don't know. I mean...I don't know if you'd call it more sexed up, I think it's just...alright...
Gareth:  Yes it is.
John:  OK, it is. But it...doesn't it just reflect kind of real life and reflect what goes on with the know, your human condition and everything. We all have partners. We all have relationships. We all have ups and downs. We all uh, flirt. You know, behind other people's backs. Everybody does it and Torchwood just kind of covers that.
Mod:  We all sleep with aliens
John:  Listen...
Julie:  Well, particularly Tosh
Naoko:  Yeah. Yeah.
John:  Tosh is like the total alien dike.
Naoko:  You know what's really funny?...I think you pointed this out before, but considering Tosh has the worst love life, she kind of pretty...
John:  She gets it. Yeah.
Audience:  Is she a dyke?
John:  *laughs*  You said it. I didn't. Yeah, but no, it's it's funny because a lot of people always say to me about Captain Jack, you know he's...he's a sex...he know he's always doing things with other people. Jack doesn't really do anything.
Julie:  He keeps his coat on.
John:  Yes, Coat Sex: Safe Sex
Gareth:  Episode 11?... There was no coat in the Naked Hide and Seek.
John:  No, there wasn't. Actually, that was very funny when we filmed that because uh, both Gareth and I were very worried about how everything showed, weren't we Gareth?
Gareth:  Back fat.
John:  Back fat. And uh, we um...we uh...That whole sequence it was, it was...cause we have a laugh when we do stuff like that. Because actually, we're...we can't...we don't...You don't touch or do anything kind of weird, but I'm actually...My hand's groping his thigh.
Gareth:  I accidentally put my hands down your pants, didn't I?
John:  Yes you did. Very funny. I enjoyed it.
Mod:  Why don't you each tell us a little something about your character?...

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 2 of 7

Why don't you each tell us a little something about your character. Sort of how you frame it in your mind when you come to your character, the sort of textures of it, and their back story, the....
Naoko:  I'm sorry. I didn't catch...
John:  *mock Japanese*
Naoko: Ooohhh! I see.
John:  *Japanese accent* How you do character.
Naoko: Oh, I character?
Mod:  Yeah, a little bit about your character, how you see it.
Naoko:  I love Tosh. I mean everyone, know...I have a lot in common with Tosh, in that I'm a bit of a geek. But geeks rule the world. uh...and I love her because even though she's not very good at sort of expressing herself...What I love about her is she's um going through it. You know, she's uh she's learning about herself and coming out of her shell, and that whole journey of of her becoming more sort of aware of herself and understanding herself. That kind of thing I really love and it's...What was the question again?
Mod:  That's good. That's good.
Naoko:  I've had too much coffee.
John:   That's the way you are both like each other. 'Cause you both go off on tangents.
Naoko:  Yeah, totally, um...She's, she's you know that sort of...I think what happens is she's a late bloomer and what you find I think with...
Julie:  She's dead.
Naoko:   I think I'll leave now...(to John) What you say?
John:  Wha you say?
Naoko:  Wha you say...but yeah, um I was just going to say she's that late bloomer. You know, she's been very academically driven so...but I've loved playing her, you know, her um getting to know herself and becoming more of a rounded person..coming out of the shell.
John:  Gaz?
Gareth:  What was the question again?
John:  How do you describe your character, and what do you like about...
Gareth:  um...
John:  Ianto
Gareth:  Ianto, that's right. That's who I play in Torchwood. Um...I like his uh mysterious elements to his character, the fact you don't really know a hell of a lot about him, his um...the fact that you haven't seen his flat, or where he lives, or any of his background. And that sort of makes him a bit more mysterious, a bit more interesting, and a bit more fun to play. And he gets to shag the leading man, so that's good isn't it? That gets me a lot of attention, so....
John:  Ahh...Captain Jack I can...the thing I love about Jack is that he's mysterious. He uh...he is out...When we, when we first met Jack back in the world of Dr. Who, Jack, Jack himself was not a very likable person. But I like the way that uh, you know the write...with write...again thanks to Steven is partly why I'm sitting here today, and also Russell and Julie, because of the creation of Capt. Jack, but how Jack became more human...for his love of humanity. He does stuff that uh...He feels it's important to rescue, to save the day and if it means the death of one person, to save thousands...Boom. Gone. And that's the kind of attitude. There's a lot of John Barrowman in Capt. Jack. And there's a lot of Capt. Ja....*laugh*...I just realized what I said.
Gareth:  There's a lot of Ianto in there as well.
Julie:  Oh my god! That is so naughty...
John:  But I um...the thing with...the thing about Jack, what I am so bowled over by and it's partially because of you guys and everybody out there, how iconic he has become and also that he's a hero and there's nothing better in the world than playing a hero, and I am every day when I get up to go to work and film and you know, whether I've had a bad day before, or whether I'm not feeling in a good mood, I absolutely, you need to know, I love playing that character, and I love that you guys love him and I'm so pleased for that, so....
Mod:  Well, they want us to show a clip now, so we're going to do that we're going to turn down the lights and see a clip...
John:  We all had to do. Um..and Eve and I just, we couldn't rehearse those specific scenes, because even now, to talk about it... We got emotionally upset by it, because we were losing not only team members, but we were losing  part of our family, our Torchwood family, and you absolutely acted that sequence so beautifully.
Naoko:  Thank you so much. That was so hard. That was really weird, um that's the second time I've died in John's arms.
John:  That's true.
Naoko:  We did a show...yeah...
John:  We did Miss Saigon together many years ago and she was Kim and I was Chris, and she till snogs just as good as...
Naoko:  But seriously like...You make me um...I don't know what it is about John.
John:  Well um, it's funny, 'cause my niece, Claire, always says...She she watches all this stuff too and she said when...I'm fine until I see uncle John cry and I can't watch anymore.
Naoko:  You know there's always...
John:  She got...yeah. That's why she put her head down when she was watching it now. She knows who's good to her. Don't you Claire?
Julie:  I'm sorry. I'm sorry she had to die.
John:  Well.
Audience:  Bring her back.
Julie:  You're starting the campaign here, aren't you?
Mod:  OK, now we're going to um...I think we're going to take some questions from the audience. Everybody please walk. Please remember uh, to keep your questions short, no preambles, no declaration of self, no long stories, and oh, don't ask what's going to happen next on the show because they won't tell you.
Julie:  No.
John:  But I have read a script.
Julie:  Yeah. If he speaks, he explodes
Audience:  Hi there.
Julie:  Love your Adipose. Wow.
Audience:  My question is, there's a there's a scene from the movie DOWNFALL on youtube that's been re-cut with new subtitles, and now it's Hitler discussing how upset he is about the Torchwood ending.
Gareth:  I've seen that. It's funny. It's so funny.
Julie:  The point where people go.
John:  I've seen it, but I thought they've got far too much time on their hands.
Gareth:  It is funny though.
John:  Did you do it? No, OK no. It was actually very, very funny but slightly sick...but love that.
Audience:  This is more a question for Julie...Given the end of the Doctor Who finale and that last scene with Capt. Jack, what is the possibility of those two characters that he left with coming to Torchwood?
Julie:  I can't possibly say. Dear god, you're going to have to watch. But what I can say today is TORCHWOOD 3 is coming to BBCAmerica. We've got the deal. We don't know whether it's going to be on air but we are transmitting TORCHWOOD 3 in the UK in spring next year, so it will be really quickly after that, in answer to your question about those two characters, wait and see. Sorry.
Mod:  You made a deal with them this morning, right?
Julie:  Yep.
Mod:  So that's a brand new so...It's exciting stuff.

Next up....TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 3 of 7...and Part 4 of 7...perhaps more
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