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TORCHWOOD Comic Con Transcripts...In this Shit Storm Called Life, Busy Work is Somehow Comforting

First the vids...(Please...I beg the HQ button. This was shot High Def, but it sure as hell doesn't look even close unless you watch in HQ)

Part 3 of 7 and Part 4 of 7

Then....For your reading pleasure...(And yes, I know my punctuation sucks. So sue me.)

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 3 of 7

Audience:  Hi everyone. John, I asked Gareth this question a couple of weeks ago in Toronto and it left him a little bit flabbergasted. Um, now that we know that Jack is the Face of Boe, and that he's had millions of children, isn't it time that Jack and Ianto got married and started a family?
John:  Listen, all I can say is..
Julie:  Season 6, season 7.
John:  Yeah, Jack...Jack said before, I've been pregnant once and I'm never gonna do that again.
- Mic gets cut-
John:  Hello...Don't take my mic down.
Julie:  Never ever, ever.
John:  Let me just give you some advice. Don't take my mic down.
Julie:  We try all the time.
Audience:  This question is actually for my fifteen year old son, who is too shy so I have to embarrass him as a father. He's right over here.
John: *waves*...Where are you?
Julie:  Hooray! Hello.
Audience: This question is, with the new format for series 3 of Torchwood, how is the series going to be different from the previous two series?
Julie:  Well what we wanted to do, I mean, I'm sure most of you know, we're doing five episodes of season three and what the choice for that was to do one huge story. So there's a ticking clock. It's a really tight time uh span. It's one really big meaty story that's told across five episodes. ...Big event. It's really about pushing the Torchwood team into new territory. They've never been under this much stress, in this much trouble, or in this much jeopardy. Um...John, you've read the script, without giving anything away, what's your sense of it?
John:  Uh...My sense is that, that I read it on an airplane and I don't like to fly. I was totally engrossed in it, forgot I was on a plane. It was absolutely incredibly action packed. I was shocked at things that were going to happen, and the way the story progresses that, where it leaves you, you want more and more and more.
Julie:  Bad things happen.
John:  Yes.
Julie:  And Russell T. Davies has written that episode, so uh...and we're four weeks away from, from shooting so it's getting really exciting.
John:  Yeah!
Audience:  My question is for all of the three actors up there. When you got the first script for Torchwood...the very first one, what was your first initial remote...emotional response when you were going through it going um...turning every page, how did it effect you?
Naoko:  Um..I'll start. Uh...after I calmed down about the fact that I could be working with Russell T. Davies, and I kind of fell off the sofa and started frothing and getting very excited...After that, um...the, the biggest thing that struck me and got me excited about Torchwood was it was not just sci-fi. It has so many other elements. It's...there's something in it for everyone, even if you don't like sci-fi. There's action, there's drama, there's comedy, there's proper story arcs, and and so already I just knew that it was going to be right and there was so much potential. It, it,  I just knew I had to say yes.
Gareth:  Um...I'd read an article um quite a way before I got offered the audition for Torchwood and um I was really excited by the idea then sort of uh set in the Who universe and then uh, lots of swex and and swearing, uh brilliant (indiscernible) and then I got offered the audition and I was over the moon. I've never worked so hard on, on an uh audition in my life I think.  And it was only in the first couple of episodes only  a couple of lines, but I went over those lines, over and over and over and over again, so I too was blown away and very excited about the whole thing.

John:  Well...I was already Capt. jack and did I feel? Well, I'll basically tell you how I felt when I was told about the series...AAAAGGGHHH!...I'VE GOT MY OWN SERIES AND I'M GONNA BE AN ACTION HERO AND I MIGHT GET MY OWN FIGURE AND DOLL AND EVERYTHING WILL BE REALLY COOL, BECAUSE I'M A GEEK AND I LOVE SCIENCE FICTION!!! And Julie can vouch for that 'cause she was there.

Julie: I was there and we were in a public place, we were not in private. And that's the critical thing about this story...We were in a bar, in a hotel in Central London and you know, he doesn't want his mic turned down here. I was like virtually...had my hands clamped over his mouth saying calm yourself. Don't say a word.
John: Yeah... It's one of the best things in the world and know...every script we get, every script we read, it's going on an adventure and I know I speak for the other cast members, but we're...we have little kids inside us who are living our dream every day,so, that's when we read the scripts. ...Yes, sir.
Audience: Question for you John. Uh, I've been studying here in California acting school. Uh, what was it like studying with Sara and Andy Barnicle?
John:  Ha, ha, ha...ah...Although the people who don't know, Sara...Andy Barnicle...I didn't study with Sara but I studied with Andy. He was my acting teacher at university. And the one thing I liked about him was he used to uh, challenge me in a way that he'd make me get really pissed off and want to prove him wrong because he was of the at...he kind of put us in the attitude that, you know, we were wasting our time...and blah, blah, blah, HA! Look where I am now! No, but Andy's a really good teacher. I know he still teaches and he...they live up in Oceanside so...yeah. Hi.
Audience:  To of your fellow three panelists...Marry, shag, throw off a cliff?
John:  My fellow three panelists, listen, I wouldn't...I, I...
Gareth:  I think we know one of those already, don't we?
Naoko:  And I'm dead already.
John:  I wouldn't chuck anybody...what?
Naoko:  Kill me, I'm dead.
John:  She's dead anyway. OK, so Naoko, no offense, but you're going off the cliff as a corpse....But...No...I'd shag her before I threw her.
Naoko:  Again?
Julie:  That was so Capt. Jack.
John:  Isn't it? Isn't it?
Julie:  It's like old friend Capt. Jack and John (at least that's how I'm hearing it)
John:  I think I'd have to shag Julie.
Julie:  Hooray! I'm saying yes.
John:  Because I know, I know she has a wild side to her. Uh...and I'd have to marry Gareth...because I've se...because I've seen him naked...yeah. Sorry Jule.
Julie:  Season 6
John:  Season 6
Julie:  And not before.
John:  Sir.
Audience:  This makes sense of your team coupling. I wonder if it's possible to get Steven Moffat to write an episode of Torchwood titled Lesbian Spank Inferno?
Julie:  Do you know, to repeat one of his answers on, on the Doctor Who panel...He's busy. He's not allowed out of the house. It's Doctor Who.
John:  Sir.
Audience:  This is for John. A lot of rumors going around for casting in future movies...and not to typecast you as a captain again, but you've rocked the blond hair before. Any chance of you playing Capt. America?
Julie:  Like Steven Moffat...he's busy.
John:  Um...well, first of all, Capt...Captain America is one of my absolute favorite super heroes, along with, along with the typical Superman and all that kind of stuff. I'm from that era and generation. Ah...I would love to play Capt. America. I have no fact my manager, Gavin, is sitting over there and he's probably now just sent off an email to the studio or whatever to let them know...
Julie:  I'm intercepting. I'm intercepting the emails.
John:  But we have been here doing meetings and stuff, and there are some things in the pipeline, so just keep watching....Yes.


moving right along....

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 4 of 7 

John:  Yes, my dear.
Audience:  My name is Esme. Um...and one of my favorite episodes this season was Fragments, and I was wondering how much of that information you got before the script, and when you got the script, what were your reactions when you found out the new information?
Julie:  You know...I don't think we told them. It's a flashback sequence. We kept them...because those characters already existed and you know the actors, who do such a great job anyway, you don't want them kind of off and you know, held down by all that baggage, but it started to be quite fresh when you, you shot the the episode.
John:  Well, I've always said that I don't....I'm really weird. I actually...When I get...well, yeah...besides that. I get ..I get...when I get the scripts, it's sometimes a few days, or even a week before I...I will get back to Julie, or to any...
Julie:  There's silence.
John:  Ee..there's silence. And that's not because I don't want to read them. I like to wait as long as possible so when I get to it, it is fresh, otherwise I have a preconceived way that I'm playing stuff. So, with the Fragments and any of the other scripts, I sometimes wait til before the read through before I actually look it. And I trust so much in the writers...I don't know...I'm sure the other guys feel the same way. We trust them with what they write because they understand the characters. Now sometimes, a director may ask us to do something different that we might not think is uh...uh part of the character, what they would do, and we'll discuss that. But otherwise, script wise, that I, I love going back into the past.
Julie:  And hey, we've got to talk about the moment where you just discovered you were the Face of Boe.
John:  Oh...
Julie:  We talked a bit about this earlier and Naoko remembers the whooping.
Naoko:  It's like you could hear him over the valleys of shattering.
John:  It was also when we um...ah...Cause I was with David uh at the time 'cuz we were uh...David was on set too filming and we were, I think, it was actually, we were do...we were doub...something...we were double was Doctor Who was going on and we were doing Torchwood and I was...I was actually filming something with David, and David said to me, "Have you read it? Have you read it?" I went, no, I haven't read it yet, now go away and I'll read it, and the thing he'd come in "Have you read it yet? Have you read it yet?" DAVID! No, I haven't read it, I'll re...So I thought, oh, OK, lunchtime I'll read it. So I sat and I read and I read and went up to his trailer and went (knocks)...DAVID, I READ IT! OH MY GOD! And we went...we both went...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Oh, it's fu...'scuse me, I was gonna swear..
Julie: No.
John:  Don't. It's f-ing brilliant! But anyway it was...that is just...because for me, being, I'm talking as a fan now, not as uh John the actor...But as a fan of the whole genre of Doctor Who and and you know...It changed the whole dynamic with the relationship between uh Jack and the Doctor. Because of him not, you know, thinking...the Doctor not thinking Jack was right and shouldn't exist, yet he hasbeen, has been going to for, you know, advice and....It just totally changed everything. Such a brilliant idea. Yeah. Such a brilliant idea.
Julie:  What about you Naoko?...To discover that Tosh was once in an orange jumpsuit, in a secret prison?
Naoko:  You know, like John said, we trust the writers so much, and and these guys know our characters inside out and then some...better than us, so...It just felt right and I, I love sort of waiting for the next script because you know, you knew it was gonna be so right and I love, I love...well that's one of my definitely favorite episodes um and it just totally made sense, you know, why she would go...You would go to that length if someone...if your family member was...was treated like that, you will do anything. You would give an arm and a leg to save them and it, it was so Tosh, and it just made sense. And I loved how they got together. It was one of my favorites.
Julie:  But, I know for Ianto, when you were auditioning for Capt. Jack...Where is Lisa? You've got Lisa on a life support machine in order to hide her in the basement of the Torchwood hub.
Gareth:  Very clever.
Julie:  So many layers going on there. You thought it was just about the coffee, it really wasn't.
Gareth:  Absolutely. I mean um, I think that's, that's...that was Ianto's life project um before...That was the thing that...That was his goal...That was his aim. And um I think his fancying of Capt. Jack hit him a little by surprise, didn't it?
John:  But what I, what I love also about tht the dynamic with that sequence, that Gareth and I did with the catching...I call...I call the uh pterodactyl uh, but as soon as the shot's finished and Jack says, "By the way, like your suit" and then the have this shot of Ianto walking towards camera and you can see in his face the relief and the the stress that he's gone through. You know he's, he's upset 'cuz he's just conned this guy. He did... He's done exactly what Jack did to Rose and the Doctor. He's conned Jack, but yet he's relieved because eh now can save Lisa. I don't know...That's what I...That's the fan talking in me. Oooo-Oooh. Hello.
Audience:  Hi. I wish I could remember the exact Asimov quote, but given that science fiction serves as a metaphor or allegory for our world, and especially contemporary times....Which episode do you think serves that function best? And this is for anyone.
Julie:  Um...I mean, I would say...I'm going, I'm going to talk to give them time to think about the episode that maybe is the best answer for that one. But, I think actually it is overall you get the type of sci-fi show for a particular time. And I think for Torchwood it's about sacrifice, it's about temptation, it's about how you live your life in in a modern contemporary cities and it's about hope, and it's about a team of people that would die for each other. So, even though it's occasionally dark and difficult and Tosh dies, it's about the ultimate love that they have for that, for that group of people...So for an episode, what would you choose?
John:  Well, if that was...I you were saying that, I would have to...I mean, I love all of them, but I would have to say that that would be the final two episodes of the the last series.
Julie:  Yeah.
John:  Because we have characters who sacrifice themselves, um..yeah.
Julie:  I suppose it's about choice... You know, we talked earlier about it's...Oh well, there's a lot of sex in Torchwood. It's actually not that much. It's uh...We did do the...We did do..I'm going to keep this this. I'm going to convince you. I mean, we did, we did the um the, the sex monster in episode two...the gas alien sex monster. And I think because of that, everyone thought, Oh my god, it's all sex, sex, sex. And that was one moment, you know, one episode, and actually it's more about loss and love and fancying people and not knowing how to talk about it. And look at Owen and Tosh.
John:  Hm...There's a little...There's a little bit of innuendo in there.
Julie: Oh, there's HEAPS of innuendo. But, that's life.
John:  I mean...what would you guys say, episode wise? The last one er?...
Gareth:  I think I'd probably agree with you...just because...yeah.
Naoko:  the last two. Definitely...
John:  Yeah. The last two.
Naoko:  Sure.
John:  But they're all good. I mean, I do, I like all of them.
Audience:  Are we on then?...OK...With the popularity growing in the US with these episodes...Julie, the uh...are there plans to film new episodes in America, or an American spin off?
Julie:  I'm so sorry. He's made me so...He, he was whispering in my ear. I'm sorry. Can you do that again? Terrible. This is what it's like. He's a nightmare on set.
John:  I apologize.
Audience:  Is the mic on? OK. With the popularity growing of shows like Torchwood and Doctor Who, are there plans to do episodes in America, or do an American spin off?
Julie:  We never say no. I mean, never say not to either. I mean frankly, I just want to make more and more and more TV. I just love what we do.
John:  I better be in the goddamn spin off.
Julie:  You'll be playing Capt. America
John:  'Cuz I'm...I am the American.
Naoko:  I, I don't we have...Doesn't Burn and I have the Joanie Loves Chachi kind of thing going? The Tosh and Owen show.
John:  Bringing back Joanie Loves Chachi.
Naoko:  I'm kidding...I'm kidding.

Tomorrow...the final three segments of the Comic Con panel...Then on to Gallifrey One...Gareth and Kai


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