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TORCHWOOD Comic Con Transcripts...Fin...Fini...Finito...the Last of the Hour Panel

HOO-F-ING-RAY!!!  Finally got these done...the last of the one hour Comic Con panel transcripts.
Promises made, (well...months ago) Promises kept. Thanks for your patience, and you know who you are. *grins*


Videos First...

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7



TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 5 of  7

Audience:  Hello.
Julie:  Hi.
Audience:  I actually have a slight interest in psychology. In the last two episodes of season 2, they mention that Capt. Jack is in the ground for 2000 years, so how is that going to be portrayed in the following seasons?
Julie:  It's um...I think it's...I think it's something the character carries with him. You know, again, we're talking about suffering and how did he sustain himself for two thousand years in the ground? That takes...I would argue, a lot of mental strength.
John:  Yeah.
Julie:  How'd you get through it?
John:  I found it actually quite freaky, filming that bit because I...I have...I'm claustrophobic. Huh...Yeah. So I mean, the only...the way that explain that how he dealt with it through that period of time what I...the way I did it as an actor...I wanted to give the sense that Jack could slow himself down. He could put himself into a trance and he was basically going to put himself into a trance and never come out of it, so at the point in the, in the filming you see me go....Ahhhh
Julie:  It like a release
John:  And I just close my eyes. And he's already seen Capt. John, and they've connected, and he knows what the ring is going... He knows he's going to be found, so he puts himself in that trance, but that's the thing about Torchwood, uh...even though you know an episode might come up where something like that is, is in the story, but you find no more about it. And that's it, so...I don't think we will. No.
Julie:  I've got to say, I loved the rushes from that day. 'Cuz what we did was that you get dirt properly on John's face.
John:  They were chucking it in my face...yeah, yeah. And Lachlan, who is, who played my brother, uh, who played Gray...I think everybody was getting their chance...They're like OK, it's time to get back at Barrowman for all his tricks, there's a shovel full of dirt. Even the crew were starting to chuck dirt on me.
Mod:  Good times.
John:  Yeah. Good times. But I did, I did make them go buy freshly bagged dirt. There was some manure in there, but you know....Yes...
Audience:  Hi guys. It's great to see you here, especially Naoko because Tosh was my favorite character, so....But this question's to John. Uh...Going back to...*audience laugh* ...somebody already asked the question I was going to ask Tosh. Going back to Doctor Who series one finale, this is kinda related to the read through, finding out you were the Face of Boe, um...You're reading the script and you find Capt. Jack dies. He's shot be a Dalek and then, how do you react, when a few pages later, you find out he's coming back?
John: Uh...-MIC CUTS OUT-...How many times does one have to tell you? Please, don't turn my microphone off. Um..They think...They think I'm kidding...Uh...
Julie:  They're going to electrify him soon.
John:  Don't worry, I'm immortal. Uh...I was, I honestly...I was actually ec...ecstatically excited because it's a longer story this...I don't want to take up too much time, but if you buy my'll find that the story is in there. But, I didn't think I was coming back when I, you know, I was told I was going to be shot and I an actor, I then prepared myself to move on, to do something else, and then when I was told I would be coming back, but it would be in series 3, uh...I was absolutely ecstatic. There's nothing now that, that gave Jack a whole new life, a whole new character's existence, so it was one of the wonderful things in my, you know, career that have happened, that I realize my character is immortal and is brought back to life.
Mod:  Hey John, why don't you tell them the title of the book.
John:  Sorry.
Mod:  Tell 'em the title of the book.
John:  The title's called "Anything Goes" ...and it did...Yes?
Audience:  Hi. This question is for all of you. I was just wondering what kind of pranks did you guys get up to on set? What was the funnest moments that you had? ...between scenes?
Julie:  I may need to leave the stage now. I mean honestly.
Naoko:  How long do we have?
Julie:  Yeah. Seriously.
John:  Uh...In fact on the DVD boxed set that's coming out, there's, there's going to be outtakes.
Julie:  They're on that.
John:  And the pranks are on there. There are a few...There's a lot we can't say because I know there's probably children in the audience, but um...but it's...we...I like to have...we do get the work done, but I like to have a good time when I'm working. Don't I Gareth?
Naoko:  It's amazing what you get used to.
Julie:  It really, really is.
Naoko:  And you have no idea what's been actually going on for the last whatever minutes under..
John:  Under the table. Uh...Eve, Eve Myles who, uh, Eve who plays Gwen, uh and plays it wonderfully...Eve is a...Eve will just look at me sometimes...because I call...We have nicknames. And uh Eve's breasts are called "the Girls" and mine are called "the Boys"...and she will say things..."Oh, put the Boys away." Yeah. And, uh...I won't say what Naoko's is called...and Gareth's? Gareth's is just called "Big." ...Anyway...You so owe me. You don't know how much I'm building you up here.
Gareth:  I'm gonna be tired out in San Diego.
John:  Yes, my dear.
Audience:  Hello. This uh. question I'm asking on behalf of all the women and teenage girls in the audience who are fans of Capt. Jack slash Doctor Who. Yeah, and there's a there any chance, does anybody know if the BBC is interested in turning Torchwood or Doctor Who into a manga series?
* big groan from audience *
Julie:  No. But you know hey, never say never.
John:  Yeah, never say never, but no.
Julie:  No.
John:  Thank you for asking though...Yes?
Audience: Hi, I'm wondering if Torch...uh, oh sorry...uh...I'm wonder... *guy fumbles with mic*
John:  Just pretend it's me.          ****BEST LINE OF THE DAY**** in my humble opinion
Gareth:  I've been holding my tongue. I thought no, I can't say that, can't say that.
John:  I apologize....anyway, go ahead.
Audience:  I'm wondering if Torchwood 3 um, is going to start after the Doctor Who season finale, or before...time wise?
Julie:  Uh, it's going to start after...And they're all computing that now.
John:  They're all going...all trying to figure it out...Yes?
Audience:  Hello.
John:  Hi.
Audience:  I miss Tosh and Owen so much. But I was wondering how the dynamics are going to change with whatever new team members you have in season 3 and if there are old team members...(indiscernible)
John:  Well, you'll just have to wait and see because...uh you know, without Tosh and Owen's obviously, it's only uh Ianto and uh Jack and Gwen, but uh.
Audience:  THREESOME!
John:  What? A threesome? Oh my god. You guys are as sick as I am, and I love it.

(aaaggghhhh! What the Hell was I thinking...breaking the videos at this particular point... *head desk*...Oh well, too late now. Sorry.)

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 6 of 7

Gareth: (to John) Lisa?
John:  No. Lisa's gone. Lisa's dead!
Gareth:  Lisa?
John:  You get to see...
Julie:  I thought that was jealousy. I thought Capt. Jack was being jealous of Lisa there.
John:  A little bit yeah. You'll have to just watch the series because a lot of the dynamics will change...That's all I'll say. But li...but um...yeah that's funny thing 'cuz every time we used to ah..joke...that was one of the jokes on set...Gareth...we'd like pop up a picture every so often, like many episodes after the Lisa episode, and he would...he'd this, I'd go "Who's that over there?"
Gareth:  Lisa?
John:  Anyway...

Julie:  Ohhh, hello.
John: Yes, Hi
Audience:  This question's for Julie. Is there sufficient material uh, you know, on the cutting room floor so to speak that could be put into like an extended episode or series of episodes in the future?
Julie:  Do you know, horribly not, because our schedule is so tough. I mean, the schedule for shooting these episodes is really intense, so we we have to make sure that the episodes are the right running length, so there's a few deleted scenes that will be on the boxed set, but beyond that, no. There's not going to be the director's cut unfortunately. Ohhh...I'm just here to disappoint, I know there's no manga. There's no extra scenes. Tosh is dead...(indiscernible) Yeah. Russell's here somewhere. He's under the table...
John:  Uh... I'm, I'm actually a hand puppet right now.
Julie:  I am SO moving on to the next question. Stand back buddy...Hello.
Audience:  Hi. Um, from the beginning of the first season, after Cyberwoman, the show took a bit of a left turn and I heard rumors that that was um, because they polled the fans about the characters. It was supposed to be Jack and Gwen, people liked Tosh and Ianto. So I was curious as to after that um, sharp turn in the writing, how you feel Tosh and Ianto...this is for Gareth and Naoko...but um, how you feel Tosh and Ianto really grew into the series after that....after they got written kind of back in.
Gareth:  Um...
Julie:  We didn't do a...we didn't do a turn.
There was, there was no kind of left turn or a right turn, it's's always about the story. It's really old fashioned making telly. You talk about and you develop and you look for the best possible story, and sometimes that means bringing some of the characters to the foreground, and sometimes they have to sit in the background.
Gareth:  Exactly what I was going to say.
Julie:  Sorry, sorry. I got excited. I'm not Tosh or Ianto.
Naoko:  Yeah I...Did it take a left turn?
John:  We never we never...see we never look at it like that because the stories, like Julie said, you just...They discuss the, they're put in front of us. We just play them as stories. Sometimes individual stories, yeah. Yeah. Gareth, do you agree?
Gareth:  Absolutely.
John:  Yeah, next question.
Gareth: was exactly what I was going to say. It was. Your answer was fantastic.
John:  Good. Just smile honey...Yes, sir?
Audience:  I just fulfilled the fantasy of being on my knees for Capt. Jack...but my question is to Julie. Is Torchwood, is the Tardis directly influencing the rift?
Julie: Is the Tardis...
John:  Directly influencing the rift.
Julie:  No. No, no it's not. I mean it...the Tardis got refueled once at the rift in Boom Town uh...but no, the Tardis is not connected to the rift, at least not yet. Steven Moffat might have a different view.
John:  Yes, but you might want to get on your knees for Julie because she's very powerful...Aaye...Yes?
Audience:  I want to know your reactions the first time you saw the set for Torchwood. It's amazing on television.
Julie:  Thank you.
John:  Yeah and incredible job our designers do, uh and uh, the painting...the painters, the props people, everybody does an amazing job. I saw the the actual Hub before it was being...when it was being built, when it was just, what we call particle board, you know, sheeting and wood. But when I walked into it the first day, when it was all finished, it was, it was, again, the same feeling I got when I walked into the Tardis...because I was that little boy again and I just went...ahhhh...This is my play room.
Julie:  And in our studio in Cardiff, the Tardis and the Torchwood Hub are next to each other. They're neighbors.
John:  They're separated by a curtain.
Julie:  Yeah.
John:  Yeah. So we can go from one to the other. When I want a little Doctor I go that way. When I want a little Ianto I go that way.
Audience:  On the subject of John as a puppet, uh...will we ever see the bachelor adventures of the Face of Boe?
John:  The what?
Audience:  Will we ever see the bachelor adventures of the Face of Boe?
John:  I, I don't know. I think that'd be very interesting. Yeah, and that is kinda sick. 'Cuz you're talking about a head in a jar...Just someone carries him around..."Hello, meet my friend Boe." What I'm really intrigued about is, I'm really intrigues about how he becomes headless.
Audience:  Body less.
John:  Yeah.
Gareth:  I've got a theory about that...
John:  *cutting him off*...Yeah, OK...Yes?
Audience: Hi. You actually opened yourself up to this with Miss Saigon. Would you be willing to duet Sun and Moon for us?
Julie:  This is, this is the left turn...this is
John:  It's two left turns.
Naoko: *begins singing*.... You are sunlight and I moon, joined by the gods of fortune....
John:  It's the only sing that, but I don't. I never learned  those words., about, um, uh...yeah....Song....Ready, you go, ready...start it ... Song
Naoko:  Played on a....
John:  solo were right...
Naoko:  Really?
John:  Yeah...AND...A Song, played on a solo saxophone.  Yeah, it is a little...
Naoko:  ...a crazy sound,
John:  A lonely sound. A cry that tells us love goes on and on....
John and Naoko:  played on a solo saxophone. So stay with me, and hold me tight, and dance like it's the last night of the world.
John: Oh, thank god I wore tight underwear today....Yes, sir.
Audience:  Hey guys...I was wondering what it was like working with Freema on the second season of Torchwood.
Naoko:  You know what, she completely fitted in. It was ridiculous actually. It was almost like she was always there kind of thing.
Gareth:  She's hot.
John:  I love Freema. Freema, uh, her nickname, I call her Freema Agyvegymagymen and um, yeah Freema is uh, a type of person, she fits into any group of people uh, she brought a whole new dynamic when she came into Torchwood because there was, you know, not between the actresses, but between the characters, there was a little bit of like, 'Who is this chick, and why does she know more about Jack than we do?' And the whole thing with her having saved the, the, the planet, you know, by spreading the word The Doctor, all around, so Jack has this respect for her that uh, is such, of such a high standard, so it was a great dynamic. Loved her...We loved her.

(aaaaggghhhh! Another stupid place to break. What can I say...)

And finally....

TORCHWOOD John Barrowman Comic Con '08 Part 7 of 7

John:  Hey, Freema! OH MY GOD! You're there! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Freema Agymagyvegyman.
Julie:  Hello.
Naoko:  You sound like Freema too.
John:  Martha Jones
Audience:  I don't have the accent, I'm sorry.
John:  That's alright
Audience:  I actually have a question for my friend, he couldn't make it. He's back in Florida.
John:  OK.
Audience:  He asked, for you John, if there's anything you would change about Jack?
John:  Nothing
Audience:  I didn't think so.
John:  No. And he gr...Every time I read a script he grows and grows and grows...and that's...amazing.
Audience:  *scream*
John:  She got it. The rest of you are too slow....Yes, sir?
Audience:  This is really not a grammar Nazi question, um...Jack isn't so much immortal as in the sense of never dying, he di...he dies and he's eternally resurrected. How do you see the difference as really being uh...part of Jack's character?
Julie:  I think it's um...sorry. I'm gonna...I'm going to jump in 'cuz I think it's fascinating. I think it keeps him human. I think it keeps him connected, you know, to the people around him. It keeps him grounded, and I think, you know, when we talk about sacrifice and the pain and the cost of working at Torchwood, it's...It keeps him connected to that. It's painful. And I think it was Chris Chibnall in season 2 who first started writing, actually what's it feel like when he comes back to life. And we hadn't really explored that in season one. But there's a lot of cost to it. There's a pain to it.
John:  And that's why, when I am brought back to life that, that I wanted to show there's a a shock. There's a jolt. That's why when every time Jack comes back to life, he does the - GASP- because it's absolutely traumatic and painful. We wanted to project that across to the audience. And actually, we all didn't talk about that because it was a interesting, that just happened, and that shows you how much we're all involved and love it that we think in the same, in the s...kind of same track......Yes?
Audience:  This is uh for Gareth. Um...We see how much Ianto develops between season 1 and season 2, and you mentioned earlier how hare you worked on delivering, even if you only have a few lines. So do you feel your acting and delivery has influenced the development of Ianto's character?
Gareth:  Um, I think maybe it's uh...added towards the sort of dry humor Ianto, Ianto's got 'cuz I'm quite, quite dry in my humor myself um and I find that relationship between, sort of, actors and writers quite fascinating. If you put something in, sometimes by accident, as an actor, a, a writer will grab hold of it and an...enlarge it and develop that into an idea. And uh, that's, that's always loads of fun when you discover something you've done by accident or something you saw in the character, that maybe wasn't in the''s sometimes not discarded by the writer but actually grabbed onto and developed, so yeah. I, I think the actor does have a little bit of ...a little bit, What's the word?
John:  Gareth in him.
Gareth:  Gareth in him.
Julie:  But we um...we are going to find out much more about Ianto in season 3.
John:  Yes?
Julie:  And they've only read the first script.
Aud Mod: We have time for one last question.
Audience:  Aww I feel so bad.
John:  Don't feel bad honey, you're asking the question. Always feel good about that.
Audience:  Alright. This is for everyone. Being a fellow drama geek and loving acting, um...I'd like to know how you got started and all that stuff.
Gareth:  One last question. Gre....
Naoko:  OK um well...uh...when did I start? Uh...I actually started with the singing side first. When I was like twelve, I started classical singing lessons. Um...and then... by the age of fourteen or fifteen I kind of knew...I definitely knew that I wanted to go into the theatre the stage and then, when I was seventeen was...Miss Saigon was my first show.
John:  She says she was seventeen.
Naoko:  You wanna play that game?
John:  We... No, ...Don't play that game.
Gareth:  Uh...uh...School. Played a robot. Did the National Youth theatre. Played Mack the Knife. Got an agent. Got on telly. Got on Torchwood. Brilliant.
John:  Buy my book.
Mod:  Well terrific, um...Well I think that that brings to an end the greatest panel of the day.
Aud Mod:  The cast of Torchwood! The wonderful, wonderful writers, producers from BBCAmerica. Give them a wonderful round of applause.

Hope you enjoyed. If anyone can help me fill in the "Indiscernible" bits, there will be much gratitude, and perhaps chocolates. :-)
Please forgive all the punctuation errors as I'm far too lazy to go back and figure it all out correctly.

Tomorrow....Gareth David-Lloyd...solo at Gallifrey One


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