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Cardiff Took My LJ Virginity

Hello!...I'm a TORCHWOOD junkie. It took traveling to my Mecca, a.k.a. Cardiff, Wales...specifically, one rather unassuming stone in Roald Dahl Plass, to compel me to finally make an entry in this journal, goes!

Arriving in Cardiff late on a rainy Friday evening, right before Christmas, was one of my most deliciously memorable days of 2008...or, for that matter, of my life!

Pissing rain, no umbrella, I had to find a working ATM to pay the driver, Nick, who'd picked us up at Heathrow and entertained us for the two plus hour drive to the city centre of Cardiff. I walked out the door of the Marriott and went half a block to St. Mary's Street, but it might as well have been another planet! The astounding amount of life happening on that street was utterly invigorating, even after having traveled for over eighteen hours to get there! If the revelers hadn't been so busy...well, reveling...they would have thought me a total git, walking slowly down the middle of the street in a trance-like state of awe and wonder, grinning from ear to ear.

The PCs in their yellow jackets (Brilliant! Just like Gwen and PC Andy!) standing in small groups, some next to vans, (presumably to carry off those who step over the, obviously, well liberal bounds,) strategically placed all the way down the street...the girls in mini-skirts, strapless tops and heels feeling no pain in the forty degree weather...The groups of guys yelling expletives to their mates down the street ...the laughing...the hen party women, wearing the pink cowgirl hats rimmed in feathers and sequins...the girl in the Victoria's Secret Angel, and people, seemingly erupting from every doorway...the guys too pissed to walk, leaning on the lampposts or simply sitting and/or barfing, on the curb, drink in hand...the friendly PC who directed me to the nearest ATM, which (happily) was out of delightful journey continues...

About six blocks down I found an ATM that worked and was sharing the space with two guys to my right, who'd had a few pints, and were arguing and shoving each other, while the guy to my left appeared to be pissing on the building! And yet, for all the craziness, I felt perfectly safe and was utterly devastated that I'd left my camera back at the hotel lobby where my fifteen year old daughter was, as I found out later, being chatted up by a somewhat tipsy middle aged man, while patiently waiting for me to return.

It simply couldn't have been a more exhilarating start to our eleven day UK/Paris, TORCHWOOD/WHO odyssey!

(Since I could shoot myself for being too brain fried to take any pictures, I found someone who had posted loads of pics that tell the story quite well. Seems the nightlife is the same, no matter what time of year.) :-D

St. Mary's Street...Cardiff... on a Friday night...DON'T MISS IT!!!!!

Still to come...WHO Exhibition, The Hub Entrance, Cardiff Castle, Queen's Arcade...and then off to Birmingham and a certain panto...

YAY! I'm official...I finally made an entry! It's 5:22 am here, and I haven't been to sleep yet. We've been back for three days and still haven't acclimated to US Pacific time. WTF... Who cares?! I miss Cardiff!

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