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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...First up, Gareth's solo Q & A

Continuing in my series of convention video transcripts...
(once again, if anyone can assist me with the "indiscernible" bits, there will be much gratitude and air kisses)

Gareth on Valentine's Day - Saturday at Gallifrey One

Part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Part 3 of 7

TRANSCRIPTS Forthwith...

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey One Part 1 of 7

Toby Hadoke:  Hello everybody. Uh, uh, he, he doesn't want to come on stage so...sorry. we've already had a preview of that applause, but let's double it and give a big welcome to Gareth David-Lloyd!
Gareth:  We won the rugby. Awesome. Absolutely Brilliant.
Audience:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Uh, yeah.
Toby:  So you won the rugby. You're happy about that.
Gareth:  Fuckin' right. It's awesome.
Toby:  Good. So, um well Gareth...before we get on to all things Torchwood, um...tell us about the Gareth David-Lloyd from before Torchwood. How did you get into acting? Did you ever consider doing anything else?
Gareth:  Um, well the reason I got into acting is because I can't do anything else. Um, I, I, was in a counsel estate in Newport and um, I had a rich auntie Doris who owned her own business, and um, it mum was in a difficult situation...I used to have to go to work with her every morning. She cleaned...had to clean pubs, um so I used to get up at five with her, she used to take me to work and then I used to go to school. My auntie Doris didn't think it was a very good sort of, um environment for a youngster, so she very kindly took me on and um, asked if I wanted music lessons. I took the trumpet at the age of eight, um got to grade three with that. I didn't have a very good music teacher. He'd trouble to me play things I didn't want to play, um so I gave that up and then, then it was acting. Um...I was in the last year of my junior school, which is like your, what grade would that be of yours? Grade 8 somewhere, yeah, yeah I was about uh, nine...ten...Fifth grade, yeah. Um, eh and I played the robot in a school play and then...since then I was hooked. Um...uh, and it didn't involve sitting there you know, and doing equations and sums and things like that, so...That was the route really, and she helped me out until I was uh, eighteen, nineteen...funding new theatres, drama schools, acting courses, and that, that was how I began.
Toby:  So what...It's good that you play the trumpet. Sylvester McCoy famously, when he became Doctor Who, he used to skittle with the spoons, and he incorporated it into an episode of Doctor Who so, do you fancy ever Ianto defeating an alien by cunning use of a trumpet?
Gareth:  I fuckin' tried. I said, "Can I play the trumpet in, in uh, Countrycide, please?" And like, the bit with the head butts, if we change that...I said I'd get the trumpet out and just um, musically blow his mind... with some, Debussy or something. But they didn't go for the head butt, so that's what...that's what I'm stuck with.
Toby:  That's a scandal. Uh...So now tell us about MINE ALL MINE. Because you were cast in that as a character called Ianto Jones, is that right?
Gareth:  Yeah, that's right. Um...It was, I think it was a gesture from Russell because he'd, he'd written a show, and then um, I got, I got the part, I filmed the scene, it's only a small scene, but it was a really lovely scene. I think it was it was sort of one of the longest pauses there'd ever been uh, allowed to happen on on, you know, on quick fire taped television. Um...One of the scenes and not many lines at only had, had two words, but it was a, a nice, a nice scene to play because It was quite unique. Uh...but then they had a six week slot and they had to cut it down to five weeks 'cuz it was, it was conflicting with something else, so they had to cut a few story lines, one of them being, uh...mine. Fuckers. And then um, yes. But, but...Russell wanted the scene in there, but they had to cut some story lines uh down, so...when I went to audition for uh, Torchwood, I think the character's name was originally Idris Hopper. Yeah. Thank, thank fuck that didn't take flight. And, um and that was a gesture from Russell to sort of give me my name was on the DVD, but it was never televised so, uh that was sort of a gesture from him which was nice.
Toby:  I was just going to (indiscernible) if you got the part, cause otherwise you'd have felt a (indiscernible) well, I've already got a part called this.
Gareth:  It was meant for me.
Toby:  How was the audition process and how many times did you have to go back?
Gareth:  Just the once.
Toby:  And uh, I mean, was there certain trepidation from you guys going in, knowing it's a spin off? A spin off, you know, that all risks being compared to the parent show. Did you have much of that weight hanging about, or did you just get on?
Gareth:  No, not at all, I was excited. I knew it was going to be good because I, I, I soon as I read there might be a possibility of this sort of sexed up adult version of a, a Doctor Who in the paper, I thought, awesome. I'm a sci-fi fan myself but uh, you know I, I, I also like a bit of uh sex and gore and since it seemed like a nice film noir sort of mood of Doctor Who, we loved it. And then I got the opportunity for the audition and I, I knew it was going to be I had a good feeling.
Toby:  Well, I'm going to stir up a little controversy now because I'm aware of some of the backstage things that have gone on...There's a particular character who wasn't in series two as much as series one, who's apparently a nightmare to work with. I'm talking, of course, about the pterodactyl...umm.
Gareth:  Poor bastard. He never gets any screen time. She never gets any screen time. Yeah, I' know it costs a lot of money, to you know the special effects, um to bring Myfanway to life. So I can see why they avoided bringing her into a lot of episodes and, but she is, she is, she is definitely a firm favorite with the uh, regular cast. Myfanwy is mentioned every day, so she's, she's there in spirit if she's not there in all her CGI glory.
Toby:  And was there much, as you were making the first series, were there any directions that the show was going in that as you were making it you changed or, you know, you went for more and cut back on other stuff? Did it evolve in that way?
Gareth:  Um...not quite that sort of um, uh...It, it was more organic than that. It was was more things happened slowly. There weren't any big decisions except for a few things like um, changing the story lines so it was Owen the um died and came back to life rather than Ianto. You know, a couple of things like that but mainly it'd just sort of grow...We read the scripts, um, we recog...the writers recognize things in the performances they'd incorporate into later scripts and the actors recognized things that had been recognized by the writers and go, ooo, that's good...that's being developed. Um, yeah, so it comes like that, day by day. No sort of sudden twists and turns really, except for um, two or three exceptions in the whole course of filming.
Toby:  So when in the day did you find out that you suddenly weren't going to die and be brought back to life?
Gareth:  It was well before those scripts had been written. The story lines had been mooted and talked about in meetings, but um uh, no scripts had been written, so it was quite early. And they told me I was going to die before we started filming the series and I think it was only about two weeks into filming it they said actually it now is Owen that's gonna die, and I was like -Oh- There's more you can do with being alive isn't there, than being half dead, so I was sort of, sort of happy with the change.
Toby:  And what about when you went over to Doctor Who? I mean you're working in the same place, but was there something different about suddenly going and getting into your car and going to work, then moving over slightly to, you know, a legendary set?
Gareth:  'Cuz there are a lot more youngsters that watch Doctor Who...'cuz they're allowed to. Um, the only way it changed performance is, you know, you have to sort of make things a little bit clearer and a little bit more blatant so the younger audience will understand. You can be a bit more uh slight, subtle, um mischievous with the Torchwood performances and a little bit played down, but that was the only cha...and, and, and as soon as we got in the swing of it, it was a was like filming a mini episode of Torchwood.

Moving right along...

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey One Part 2 of 7
(small segment of Gareth on John transcript separated and highlighted with red text)

Gareth: it was a was like filming a mini episode of Torchwood.
Toby:  And do yo have any particular favorites from your first year of Torchwood, episode wise?
Gareth:  Countrycide. Always. Yeah. I like them all, but Countrycide was...I think it's because it was nostalgia of filming as well. We went and stayed in the Brecon Beacons. John mentions it in his book, we stayed at Craig-Y-Nos Castle, and set right in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, and it was beautiful, and we had a really good time, and I think that was the weekend that um, the cast really first got to, uh know and love each other.
Toby:  And, day, ac, over. I was thinking about having you just said you like gore, so you're drawn to the cannibals um, of Countrycide....and ...and Cyberwoman was your first sort of big episode, um in terms of you being a central character. Did...You had to do quite a lot of emotional stuff in that. How did you gear yourself up for that sort of performance?
Gareth:  Um... uh...differently now to what I would have...that was, that was a big shock for me, Cyberwoman. It was a know, it was the first time I had that much screen time and um, been asked to convey that much emotion information. It took me by surprise and I only really had sort of about three weeks uh, notice the fact that I had an episode to myself after just uh one or two episodes when I had a couple of one liners. And um, it was very exciting, and it was a big shock and I didn't really sort of gear myself up. It was sort of high emotional states came out of me being so nervous and so excited and so, you know, petrified that it was going to look awful. Um...and I think it just fell in place. Um...we, you...hopefully it went well, which was lucky for me. Because I didn't really approach it as I would have liked, because I was so nervous and apprehensive and uptight about it, because it, it had taken me by surprise. Um...but I was happy with the way it turned out.
Toby:  It's terrific. Terrific. (indiscernible)  But I do have to ask...What sort of future were you and a Cyberwoman...seriously going to have? 'Cause all her important bits were metal anyway.
Gareth:  Which means they don't stop until you turn them off.
Toby:  I'll feed them in, you...
Gareth:  Flick of a switch.
Toby:  And uh how soon...I mean, how soon did you become aware of the, of the public reaction to the show, which has been huge?
Gareth:  Um...You hear about it and it's always very good. They love it in America, or they love it in the US, it's doing very well. It's got great ratings, but um it, it really hits you when you go to a convention like Comic Con or you know, you go to a country that's um, eight hours behind sort of, time then you do a panel, and thousands of people turn up dressed as the characters and, you know um are there and have been touched by the program or touched by the performance or um, you know, just completely enthralled in the whole thing and...that's when, that's when it really blows you realize how much of an impact it's made and it's completely overwhelming.
Toby:  There are lots of Victorian ladies dressed even her today...So I have to ask you if you...if ...what in your life would you be tempted to turn up dressed as? You know, what is the thing, we're Doctor Who fans and Torchwood fans, but what would Gareth David-Lloyd, if he went to an event celebrating the thing that he loved most, that would actually make him get dressed up as something, what would that be?
Gareth:  The Predator.
Toby:  Form a queue ladies!
Gareth:  Awesome. The Predator in a Welsh rugby top.
Toby:  Remind us. Did they win again?
Gareth:  Oh yeah. It was splendid. Any English in here?
Audience:  Yeah.
Gareth:  Yeah. Good game (indiscernible) Good game. They played well actually. It was close. I thought we were going to lose for a while. England their...their defense really tightened up. They played an awesome game...but they didn't win.
Toby:  That's all that counts, uh...How, how, how do the peop...I've only been to Cardiff once, and I found the city seems thrilled of it's association with Doctor Who. Have you...How does the city of Cardiff feel about being the base of these two shows?
Gareth:  It's almost just completely changed. It's changed really dramatically in the past ten years um, especially the bay area. I mean it's started off with a couple of new shops and restaurants, and um, few...a couple of demolitions. Then they made the marina and they put barrages in to um make all the mud and slosh that was in Tiger Bay turn into a beautiful marina with um bird sanctuary and things like that. And that's where they've set Torchwood, and that's where, you know, the Tardis landed in, in Roald Dahl Plass um...and since then it's been a huge buzz and vibe.  We get lots of more business projects, tourism there has just boomed, um...I think there are about four official tours now of Torchwood and Doctor Who um filming sites throughout Cardiff that you can go on. It's, it's, it's been really great. It's, it's put us on the map sort of worldwide...not just in Britain.
Toby:  Do you ever fancy turning up to one of those trips and surprising people, popping out from behind a pillar?
Gareth:  Yeah. You go into a shop and Ianto pops his head out and goes, "Do you want information?" Yeah, I'd love to do me. But I'd enjoy doing it. It'd be fun.


But the question I think the entire world was asking last year, that obviously you're close and will be able to answer is, when does John Barrowman sleep? Because he seems to be on everything, doing everything.
Gareth:  Well...he did...He drinks such good coffee...and he, he lives forever, doesn't need sleep does he really? Um, I mean he's not going to die from exhaustion, if he does, he'll just wake up again...completely awake. That's probably what he does. He probably just works constantly, dies from exhaustion, and then -GASP- "I'm ready to go!...Woo!...Anything Goes!" And that's...he probably does that once a month. That's all the sleep he needs really, -Gasp...GASP!-
Toby:  And he, is he a sort of energetic presence on set?  Because he seems to enjoy laughing about a lot.
Gareth:  Well, he likes taking all the attention, he does. Um, yeah, he,he, he actually keep us...he keeps us awake when we're tired. It's such long days, and sometimes (mic cuts out)...Hello...Don't you cut me...And you know, when, when it's getting to about five or six o'clock, which in John and Eve's uh mind is cocktail hour for some reason, um he's, he's the one that keeps us um, keeps us awake with his energy. He's just got energy that is constant and booming and um, you know, when we're feeling tired we feed off that energy. It's a nice presence, a nice energy to have around.


And how did it feel this year when you obviously uh, uh lost two cast members? Two characters...That  must really be...working with people for a couple of years, that must be quite a wrench.
Gareth:  Yeah. But then I got more lines.
Toby:  And you just did Doctor Who.
Gareth:  Yeah exactly. No uh, yeah. It was...when you work with someone for so long, you miss them being around... you miss them so it can be hard work and yeah...and...But we are still in contact as, as um as friends, as people. Naoko, who made her unexpected appearance yesterday and it was, so we're all still really close and really friendly, but we do miss them on set.

and finally for today...

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd at Gallifrey One Part 3 of 7

Gareth:  so we're all still really close and really friendly, but we do miss them on set.
Toby:  Well, without giving anything away, of course, the trailer's come out and we're, we're anticipating a new five part, week long Torchwood serial. Can you give us a few ah, indications of how that's going to be...sort of what we're promised.
Gareth:  Um...It's a lot darker, and I'll tell you that. It's, it's really...It's subject matter is, is, is very dark, which is, is my cup of tea really. I quite enjoy that. Enjoy sort of darker, more um macabre uh drama. (mic cut)...Hello...What'd I say?
Toby:  John Barrowman is trying to steal their attention so...
Gareth:  *mimicking John*..."Anything Goes" more action and it's one big story...(mic cut)...OH, COME ON! Come on. Is he English? He's probably...*mimicking guys messing with mic* more action, um and it's one story which was really fun to film and we filmed it in, in, in order as well, which is nice because you sometimes, when filming a thirteen part series, lose track of where you are but um...a...doing it in order, in one big story, five episodes, really, really gave us the opportunity and time to get into the scenes, into the characters, and we had an awesome director as well, Euros Lynn. Big clap for Euros. Um...He's a director that knows how to speak every language. There are various languages on set, the producer's expected to uh, um speak, and uh you have to know how to speak to the camera dept., the art dept, the actors, and um Euros speaks all those languages. He's got so much patience, and I think he's the best director I've ever worked with.
Toby:  I'll have that (mic) Doesn't really matter if they don't hear bits of me.
Gareth:  Sort it out mate. Jeez.
Toby:  Uh, so um you might (indiscernible) let Gareth speak. Uh, so alright, we've talked about all the nice stuff but I'm not after any dirt, I'm, I'm...Obviously there are bits that sometimes come up short when you watch an episode...go, Oh that didn't quite work. Are there any that stick in mind that were bits that you're not happy or you'd like to see done again or, or an episode that could've worked better?
Gareth:  Uh, like I was saying earlier, I don't think there was an episode that might have worked better if I'd done something else, and probably not something that most people would notice, but I, I as an actor, like I was saying early on about the Cyberwoman episode, it didn't quite was such a shock to, to get the information I was going to  do such a huge episode, the script and was still sinking in before I'd even finished filming it, so a lot of things that I'd sort of like to do again, but I try not to nitpick and look at things and analyze things to the extent that I go, Ooooo....I could have done that bet...but there are things, you know, more general um...broader things that I'd like to do again because maybe I found I wasn't quite the right state, or maybe I wasn't quite prepared for them.
Toby:  And uh, I think we're about half way through, so I guess we'll rather...
Gareth:  Have a beer.
Toby:  Answer some questions. Yes, yes (indiscernible) We'll take a question from this lady here.
Audience: in season 2 Ianto got this terrific dry wit um, uh was that you, the writers, some combination thereof?
Gareth:  I, I think it was observation of the writers in the first series. There were lines like...there's the Risen Mitten line. Certain little things cropped up and they were great fan pleasers, and uh, um I think they capitalized on that and um I, I enjoy, I enjoy that type of humor anyways, it's my type of humor, so um yeah um a bit of both I'd say. And I think it's finally in season 2 has he's had time to get over, sort of the whole um Cyberwoman in the basement and, and I, I think it's time...a...and yeah, so I think that's why it came out more probably in the second season.
Toby:  Another question. Let's have some hands up...yes?
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  Uh, I think series 2 really ended with a kind of a feeling of dissatisfaction of like if there had been nothing afterwards we would have all felt  a little bit of loss about it. In series three, I know yesterday that Kai said on the panel, that there was no plans for series four yet. At the end of series three is it going to feel like that, or?
Gareth:  Um...Abbreviate that question to um...after season two, if nothing had come...if, if no season three had come, the fans would have felt a huge loss, um and it felt like it might have been the end, a lot of fans thought. Is it going to feel like that at the end of season three, after comments that myself and Kai made yesterday about they're not sure of there being a season four? Well, I know the producers and the writers are desperate for a season four, so it is planned, and but basically it depends on, you know, the success of season three, which in my opinion is going, is going to do awesomely well. I, I've seen some clips, doing ADR and things. I did my ADR in LA actually, and it looks fantastic. I'm really fingers crossed hopefully.
Toby:  Someone else...Lady there.
Audience:  Um...What was the difference when you did the radio play versus just doing uh, regular on set work?
Gareth:  Well, I didn't have to shave or change out of my own clothes. Not no, the difference between doing a radio play and the, the series...Yeah, that was nice. (indiscernible) You still got to work with the same people and it's a lot quicker uh, but nothing quite matches the buzz of being in character, in costume, you know, blood on your face, and you know what I'm saying...playing...There's, there's nothing like, you know, pretending you're someone else.
Audience:  How many outtakes doe we not get to see of you and John?
Gareth:  Fuckin' loads. And you never will.
Toby:  Lady there.
Audience:  I know the Torchwood Hub set is right next to the Tardis set. Do you guys ever kind of run...
Gareth:  Kick it and things? Yeah. When you're walking past..."Oh look, it's Doctor Poo and the Turdis."...We have a friendly rivalry. But it's, it's it, ve very friendly. Um, yeah, whenever we walk past the Tardis set and there's no one there, I always jump upon...jump up on to the metal grate and press buttons and like jump around and go *mimicking David* "WOO...WOO...Oh,"..alright yeah...Next question.
Toby:  Lady...uh yeah...yeah
Audience:  I have a question from the episode ADAM.
Gareth:  Yep...Episode ADAM.
Audience:  As soon as we see Adam come in and  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Adam comes in and fucks everyone's minds up...yep.
Audience:  Does he do anything to the relationship between Jack and Ianto (indiscernible)?
Gareth:  Sorry, I didn't hear that last bit darling.
Audience:  Do you think he did anything to the relationship between Jack and Ianto? Like did he...(indiscernible)
Gareth:  I don't think so. I, I think the whole, I think the of the things I like about ADAM episode is he ma...Adam makes such an effort to change everybody else's minds because he identifies them as, as the stronger members of the, but he doesn't do that much to Ianto because he doesn't see him as a threat. Whereas Ianto is the one who then discovers, by reading his diary, that, I don't think anything, um with um regards to the relationship between Ianto and Jack, or any of Ianto's things...Before he know, the memories of the murders put into his mind. Um, I think Ianto is um the character uh, that Adam overlooks, which is why, you know, sort of Ianto saves the day really. Doesn't he?

Tommorrow...Parts 4 and 5...perhaps more, if I'm not too busy rewatching "Any Dream Will Do"  and "The Making of Me."  :-)))

Have I said how thrilled I am that Tom Price will be at TorchSong?! He's fantastic! Check out his ShowReel...

Absolutely Brilliant!
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