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WTF?!...and More Transcripts for Your Reading Pleasure...

First, a moment to vent...

OK...What the flying F@#K was with that hatchet job BBCA did to THE MAKING OF ME last night?! If they pull that crap with CHILDREN OF EARTH they'll be slammed every which way from Sunday. *Visions of flaming inboxes.*  :-(

Second...the videos

Gallifrey One Saturday Gareth's Solo Q & A's

Part 4 of 7

Part 5 of 7

Third...the Transcripts

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey One Part 4 of 7

Toby:  Lady there.
Audience:  What do you think Ianto would be like if he was the Doctor's companion?
Gareth:  Chuffed. Yeah, he'd love it. You know, he'd, he'd be in his element I suppose...he'd be flying around the galaxy uh,'s any idea though, it's an idea though, um...Write to the producers.
Toby:  I've always loved you Ianto...but I'm stuck in a parallel universe...There was someone waving over there. Yes?
Audience:  I know the next season is going to be short but are there going to be any more changes for your character? Have you developed..?
Gareth:  Absolutely. All the characters developed quite beautifully I think, and they've got the time to do it. What this series lacks in sort of quantities is, is gained in quality I think um...Yeah, you see a lot of Ianto's background, backgrounds, his character development, you discover why he's like he is, discover why he's, he's sort of a bit lonely, a little bit introverted. You find out a lot. That's all I can say really. I'm sorry.
Toby:  You touched on your background a little bit before and just now...obviously, your family was very happy when you got the job, but did you feel that you needed to explain to them that, you know, you're going to be watching a program about an alien sex cloud that kills people when they have an orgasm? How was it bringing that up?
Gareth:  I, I didn't actually. I just let them watch it and I, I remember my auntie Doris, then my auntie who um, who helped start my career, who sadly isn't with us anymore, but um she managed to watch the first series of TORCHWOOD and she was like "Umm, I'm not sure if I like all the kissing...but you were very good." So even though the subject matter might have taken them a bit by surprise, they were all still very supportive.
Toby:  It's not quite Anne of Green Gables, is it?...Another question. Was it...yes?
Audience:  Not that Ianto is not a superhero, but if you had a chance to play any superhero or villain, who would you be?
Gareth:  Oooo!
Audience:  Predator. Predator?
Gareth:  Predator. But he'd have to be the main one, not the one that get killed by an alien or, you know, by Arnie, or you know..."You're an ugly mother fucker." No! Not this Predator guv'nor. Yeah. Probably the Predator.
Toby:  Another question.
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  Ah...we have never seen Ianto's flat, so do we ever get to see Ianto's flat, do you think? Do we ever?
Gareth:  Uh, I think, I think Ianto lives in the Hub.
Audience:  Oh, you think he lives in the Hub now.
Gareth:  Yeah, I think he lives down Jack's manhole.
Toby:  Talking of which...The stopwatch...What? Explain it.
Gareth:  I'm as bemused as you. We've had discussions, within the cast, of, you know, what that could possibly be and we still haven't decided what it is yet, but I think it's one of those, you have to use your imagination. It's one of those things that uh, lets you decide. So have fun with it, enjoy it, and whatever you decide is the, is the stopwatch scenario, is the truth.
Toby:  It will be one of the great unanswered mysteries of 21st century drama. I'll never know.
Gareth:  Absolutely.
Toby:  Yes?
Gareth:  It will be like, why does David Caruso wear his glasses indoors?
Toby:  So he can take them off when something drastic happens...
Gareth:  So he can go like this..."So ex act ly  where  were   you  at  this  time  a..." Why does he speak like that? I mean, he pauses between every syllable.
Toby:  Because he's cool.
Gareth:  Be cause   he's   cool.  Alright, I'll buy that. I'll buy that.
Toby:  You know to get into the credits somehow, you need an enigmatic look and a bit of cool glasses action.
Gareth:  Yeah, but should his hands be on his hips so much though, 'cuz that's not, that's not quite as cool. That's a litte, yeah...It's not, you know.
Toby:  Well, when he does a guest shot in TORCHWOOD, you could, you could give him a few tips.
Gareth:  I'm gonna...It wasn't me that said all these things, it wasn't. Cast me in something.
Toby:  Madame.
Audience:  What are the rules for Naked Hide and Seek?
Gareth: What are the rules for Naked...Naked Hide and Seek?  Well, if you catch the other one, you can fuck him. Quite simple.
Toby:  That's not what I told my son when he asked me that question. But I'll relay the information....I saw a hand go up there.
Audience:  Yeah...Have you been cast in any pantomimes, and uh what's your dream panto role?
Gareth:  Um, I haven't actually, um I think I made some comment in an interview a while back about how I'd never fucking do pantomime. It, it didn't pay any money. But now I've changed my mind. I, I went to see John in Jack and the Beanstalk um a couple of years back and he had so much fun on stage. He was just, you know, showing off for two hours. Brilliant. I'll do that for loads of money please. Um, yeah so, but nobody's asked me to do any pantomime. Kai's done it. John's done it. Um, uh Burn's in OLIVER, which in nearly pantomime. Uh...I didn't, didn't mean it. Uh so proba...I mean yeah, I would, yeah I'd love to do pantomime...If anyone's offering...we could do it over here, I'd be great.
Toby:  When's the beanstalk gonna grow? I don't know, but I'll start the stopwatch.
Gareth:  *stopwatch* Oooooo.
Toby:  It'd be a hit.
Gareth:  Oh mister giant, you're massive.
Toby:  I think we could do it...anyway...Uh, DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD, I mean, have really had some great guest stars, and Torchwood in series two particularly. Have you got any of the guest actors that were particularly memorable to work with?
Gareth:  James Marsters, all the way, yeah. Yeah we, we got...I spent...I've been over here a month now and I stayed with James for the first week, and uh he's just lent me his XBOX. Yeah, we got along really good...and he's so busy, I haven't seen that much of him, but um when we do, we always have a great laugh.
Toby:  Was it always intended he do John with an English accent?...or they brought him over to ask him to do Americ...
Gareth:  He did John with an English accent? "Oh, you like that, don't you big boy?" Starting to get filthy now, isn't it?, he', I don't know. I don't know whether he was asked or whether it was his decision. Do you know, Lisa?
Lisa:  It was his decision.
Gareth:  It was his decision. Yeah, his decision, and I think a good decision.
Audience:  It was so he wouldn't stand out as a weird the team.
Gareth:  Well, like John? We've don't want another weird American in the team do we? (indiscernible)
Toby:  Got another hand up there. Let's get another...hand going up..Yes, lady there.
Audience:  How has acting in DOCTOR WHO or in TORCHWOOD changed your acting style, or helped you grow as an actor?
Gareth:  Well, I think the more experience, the better you become...I mean, um um acting is one of those professions that you don't really retire from unless you can't move, and and I think right up until the end of your career you, you learn something new, and every job you do is different. It's, it's not like um, uh a craft where...oh, plumbing or painting, where you sort of...You know that there are certain skills that...that um that you acquire at, you know, at all the jobs that you do. Acting, there will always be something that hits you and takes you by surprise, that you've never done before or you can't think of anyone who's done anything like that before. Um, so you're constantly learning and because I've had these years now with TORCHWOOD, and after not having much work before, I, I've learned so much, and hopefully it's made me a little bit better, given a little more confidence, and made my process a little bit more um, clear in my mind.


TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey One Part 5 of 7

Toby:  Another question. Yes.
Audience:  Where were you at karaoke last night, and will you be joining us tonight?
Gareth:  Is there karaoke tonight as well?
Audience:  Yes.
Gareth:  Well, the thing is, it is Valentine's Day tonight, so I've got a, a...I'm taking my lovely girlfriend Gemma out and so if she, if she fancies karaoke when we get back from the meal, well then we'll be there. Um, and the reason, the reason I didn't come last night is because I knew I had the rugby this morning, and by the time I finished my steak I was so pissed, I thought if I go to karaoke I'm not going to get up for the rugby, and even though karaoke's a um a Welsh tradition, rugby's slightly more the important one so, and so...
Audience:  Kai made it.
Gareth:  Alright.
Toby:  If you had, had turned up for the karaoke, what numbers could we have expected from you?
Audience:  Mustang Sally.
Gareth:  Mustang Sally. Uh, the Doors. I like to, to do the Doors...any Doors, and...what else? That's it really. Mustang Sally and the Doors, unless you've got any Tool on the jukebox (indiscernible)  I always like to fuck that up, boy. Yes.
Toby:  Another, another question...Yes?
Audience:  Are either Ianto or Jack exclusive?
Gareth:  Um...I think Ianto likes to think so. Probably deep down inside he knows, you know, if Jack had the opportunity there's, you know, nothing going to stop him. Um but by ...I think, I think in Ianto's mind he is, you know, tries to control it and, you know, make it a proper sort of um...mis um...monogamous relationship.
Toby:  It must take a lot of self control of Ianto because the plot for Cyberwoman would have been foiled If you know, during one of your more intimate trysts, you had said something like, "Oh Capt. Jack, I wish you had metal tits." Then he'd go, "Oh, I think he's got a Cyberwoman in the cellar."...Crystal?
Audience:  I was just wondering, if there, we do actually get the season four, where would you like to see your character go?
Gareth:  In charge. Wait, what...yeah, a bit more, a bit more responsibility, a bit more um..uh, you know, right hand man...Well, he has been sort of become that anyway, but even more. More lines. More money. Brilliant.
Toby:  And when you shoot a gun, does it you not have to resist going *pow, pow, pow*?
Gareth:  Ah...don't's one thing I was very, very upset about um throughout the um first two seasons and uh, the DOCTOR WHO episodes I did with the machine gun, it was all blank, blank firing weapons. So the noise was real, and the kick was real. It was awesome. And then we...The thing that pissed me off this season was the fact that all the bullets are CGI...booo...except the ones that are firing at my legs...which are real! It is actually firing pellets at my legs which make sparks on the ground, and they were the only sort of real um uh ammunition used. So we all start doing *gun firing motion* this and yeah.
Toby:  Is that the general thing?
Gareth:  We did have... We did have to do...*pow pow pow*...See, I'm doing it now...just *peung peung peung*...I mean, it doesn't yeah...*peung*...yeah it, we did get used to do that..yeah, but yeah, that was a bit annoying this season...But it looks real. I've seen, I've seen some of the footage now with the CGI flames and everything and it doesn't, it doesn't look CGI, it looks very real.
Toby:  And is that is, is that a general thing, is that, is that just because the health, health and safety thing or is that just a practice that has changed?
Gareth:  I, I think it was just uh, I, I think all...having the live ammunition, it held things back a lot because you have to an armourer in there. You have to have the stunt coordinator there, um and it just takes longer to load the guns and, you know, and and uh...I think they wanted to focus on the acting and things a lot more this season, rather than special effects. It's just a lot easier to put those effects on afterwards.
Toby:  Another question. Yes?
Gareth:  Yes?
Audience:  Ok...So you've done, you've done quite a bit or writing um. If there's a season four, would you like to write an episode?
Gareth:  I'd love to write an episode. I've got ideas. Um, currently develop...developing the one I came up with yesterday about Ianto spiking the coffee... Yeah, it's gonna be good.
Audience:  Credit us.
Gareth:  Uh, yeah. I would, I would like to write an episode but um I, you know, I'm quite (indiscernible) at the moment. To do that I'd have to write one, and give it to them, and see what they thought but um yeah. If I can find the time in the next couple of months, I will. I will submit something ...with your support, obviously...Thanks.
Audience:  After you're done with TORCHWOOD, if you could write your own ticket, what role would you want to take on?
Gareth:  Oooo....Yeah, I'd like to do um, one of my fa...Do MACK THE KNIFE on film. Maybe not even the musical version, to do ,do a um...a sort of film version (indiscernible) PHANTOM OF THE OPERA the whole story of MACK THE KNIFE, and that sort of um duel, uh duel opinions of what people thought about him because, you know, Brecht did an alienation um idea. I'd love to put on film, and play that character. Um, MACBETH, I'd love to play on film. Um...TV wise, I'd like to play um, a guest on DEXTER, or a guest in, be one of the, you know, the "baddie" serial killers, as opposed to the "goodie" serial killers. Um yeah, and um, MAD MEN. Oh, I love MAD MEN. An (indiscernible) I'd like to be in that. Um yeah, there are loads of things. Oh, BBC is making DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, they're remaking DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, um and, I tried to be in that, but uh, unfortunately they cast the main characters while I was still filming. But uh, I was offered to read for a smaller part, but I told them to fuck 'em. Uh, not uh yeah, yeah so, I'm excited about that but unfortunately it couldn't do that. There are loads of them you know, anything I can fit in between series, uh at the moment.
Toby:  Another question...Is that, so...Oh well...While I'm looking for a...You can answer this for me...What's the strangest um fan mail that you've received? Do you get any sort of odd stuff?
Gareth:  Strangest?...Strangest, Gem?
Toby:  Does she open it for you?
Gareth:  Yeah, she's the guinea pig, yeah. Open that. It looks...puffy. Uh, um... there's not really any strange...I, I did get, I did get one from...which did sort of touch my heart a little yeah, maybe...I freaked out at first, because it was mother passed away a few years ago and uh I got a letter saying um, "Hello, this is Christine, your mother," and I, I wh...which freaked me out quite a bit um..."I miss you son. I miss you." And it was all this scrappy handwriting, and then I realized this person was from um, uh, a psychological institution, and that she'd been, you know, supervised and what, and she was a fan. But it really freaked me out because her name was Christine, she, she thought...She had this fixation that um, she thought she was my mum and uh that, that was probably the weirdest experience I've had when receiving fan mail.

Last two parts tomorrow...Then on to the Sunday panel with Gareth and Kai


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