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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...the Last of Gareth's Solo Q & A

        Before we continue to the Wonderful World of Transcripts, I must take a moment to genuflect at the altar which is HOUSE. Yet another STUNNING episode last a season full of extraordinarily brilliant episodes. :-)))    

To the matter at hand...

TRANSCRIPT Progress!...After these, only two more hours to go!...*Yippee*
...only fourteen more segm... Holy Crap! WTF was I thinking?

The last of the Gallifrey One Saturday Q & A session with Gareth David-Lloyd....

Part 6 of 7

Part 7 of 7

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey 6 of 7

Toby:  Lady, there. Yes.
Audience:  Yes. There has been some indications during both seasons of TORCHWOOD that Ianto is slightly compulsive sometimes, but how obsessive compulsive is he?
Gareth:  I think he's quite obsessive compulsive in his appearance. He, he, he um, you find sometimes that he's, he's in the middle of a, a life threatening situation and he'll adjust his tie or find a little spot, and then go *shoots.* Um yeah, so I think he's got...I think that's something he's developed over his... because the whole suit thing I think was a character that he invented just to please Jack, just to get into Torchwood, and it's just something that stuck, and uh something he can't quite shake loose. So I think he has got sort of a obsessive compulsive personality because he gets into a routine, and it becomes something he has to do, rather than something he wants to do.
Toby:  Well, never mind Ianto. How, you have any compulsive obsessions of your own?
Gareth:  Um, yeah I do actually. I think, I think I do. I walk around a lot. I find it hard to sit down unless I'm going to watch a film, you know, I've got the...It's very hard for me just to walk into a room and sit down for twenty minutes and chill out. I can't. I don't very well. When I think, I walk around and look quite mental. Um, I think that's a bit of an obsessive thing that I do. Um yeah, I think yeah, there probably are other things as well that I don't notice, that other people have noticed but just haven't the heart to tell me yet. Boy, that guy's mental, isn't he? He's absolutely off his rocker.
Toby:  Gentleman there.
Audience:  Uh...John Barrowman came over here and did a book signing, and did a long talk before he did, and showed how quickly he can flip back and forth between his accents. How often does he jump back and forth between takes or on the set, and which accent does he tend to stick with?
Gareth:  Well, when he's taking to anyone else except his family or someone from Scotland, he speaks in an American accent, and when he speaks to his family, he speaks in a Scottish accent. I think he's just showing off, to be honest with you. "Ooo, look at me, I'm Scottish." Yeah. To flip, flip that quickly...Why would you? I mean, mean um, you know. No offense John. (indiscernible)
Audience:  Hi. Yeah, you mentioned you've done some musical theatre before...
Gareth:  Yes.
Audience:  Would you like to do another musical one day?
  Well, yeah I would. I, I'm not sort of into, sort of uh...sort, sort...
Audience:  Happy, shiny.
Gareth:  Yeah, um Tits and Ass musicals...I'm not...don't really rock my boat. And I like a lot of old school, uh musicals. Musicals where uh characters, um where actors step out of the characters to narrate the story, rather than sing songs as the characters, (indiscernible.)...Um, uh yes, Sondheim. I love, I love Brecht, uh Weill things um, and I don't know, there are some popular musicals...and I like RENT. I, I think that's a good show, and I like comedy musicals...AVENUE Q, Python things, um. Yeah, but not so, not so much the Tits and Ass ones. "Gonna wash that man right outta my hair." Noooo.
Toby:  Over there.
Audience:  Can you talk about Ianto's um friendship with Tosh and Owen, and stuff?
Gareth:  You guys dressed as "Something Borrowed" today? Stand up. Come on. Ah...Hello, there you are. Awesome.
Audience:  Can you talk about Ianto's friendship with Tosh and Owen. We don't really get to see a lot of how losing them will affect much as you can without spoilers.
Gareth:  Um...The whole team, you know, we rejoin them at a point where they still haven't gotten over um the loss, so um, so (indiscernible) you see an indication about three, all three characters, especially Gwen actually, um you know, Gwen has a photo of them that, you know, she says hello to every morning. Um, and... I think it affects Ianto just the same as everyone else. I don't think he had such a verbal relationship with them. He's, he's not as verbal know, as all these other uh, yeah he know he, he would have uh, developed his own appreciation for them, and I think he misses them just as the other team...but having his uh crisp uh, hardened exterior, you, you just don't see it as much.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd Gallifrey 7 of 7

Toby:  In a sense well, we almost take for granted Russell T. Davies because we, you know, we know the show's back and we say...Tell us something we don't know about Russell T. Davies, because all we see of him...He can't surely walk around all day going "Hoorah! Marvelous!" or does he?
Gareth:  He does. Any time of the day at all. I mean I've, I've um...because my friend Lisa lives quite near him, and sometimes and he walks in, "Gareth...How's it going? Lovely..." I've got a huge hangover... and you've got this huge man looming toward you, big smile on his face, ready to grip you right in the middle, and yeah, he's always that exuberant, and that happy, and that, and that lovely, and...
Toby:  Have you read his book, THE WRITER'S TALE?
Gareth:  No, I haven't.
Toby:  Do, if you need an ego boost. Uh, there's about four references to you being the sexiest man on the planet.
Gareth:  Oh, is that the, is that the one you're referencing?
Toby:  Yeah.
Gareth:  Oh, is it called THE WRITER'S TALE? I thought it was called something else. I've read those bits. I have read those bits.
Toby:  Over and over and over...
Gareth:  He's a producer and he loves me...No, not really. I actually, I texted him, and I said I was very grateful for um, for the very flattering words he put in his book. He said it was..."A pleasure, a pleasure. Marvelous. Really fantastic."
Toby:  We have time for a couple more. Yes, lady there.
Audience:  How would you like to see Ianto's story line wrapped up years from now?
Gareth:  How would I like to see it wrapped up? Which ep...which, which part?...Which storyline?...Which part of the story?
Audience:  Whatever.
Gareth:  His whole story line?
Audience:  Just talking about how you'd like to see his story end.
Gareth:  Yeah, um...Ianto is a Timelord...But he just doesn't know it.
Audience:  Jack's stolen his watch....Stopwatch
Toby:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  What was that? What was everyone saying?
Audience:  Stopwatch.
Gareth:  Stopwatch, yes. Absolutely... My sonic stopwatch.
Audience:  No...Chameleon Arch...Chameleon Arch.
Toby:  He doesn't watch DOCTOR WHO.
Gareth:  I do!
Toby:  Your essence would be within the stop...
Gareth:  The stopwatch, exactly. Right. Right.
Toby:  Within the if you press it quickly'll release...
Gareth:  *mimicking stopwatch*... WOO! I'm a Timelord! Anything Goes!
Toby:  Youtube, here you come...Uh...a couple more quick questions...Yes.
Audience:  Are you doing uh anything other than TORCHWOOD at the moment?
Gareth: Um yeah, I'm over here. Um yeah, um,  (indiscernible) to America. I've had a good time here. I've spent a menth...a menth? A month this summer um... and I've met a few networks and studios and they said it might be possible for me to come over and fit something in before um I start a fourth season...If there's a fourth season. And uh, sort of this is why I'm here for a couple of months really, to see if there's anything I can...And besides that, I've had an awesome holiday. I went to Lake Tahoe, snowboarding. Flew to Vegas. Don't want to spend more than three days there. You, youcome away with ringing in your ears *slot machine noises.* Um... yeah, so having an awesome holiday and you know, se, seeing if I can do other things, if you guys like me around.
Toby:  So, if there's a fourth series...We, you know, don't know if there's going to be a fourth series or not, but so does that mean you, you are in a strange sort of limbo that you can't accept work for certain times, just in case they turn around and say... Get your ass back to Cardiff?
Gareth:  Um, um no, no. There's a, there's an option on this season, and I think it's a longer option because, because it's quite a while from the time we filmed it 'til the time that it airs, so we have got a bit more time to sort of uh do what we want um...negotiate, fit things around other things. We've been given a bit more power than we have in the past because of the nature of the short season.
Toby:  Couple more? Couple more. Yes, right in there.
Audience:  If it was Ianto instead of Owen who had to die, how do you think (indiscernible.)
Gareth:  Well, Ianto wouldn't have been stupid enough to get into that nuclear reactor, first off. Eh uhhh...Molecules, bursting out with radiation all over the place?...No, thank you. Um I, I to be honest with you, I don't know. Um...there's only so much...there's only so much room you've got with a character that is sort of physically dead, who breaks his bone...who breaks bones every time he falls over and they don't fix. some point or another that character is going to become...bedridden, uh so, so I was, I was quite happy when they changed it as far as, you know, um Ianto was concerned.
Toby:  Another...Somebody...had their hand up there. Yes.
Audience:  So TORCHWOOD magazine had an interview with a costumer who mentioned that in the second series they put Ianto in brighter uh shirts and ties, to like show his extra confidence. Did you find that helped your acting actually?
Gareth:  Uh...It helped my acting in the sense that I got to choose most of the shirts and ties. Yeah, yeah and um, Ray was great. He, he'd give me, he'd give me a choice. He hung it up and see what I'd like, and I'd say, I like this, I like that, but he'd be the one ultimately that'd go, "Um no. That's rubbish Gareth." And..but, but I did have, I did have a say in what, what I got to wear. And I think it was a good move as well. It showed sort of a new vibrance in his personality, and his confidence and um, uh a piece of himself that had been developed.
Toby:  Well, with that to wrap it up I'm afraid, but before we do, because they've been a lovely bunch, haven't they? Um..yes.
Gareth:  Yes.
Toby:  Do tell... tell us something uh, the audience here today at Gallifrey, something that you've hith...that they've hitherto would not know about Gareth David-Lloyd. Astonish us with a fact.
Gareth:  That's a little bit on the spot, isn't it? Um....Jesus....Um...I've got one testicle lower than the other?
Toby:  A Gallifrey exclusive, ladies and gentlemen...A round of applause for Gareth David-Lloyd!
Gareth:  Thank you.

I'm painfully aware my punctuation is total rubbish, so please excuse.

Tomorrow I'll move on to the first parts of the Sunday session...Gareth and Kai together.
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