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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...Gareth & Kai on Sunday

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Gareth and Kai - Sunday at Gallifrey One...Part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Part 3 of 7

Apologies and...TRANSCRIPTS: Because sadly, the audio absolutely sucks.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A 1

Kai:  HELLO!...How loud is this mic?!
Gareth:  Since nobody wanted to introduce us, we thought we'd introduce ourselves.
Kai:  Hello. I'm John Barrowman.
Gareth:  And I'm Eve Myles. How's Life? How's it going? Good weekend?
Kai:  Did you have fun everyone? That's good. That's good. Good for ya.
Gareth:  Do anything romantic last night?
Audience:  Yep...No
Kai:  We got something to eat. (I think)
Gareth:  Watch your reflection?
Kai:  You know the drill. Ask us anything.
Gareth:  We're going to mic it as well. That lovely lady there...Hang on. If you've got the mic and are doing that, who's going to get us drinks?
Kai:  Two beers please. Two large, cold...
Gareth:  Large, cold beers.
Kai:  OK. Hands up everyone!...Only if do have a question.
Gareth:  If you've got a question. Anyone got a question? Hello. That lady there.
Audience:  Um how much...I realize you guys probably do a lot of ad-libbing
Gareth:  Lady with the mic.
Audience:  Sorry. I realize you guys probably do a lot of ad-libbing while filming. How much of it gets into the script...gets into the final version onscreen?
Gareth:  How does it get in there?
Audience:  No. I mean, I'm sure you guys do a lot of ad-libbing while you're filming..
Gareth:  Yeah.
Audience:  Just to joke. How much of it gets onto the screen?
Audience 2:  How much of it gets cut?
Gareth:  Most of it I think.
Kai:  Yeah. The writers are here. You've met, you've seen Phil and a few people. You, you tend not to skip the script a little bit because, because it's time you see. And it's...all continuity and stuff so...uh, yeah. You can throw a few suggestions in, say she wouldn't say that, she wouldn't say this...
Gareth:  A lot of my ad-libs got in. 
-  Mic feedback -
Kai:  Was that my stomach?
Gareth:  I'm thirsty...Hello. Hello....Next question.
Kai:  Hello.
Audience:  OK. USING CHILD APPROPRIATE, USING CHILD APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE, COULD YOU DESCRIBE ONE OF THOSE STORIES ON SET THAT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED...Using child appropriate language, can you talk about one of those stories on set that you're not supposed to talk about?...Censoring of improper words.
Gareth:  Child appropriate yeah. Goo goo ga ga ga ga goo goo ga ga goo goo...
Kai:  Once upon a time...
Gareth: There was a man with a LARGE member...
Kai:  Yes. And we get to see it
In unison - Gareth:  every day.
                     Kai:  quite a lot.
Gareth:  Another question? Lady there, with the pink arm.
Audience: Um I was wondering if you guys had read any of the books or comics or anything and what you thought of your characters in there? Were you like, "Oh. Well, I suppose he did that then."
Gareth:  I haven't actually sat down and read the books cover to cover but I don't need to. I get, I get told all the time, "Ianto's invisible, and he's a woman, and...He's, he's, and you know, he's touching everything, and he' I get the know. I think they're quite imaginative. It's a shame we don't get to do a lot of those story lines on screen.
Kai:  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I read, I read SKYPOINT, Phil Ford's (indiscernible) say that but uh yeah, that's quite a bit, good little story with Rhys and Gwen I think he sort of told Rhys...I think you gotta get told wouldn't you that Rhys in this (indiscernible) so, and Torchwood magazine. There's a couple of little stories there, isn't there? Yes. But I guess you read them. (or is it "maybe I should read them" or neither?)
Gareth:  Ooooo.
Kai:  No but no, no no. But yeah. No. Yeah.
Gareth:  Yeah. Yeah.
Kai:  No. No. Yeah. No. Fuckin' yeah.
Gareth:  Next question. Yes. That person with the arm.
Audience:  Are they ever going to get Jack to a live rugby match?
Gareth:  Ever going to get Jack to a live rugby match?...Um...I think he goes secretly anyway.
Kai:  Yeah. Thirty men. Sweaty, big strong men. I think Jack's already been there...unbeknownst to them in the old changing rooms after.
Gareth:  He only bought the long coat because of the rugby. Lady with a left arm. Yes.
Audience:  Uh, what has been each of your favorite memories from this convention so far?
Gareth:  (indiscernible) Sorry. Say that again, everybody went "awww..."
Audience:  What has been each of your favorite memory of this convention so far, or your visit in general.
Gareth:  Each other. The rugby.
Kai:  Yesterday was great. Yesterday was great. It was a good day, and we had a...and it was...and it was, it sort of lead into a good thing all around didn't it?
Gareth:  You drank...
Kai:  All day.
Gareth:  From, from kick off, which was at like nine o'clock in the morning, straight through to...bedtime, didn't you?
Kai:  Yes, I did that last night. I'm not proud of that...Well, I kind of am.
Gareth:  I think it, I think it's fucking brilliant.
Kai:  The commentaries by the way...did anyone see that yesterday? I don't remember it but I thought (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Did you talk about the show at all or...
Kai:  No, I didn't talk about the show (indiscernible)...He's gay..
Audience:  And fit.
Kai:  He is fit. He is fit.
Gareth:  Lisa, everyone! question. Yes. Lady there with the fingers.
Audience:  Uh um, will we be seeing your uh band perhaps perform at the Hub? 'Cuz that would be cool.
Gareth:  Say that again.
Audience:  Uh, uh that perhaps your band could do a cameo on a future episode of TORCHWOOD, because that would be cool.
Gareth:  Well, I gave them the CD. I said look...If you need any dark sort of uh fast moving uh, backing, use this band, they're brilliant. I haven't had a phone call yet but...
Kai:  Yes darlin'. Yeah.
Audience:  This isn't really a question, but um...
Kai:  Well, this is a question and answer session, so you just have to sit down then.
Audience:  Just really quickly. I'm probably just going to butcher this but um for...
Kai:  Sorry...We weren't listening.
Audience:  For everything you do on the show, and for coming here and being such great guests, I just want to say, diolch yn vowr.
Kai:  Awwww...that means thank you in Welsh. Then I would say, you'd say, croeso. It means you're welcome.
Gareth:  No it doesn't.
Kai:  It means tittie...No, it means you're welcome. - Welsh -  Croeso i Cymru. Welcome to Wales.
Gareth:  da iawn.
Kai:  da iawn. Very good. That's very good.
Gareth:  Hello.
Kai:  - Welsh -  Do you want sex? 
I'll wait for the microphone
Kai:  - Welsh -  I've had sex.   - Welsh -  I want sex.
Gareth:  Pechiachavna (?)*** is...Your fanny is Czech Republican

***As per hexagonmoose, who posted a comment on YouTube: "Fanny" has a different meaning in British english than American english ~ "pica je cervena (pee-chah yeh cher-ven-aah) is quite an impolite word for the vagina..."

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A 2

Gareth:  Pechiachavna (?) is...Your fanny is Czech Republican.
Audience:  So uh, favorite article of clothing from your costumes.
Gareth:  Favorite artful...?
Audience:  Article of clothing...Piece of a shirt...
Gareth:  I like um, my favorite suit um, is the one I wore in, in the third season um...
Kai:  The gray one.
Gareth:  Yeah, the gray one with the pin (indiscernible)
Kai:  That's a lovely suit that.
Gareth:  ...I think I'd been to the gym, so it was slightly cut better on me as well.
Kai:  Absofrissinlutely (at least that's what it sounds like to me)
Gareth:  There's one scene I'm walking in front of...I'm on the telephone. It's me, I'm on the telephone walking the street. You can see, you can see the shape of my *nods to his crotch*  Very impressive.
Kai:  Uh um Rhys' costumes just a , we...There was a comfy sweatshirt once, I remember...A bla...there was a black one, and then uh there's a blue one, and they're both from The Gap, and they were quite comfy...Yeah. And I'll tell you in this third series...
Gareth:  Your clothes are rubbish, aren't they?
Kai:  In this third series, I got my own pair of Converse trainers. (indiscernible) oh, they were horrible. They were a nightmare to get uncomfortable.
Gareth:  Well, the first two seasons I had shoes everywhere, and like the character started to venture out on missions more the second season uh, over rocks and uh derelict, derelict field besides Army training grounds, and I still had these little piddly thin shoes I was wearing, and like it started to fell like I was walking on hot coals after a while, because I was running and it was horrible. So eventually in series three, I got a pair of boots but they were still, still quite slim fitted, but had a nice pair of thick soles um on the bottoms, so my feet were better....That was boring.
Kai:  Important: Thick soles.
Gareth:  *sings* You need soul.
Kai:  Yes my friend. Go on. Stand up!
Audience:  Um, there are...
Mic Lady:  That's OK. I was gonna start picking people out of the audience, so I could be there before..
Gareth:  Oh, you want to do it.
Kai:  Oh, you do it. You do it darlin'...You're the one that's doing it..
Audience:  This is mainly a question for Gareth. Um, there are CRAZY rumors going around online, saying that Ianto is going to die in season three. But on Friday you said that you were here in LA looking for work between series, so can we take that as a confirmation that Ianto...
Gareth:  Your attention to detail is AWESOME!
Audience:  That Ianto will indeed be in series four of TORCHWOOD, if and when that happens?
Gareth:  Uh, you'll just have to watch the uh, show really won't you?
Kai:  We don't know if any of us is going to be in season four.
Gareth:  Yeah, exactly. It might just end if you don't watch it.
Kai:  Watch it.
Gareth:  Fortunately, the more people watch it, the more characters we'll bring back to life. Who's next?
Audience: Helloo.
Gareth & Kai: 
So um, this question if for Kai, and then I have a request. If Rhys was a Timelord, what kind of Timelord do you think he'd be? And both of you have lovely singing voices, could you sing us a song?
Kai:  Um...Aww, I sung the other night. Very drunk.
Gareth:  What about the Timelord question? What type of Timelord? If...he'd, he'd wear a Welsh rugby shirt wouldn't he...
Kai:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. He'd, he'd have a sport top on with jeans, and uh just a pair of trainers you know, and uh
Audience: Long scarf?
Kai:  No, no. A lit...a little baseball cap maybe.
Gareth:  Yeah. A Welsh scarf.
Kai:  Yeah, yeah. He'd be covered in Welsh. (indiscernible) uh yeah. I don't really think he'd be a very good Timelord but may, maybe just for one day he'd um, he'd um just borrow Jack's clothes to (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Are you going to sing Hymns and Arias as well?
Kai:  Did the other night.
Gareth:  You did, did you? Well come on then. He already did it once, Jesus.
Kai:  And I sang the Welsh National Anthem, and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John.
Gareth:  See. He's given (indiscernible) He doesn't need to sing again.
Audience:  Sing "Glory Box" Gareth.
Gareth:  (indiscernible) and I haven't sung anything. No. Next question.
Audience:  Hello....Hi
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  So this one is for Kai. Um, in, in the last season um, Rhys was really Gwen's second choice um, but we've seen...
Whole Audience:  No he wasn't!...NO!...Boo!
Gareth:  He didn't know.
Audience:  OK. For all the point I was going was...we had really seen that she actually really loved him a lit in the wedding episode, and also in the first season when he nearly died, we did see a lot of that um. Now, you can't tell us what happens in season three but can we expect to see more of the caring?
Kai: more caring actually yeah. Uh because um yeah because they need to keep each other safe, so yeah. Lots of caring and lots of love. Definitely.
Gareth:  You're in a lot (indiscernible)
Kai:  Yeah. Quite a bit. Rhys and Gwen together all the way through this.
Gareth:  That last question about are there new members of the team and more than anyone else, and any of the new faces in it, that Rhys is definitely.
That is true. That is true.
Audience:  Hi. This is a question for Kai.
Gareth:  Aww. You're getting all of them tonight.
Audience:  How did you like being naked?
Kai:  I had no problem with it at all. It was fine. It's just that's it, you know. Um, I felt sorry for the other people really. Poor Eve you know, see my bare cheeks but uh but. Yeah.
Gareth:  You don't like making  the crew jealous, do you?
Kai:  No, no it was fine. It's, it's quite fun actually. It's, it's, it's a laugh and it's all done in a, you know, good way. Um I wasn't a...was I naked in season two as well?
Gareth:  I think we've seen your ass a couple of times.
Kai:  Yeah um, and I think that...I'm not naked in the beginning of season three um, there's a bit of flesh for Rhys but not naked, only a bit of flesh.
Audience:  Hi um. Question for Kai.
Kai:  Just a minute...he's (indiscernible) here. Hi darling.
Audience Hi there. Well, it seems like uh Rhys is really becoming an integr...integral part of um Torchwood this year, it felt especially in uh season three uh, so I was just wondering um, if we do get a season four, uh where would you like to see Rhys going um, in terms of character development or...
Kai:  Yeah um, I, I mean it's sort of been very lucky to get, to be involved as, as much with the team in season three. He doesn't  really become a member of the team, but uh he, he does get caught up in it, so I think, for as long as Gwen's there, for as long as Gwen's doing this dangerous job, Rhys will always end up getting caught up in things because he wants Gwen safe because he loves her so much. So I think he'd probably...I'd probably, just explore more of that really, I think to see whether Rhys becomes more of, more of a protector. But he kind of understands, he kind of trusts her and he...Jack, with Jack there as well, she's actually...He does, he does understand that Jack wants her safe as well, you know so whether, whether you know, there'll be of that if there's a season four, I don't know.
Audience:  Have either of you done uh...Have either of you acted in shows so effects laden as TORCHWOOD...
Gareth:  WHERE ARE YOU?! Hello.
Audience:  I wonder if either of you have acted in shows as effects laden as TORCHWOOD before, and how does that effect your acting?
Gareth:  As what? Sorry. As...
Audience:  Shows as effects laden. Special effects shows.
Gareth:  Right. No.
Kai:  No, no, no not at all in fact. I mean uh the gadgets, the science fiction, all the green screen work, all that stuff. No, not at all.
Gareth:  DOCTOR WHO. That counts. But no, nothing else.
Kai:  No, no that's really exciting when you see that the special effects guys are doing like the explosions, and uh the green screens all that. That's good but, no, nothing else.
Gareth:  It's like Jurassic Park in Wales, isn't it?
Kai:  Yes...

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q & A 3

Gareth:  It's like Jurassic Park in Wales, isn't it?
Kai:  Yes...Hi ya.
Audience:  So I've read recently uh, an analysis of body language in TORCHWOOD. It was online. And it made me curious...(indiscernible) and I was curious, when it comes to body language and things like going in and out of other people's personal space, how much of it is actually instructed in the script or by the director, and how much uh, do you bring to it as the actors?
Gareth:  How much do we drink as actors to get....? So um, let me, let me get this question. It's quite complicated, but I think I've got it.'ve, you've read something about body language, and you see a lot of that evident in the show that sort of speaks vol, speaks volumes about what the character is thinking.
Audience:  Yeah. How much of that is instructed, and how much of it is....
Gareth:  It is pretty much us, isn't it?
Kai:  Yeah. I think so. I think if you, you know, you're acting with somebody, you, you try and portray that, that Rhys loves Gwen, so you try and act as naturally as you would with, with the person you love, so isn't that it really, you know?
Gareth:  It's is, it is, yeah. For an actor there is something you know what's going on in the scene and um, for instance um if someone's nervous because they're impressed with someone they found attractive, and the, the best way to play that would be to do whatever you can to not let that person know that you're nervous, and playing that, playing the opposite of what you're playing, you know. It's like when you cry. You try not to cry, don't you. Or you won't be able to cry.
Kai:  Absolutely, yeah.
Gareth:  And then convince yourself not to, So I think, I think the body language comes out of that. As long as you know what's going on, you're, you're honest with yourself and honest with the scene, and truthful then...
Kai:  You're (indiscernible) comes naturally there.
Gareth:  The body language takes care of itself in the end. You don't really have to do anything. Next question.
Audience:  Hi. Question for Gareth, um..
Gareth:  Haaay!
Audience:  Um, in KISS KISS, BANG BANG there is an instance where Capt. John offered the team an orgy, the possibility of an orgy, then Ianto has the gang trained on him and kind of ponders it for a minute. Was that in the script, or was that your own doing, and also what do you think Ianto's opinion of Capt. John is?
Gareth: It wasn't in the script, no. That was a little look, lip that was, you know, and I don't know...yeah. I, I think he's...Ianto's just becoming introduced to the ways of, you know, sleep with anyone you want, and uh, you know, I think he's probably a little bit dirty deep down inside there, and he probably uh, likes the idea for a second, then realizes his life's in danger and gets back to what's going on.
Audience:  Um, I was wondering about how um felt about, well Gareth...How you felt about um Ianto's relationship, how it um, changed from season one to season two with Capt. Jack because I may be stupid, but I didn't really see it. He was so devoted to Lisa, and all of a sudden it like switched, and I didn't quite...How did you feel? Do you see that coming, or was that a shock to you or was that a gradual thing that you, you...
Gareth:  You're not stupid darling, you're just innocent. Um...I, well I think Ianto was shagging Jack know, while Lisa was in the basement, you know, just to keep his um, you know...I think he was doing it originally because he knew Capt. Jack fancied him, he was using that as a sort of in the FRAGMENTS episode, that using his charm to (indiscernible). Then it turned into something else but, you know, he was doing it for Lisa and but it all...when the big reveal happened and, you know, Lisa died and everything, um he realized that was all he had left, and that, you know. Um, I think that's why Capt. Jack forgives him because I think um he thought, he thought it was just what he was doing for Lisa, real feelings grew and developed and that's what Capt. Jack recognized and uh, allowed him to keep him on.
Audience:  Hi uh. Question for Gareth too....Down here.
Gareth:  Hey.
Audience:  Kind of along those same lines...Once you got the job as Ianto, when did the writers...when were you let know that you were going to eventually become the main love interest of the main character? And how, as an actor, did you feel about that?
Gareth:  Uh it was about, about two or three weeks after finishing Cybergirl. I mean, I knew the flirtation was there, and I knew there was something going, and Ianto had been using his um, you know, using sex appeal to curry favor. Um, but... they told me about two weeks after we finished filming Cybergirl that, that they were going to develop the relationship and basically thought it an interesting additon to the show, and I agreed. I thought it was a great idea. And that's from what I was just saying, that all he had left after Lisa was Jack and Torchwood.
Audience:  Hello.
Kai & Gareth:  Hello
Audience:  Um, SOMETHING BORROWED was a fantastic episode (indiscernible)
Kai:  You're welcome
Audience:  (indiscernible) I never realized so many of the other people were
Gareth:  You did actually say that?
Audience:  Oh, he did.
Gareth: ...He's gay...He's gay...He's gay...
Audience:  So we're sensing a theme here. Um...continuing the question's for Gareth, since Kai, you kind of had your share of the first ones...
Kai:  No problems at all.
Gareth:  I'm getting a lot of them, aren't I? He's (indiscernible)
Kai:  It's OK  I think. It's OK...No, it is. It's fine!
Audience:  More drinking time.
Audience 2:  You OK?
Kai: Yes.
Gareth:  He'll get over it.
Audience:  I just wanted to know what your thought process was, dealing with Ianto watching Gwen and Jack, since they very clearly had an attraction, and although it seemed to culminate in Gwen making her final choice in SOMETHING BORROWED, um what was your thought process as far as what Ianto was going through during the episode, particularly when he cut in on Gwen and Jack dancing?
Gareth:  Um, well I think if...the possibility of Eve joining uh Jack in some type of sexual... excursion, he probably, you know, he probably thought ...Hey sweet, fresh meat. No, in all I,  I think he, he knows, he knows that attraction is there but it's different I think um, it's more I think, it's more of a family (indiscernible) by the time we get to the end of season two, so I don't think they really think in those jealousy terms as far as the team and so. It can, it can be quite, you know, horrible as, as a viewer when I watch, when she's sweet talking Jack when Rhys is at home, and think "What a bitch." But yeah... I think it's things, out of that character's control and maybe I should sympathize with the character for, you know she doesn't, she's just and when people get when their world's torn into sections like that, it's you know, it's really difficult and hard, but as far as within uh the team, I don't think there's any sort of jealousy there. It's, it's all it's a different, different card game.
Audience:  Um, if you were each gonna write one episode, what would your plot be, and what would you do with each of the characters?
Gareth:  Do you all want me to say it again?
Audience:  Yes! Um yeah. Ianto feels betrayed in some way, perhaps he's feeling left out, um on one of the mission maybe, or maybe they didn't agree with one of his ideas, and it all goes wrong. So, in, in, his spite he, know the new greenhouse room they've got from season two, they've got all the plants there, something from there that's hallucinogenic, that he discovers, and he spikes their coffee. He spikes all their coffee. Now the whole episode is, and, and the viewers wouldn't know either whether, whether it was um, a dream or not, but they um...all the characters would start having these mad hallucinations like uh, the dragon on the wall coming to life and trying to get them, and things like that, and they'd all just go topsy turvy and then at the end of the episode they find out it's just a trick that Ianto had played on everyone and ...the never know...they never know it was him (indiscernible)...Good idea or no?
Audience:  Just slip 'em a mickey in their drinks and try to (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Slip a what in their drinks? A mickey? Is that like Rohypnol? It is Rohypnol. Got loads of that. Joking...joking...*to Kai*  Drink...drink

More tomorrow...Parts 4 & 5

And finally...
Yes, I know it's rubbish, so please forgive my HORRIDLY inconsistent, and surely incorrect punctuation.
Thank you. :-)
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