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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...Gareth & Kai Sunday Q & A....the Last Bits

Last of the Gareth & Kai Sunday  Q & A Transcripts...Videos first...

Part 4 of 7

Part 5 of 7

Part 6 of 7

Part 7 of 7

Transcripts ahead...

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A Part 4 of 7

Gareth:  Drink...drink...drink...drink...drink
Kai:  I think what...
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Kai: I think that Naoko had a good idea when she said a musical episode. Would be quite fun.
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Kai:  (indiscernible)  but yeah, then I think where this guy comes into Torchwood and he, he kind of...makes people think differently. His name is Adam, right? And...
Gareth:  No, no. That's one very...
Kai:  Yeah.
Gareth:  He changes everyone's minds.
Kai:  Change everyone's minds, yeah.
Gareth:  That's a bit like my idea re...
Kai:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  (indiscernible) I like it though. I'd look at that.
Kai:  I've no idea. I have no idea to be honest. There is so much you can do that's another thing...
Gareth:  Ianto is a murderer!
Kai:  Yes! Ianto thinks he's (indiscernible) people.
Gareth:  Yeah.
Kai:  I think maybe one with like role reversal, so, so Rhys plays Capt. Jack, Gwen's Ianto and all that sort of thing.
Gareth:  Body Swap!
Kai:  Body Swap. Yeah. That, That would be quite a bit of fun, and Jack's Rhys, you know what I mean.
Gareth:  I'd love to see him do that.
Kai:    Oh yeah.
Gareth:  You see, he can't do the accent, can he?
Kai:  Oh, he's hopeless!
Gareth:  Hopeless.
Kai:  Do real Welsh? Oh yeah.
Gareth:  A real Welsh accent...
Kai:  MyfanWAY
Gareth:  MyfanWEEE!
Kai:  Body Swap. That's my idea, yeah. Body Swap.  Tiki tiki tiki. Tiki tiki tiki.
Gareth:  Bugabugabagaa. Bugabugabugaa.
Kai:  Cool. Hi darling.
Audience:  OK, so we know from ADAM that Ianto keeps a diary, and that he writes about everything.
Gareth:  Are you filming me?
Audience:  Yes, I am.
Gareth:  Yeah, you are filing me, and asking a question. You're using a camera and microphone at the same time. Brilliant.
Kai:  Multitasking.
Audience:  So we know he writes about obscure artifacts that come through the rift, and clearly about Captain Jack. What else do you think is actually in that diary?
Gareth:  Other pages...Um I think, I think it's a lot of his personal thoughts probably. Um and more of the...more of, I, I, don't think he puts his heart and soul into his diary though. I think he's probably got another diary (indiscernible) his work diary, and it's got things like "must press Capt Jack's shirts. Must remove stains from pants..." Did I just say that? Stains from other things...not pants. Um yeah. No, I think he has a work diary and I think he just, yeah...his, his real secret diary at home could be anything...anything. Use your imagination.
Audience:  If you could be anything besides an actor, what would it be?
Gareth:  Astronaut...wherever you are.
Kai:  I'd be a...without a doubt I'd be a football player, a soccer player. I'd love to do that.
Gareth:  Rubbish....Astronaut - go to the moon. Football player - go to Brazil. Ooooo.
Kai:  I would like, I, I...
Gareth: Marry a twat. Oooo. I didn't mean that uh...
Kai:  No, I like to do anything to do with sports.
Audience: Um, over here. Um...What aspect of your character is most like you, and what is most unlike you?
Kai:  Uh...We both love food. And unlike me,, I think Rhys probably (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Uh, similarities...Probably we're both a little insecure and sort of put up uh, exteriors. Um...Me not quite as dramatically as Ianto. And unlike is sort of...uh... numbers, memory, logistics, remembering where you put things. I am rubbish. I will put my wallet in my pocket and go "Where'd I put my wallet?"...That might be the *pot*  But um, yeah and yeah. He's, his brain is sort of focused and photographic memory and logistics, and remembering numbers, facts and figures, remembering information that he's read in books and yeah, that's probably it, that's most unlike us... either of us.
Audience:  Hi this, this comment is for Gareth. In genre television there really isn't very many examples of gay male relationships, and I wanted to thank you for contributing to a very positive one.
Gareth:  That's alright. No problem. There's no, there's no (indiscernible) um...I speak to John about it sometimes, he said that, you know,  I'm of a...a generation now, uh thankfully, that you know, doesn't see um, gay/straight issues as issues. And don't see the relevance in any type of conversation I have just... because I wasn't alive really when uh...I never witnessed a lot of, you know, homophobia when I was younger. It just, just is sort of, you know, fact, you know and um the fact that people do see the show as sort of a brave, brave...another brave attempt, other shows have been, of bringing gay relationships into the limelight without sort of being uh, cerebral about them...them just being there, is lovely, is really nice. But um, like I said, it's not really an issue, is it?
Kai:  No. Not at all. Not a tiny bit.
Gareth:  Fucking what?  They are big aren't they, from snowboarding. I went snowboarding. They just pump right up.
Audience:  Hi. This question is for Gareth. As much as it's not an issue, the whole gay thing, I was wondering if your friends had anything...
Gareth:  It's not an issue alright!
Kai:  Let it go!
Gareth:  Let it go!
Audience: ...if your friends had any opinions when the Jack/Ianto thing started? If they picked on you at all?
Gareth:  Did they pick on me?
Audience:  Yes.
Gareth:  Uh no. I mean there was friendly banter. Not my co...not my band mates, and everything. They just said to me, you know, there's no issue. But there are regulars in the pub that I go to, um they don't have, they don't have an issue with it, but they just think it's funny. So when I walk in, as I walk past, and I don't think anyone has seen me, as I walk past, their backs are lined up against the bar and go *kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss* They think that's funny, but nothing more than that.
Audience:  Uh, I just wanted to ask you, what's the one thing you haven't gotten a chance to do as your character, that you would like to do in a future episode?
Gareth:  Ride a panda.
Kai:  Uh... Have sex with Capt. Jack.
Gareth:  Ride a Yankee.
Audience:  Done it.
Did you say you've done it?
Did you ride a panda?
Gareth:  Was it fast? I was a bit worried. They look like they can move, those things.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A  Part 5 of 7

Audience: Hi guys. I'm here again. This is for Gareth.
Gareth:  Hi.
Audience:  I noticed that Ianto and Martha had like an instant BFF forever, you know, bond going...
Gareth:  Ianto and?
Audience:  Ianto and Martha. And I was wondering how much of that was in the script and how much of it was...How did one of the cast members put it? She's really... hot?
Gareth:  Whether? Sorry, but we had an instant rapport, at least you think, and uh, is it because it was in the script or because I think she's really hot? It, it's actually written afterwards because um after the writers read the script or saw some rushes, and thought Martha's a new member of this team but her and Ianto haven't interacted at all. So I think that scene where we're, they're gossiping and they're talking about the, um the beret...he's he, but he's telling her what to do, he's telling her what she has to do, as they get a plan and then, and then they start gossiping like a couple of girls, and I think that's the relationship. I don't think it's an attraction. I think it's like I found someone I can... easy to gossip with and Freema plays Martha sweet and lovely, and I think one of the first times Ianto feels comfortable about, you know, telling his little secrets to her, where he hasn't really had anyone before...a sisterly relationship. I think...*audience laughs*...What's so funny about that?
Kai:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  (indiscernible) I thought it was a good answer.
Kai:  Yeah.
Audience:  It was...Good answer.
Gareth:  Yeah, so yeah... She is hot, but you know, Ianto's smitten with Jack, so I think it's just gossipy, girly relationship they have and yeah. Anyone else?
Audience:  Has the uh...over here...Has the major cast changes at the end of the previous series impacted the working environment on the show this time around?
Gareth:  Um...We've lost, we've lost two characters and we're very sad about it, and when we come back to the show in season three you'll see the ca..the characters within the show are still suffering, are still,  um healing, are still interviewing uh, new people to join the team. The same as the actors really, we were missing them filming and there, there was a piece missing, you know, which a...
Kai:  There's definitely a different energy, you know, uh (indiscernible)  It's um, yeah.
Gareth:  Yeah, I mean uh, as the actors being, the actors missing Naoko and Burn, it really helped the performances of the characters missing Toshiko and Owen.
Kai:  Yeah. That's very true.
Gareth:  Are you just going to agree with everything I say?
Kai:  No.
Audience:  Hi...Back here...Bing!
Gareth & Kai:  Hello.
Audience:  Hi. Um the last episode of DOCTOR WHO over here um, with David Tennant, uh, they had all the, the spin-offs, the TORCHWOOD, the SARAH JANE um, all together. Are you guys gonna have another one where you and the Doctor get back together again to do something? Have you seen it in the scripts or anything yet?
Gareth:  Um...I do that if they make me a Timelord, yeah.
Audience:  Stopwatch.
Gareth:  My soul's in the stopwatch.
Kai:  That'd be great. Love Doctor Who. Be cool wouldn't it?
Gareth:  Are you, are you...You're not trying very hard, are you?
Kai:  (indiscernible)
OK, you finished it.
Yeah. I finished it.
Gareth:  (indiscernible)... Drink...
Audience: What?
Kai:  No, Doctor Who couldn't be a better show. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who. I watch, you know, I watch is as a fan. And I loved it when these guys were in it.  I was jealous because Gwen was on the phone with Rhys at the beginning of it. I would have loved to play... I mean who wouldn't...
Gareth:  You'd earn some money for that as well.
Kai:  Yeah. Great, great show. Who wouldn't want to be a part of it, you know.
Gareth:  Weren't you on the other end of the phone when she was...
Kai:  Nooo.
Gareth:  Could've given you a days work, couldn't they...
Audience:  Um, I had a question for you, um probably more for Kai, but uh in ADAM, Rhys sees Adam but they never wiped his memory. Will we ever see anything Rhys maybe cluing in why Adam isn't there, and then the team remembering Adam?
Gareth:  You've seen Adam and they didn't wipe your memory...but I think for Rhys it's like you, Adam would just...I'm asking...I'm answering your question...What a wanker.
Kai:  I think (indiscernible) I think Gwen would have told, Gwen would have told Rhys probably what, what's happened. Rhys' main problem was looking after Gwen, trying to get her memory back, I think because he does actually say, "Who the hell are you at one point, to Adam...I mean he just goes with the flow in this crazy world that they've uh, that they've created. So as a commentary there, we shot ADAM the very first block of filming in season two and it wasn't 'til later on in that filming...of the shooting, that we did MEAT. So I didn't know, you know about MEAT ...I knew that Rhys was going to find out, but I didn't know how much, or what sort of thing, so it made, it made it a little bit good for me.
Gareth:  And you did it just fine.
Kai:  Yeah. I loved ADAM. Good episode, isn't it? Good episode. Good episode. Hello.
Audience:  So um...with TORCHWOOD'S uh rise from BBC3, and gaining popularity, to BBC2 and now the season three on BBC1, how has that effected you personally...I mean just uh with the rise in popularity.
Gareth:  Well, I was over the moon when I got a regular role in a TV show anyway. It could be on BBC1, BBC2, 3 or (indiscernible) 5, it doesn't matter. It was so, I, I, you know it hasn't gotten more nerve racking for me, you know, as we climbed the channels as it were. I didn't even realize there was that much prestige in being on number 1 um, so it hasn't really affected me that much. I've become more comfortable having the experience and practice and you know, um being on a set, playing a character, I've got more comfortable, more sort of (indiscernible) about it.
Kai:  It may, it may generate a few more audience members, being on BBC1, but the people who were fans, I think have watched the whole, watched from the beginning anyway, so I think regardless of what channel it's on, it's going to do awesome, and they're advertising quite well. I think for CHILDREN they'll, they'll really push even more I think so...uh, you know, we'll get a few more numbers, but again like Gareth said...
Gareth:  But it's you guys that matter really.
Kai:  Yeah, as I said yesterday, you guys have gotta stick with it, so if it's on BBC3 great. It's a great job to do regardless of what channel it's on.
Audience:  Hello
Gareth:  Hello
Audience:  Hi. When you develop your characters, this is for both of you, do you... create some kind of like a back story or a secret life that maybe...doesn't make it into the show at all but it (indiscernible) for you? And if you do that, and I hope you do...What secret hobbies do Ianto and Rhys have?
Kai:  Yeah, I mean, you don't really...I, I didn't really know how much I was going to be involved in TORCHWOOD through the season. We seemed to have (indiscernible) in the first three episodes or so, I didn't really think of a back sorty much. I just thought I'll go with the flow. But as it's gone on, they, the writers are so good, you learn more and more about the characters doing that. And more about the emotional human element of the characters, their heart and the emotional side of them. Of course then you know, when it came to Phil writing "Something Borrowed," you met Rhys' parents, so it was a...I kind of know now where Rhys is from and I can picture my mom, (indiscernible) my mom, I can picture my dad, uh and I think Rhys is a secret poker player who gambles a...
Gareth:  Did you just take mine? I was gonna say poker. I think that there's a secret thing...
Kai:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ianto and Rhys play poker together.
Gareth:  Alright you (indiscernible)  your trousers mate.
Kai:  Strip poker...yeah.
Gareth:  Um yeah, I'm, I'm, I think I've said before that I was quite lucky in a sense that the back story that I've uh vaguely drawn uh out for Ianto was very similar to what eventually happened in the back story lines. Um, as far as hobby goes, I'd say poker...backgammon...chess...
Kai:  Yes.
Gareth:  Pornography.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A Part 6 of 7

Mic Lady:  (indiscernible) silence.
Audience:  Uh alright, you've already talked a little about the special effects and how you've had to deal with the green screen and everything. When you guys were shooting, have there ever been any scenes where it was just so hard for you to picture what you were trying to make, that made it hard for you to actually get through the scene, or...and conversely to follow up with yesterday's uh live commentary, a scene where somebody was cracking up, was laughing too much to get through those scenes? Just memories of those scenes that were really, really hard just to get through, for either technical or um, um inability...
Gareth:  Immature reasons.
Kai:  A yeah, a...for me, I have...there is a bit of corpsing going on on the set, you know, which is when we're laughing and having a really hard time trying to keep a straight face. You kind of, you kind of get it together after a little while. But I think one of the most difficult things I did was to picture the whale in, in MEAT.
Gareth:  IT'S HUGE!
Kai:  And it's, it's...a guy called Barney is there with balls, isn't he?
Gareth: * singing*  Barney and his magic balls
Gareth & Kai:  *singing*   Barney and his magic balls
Gareth:  Barney and ....We sing this song every time. He's a CGI guy and he brings, he brings a matte gray ball, just to see how the light is being reflected in the shot and, and it's sort of a bright ball. But he's got these two big balls, so we always used to sing the song, "Barney and His Magic Balls."
Kai:  (indiscernible)  Where is this thing's eye, I mean big is this things eye? Then they show you a piece, they show you a drawing on a piece of A4 paper. Oh, that's it there, yeah but aww it's so, not so (indiscernible) sometimes.
Gareth:  Yeah.
Kai:  And Burn...HA! Having to inject it with a big needle...That was amazing.  (indiscernible) on screen.
Gareth:  I remember, I remember Burn going, "Look at the size of this! What *the fuck* am I supposed to do with this?"  But happily it all worked out right in the end.  I don't know (indiscernible)
Audience:  This is a question for both of you, uh. What's your working relationship like, because you don't have a lot of screen time together.
Gareth:  Pretty much the same, isn't it?
Kai:  Yeah. I mean yeah, I mean I, I don't...
Gareth:  Except we're not drunk when we're working.
Kai:  I, I think toward the end of season two I got a lot more...I, I was at the hub more, I was in, coming out with the guys a lot, lot more, which is, which is great. Always say hello, always feeling really welcome, you know, from the getgo of season one. We meet at the read throughs, always ask how's it going, have coffee and stuff like that, but I mean it's been, from my point of view, it's been a joy through the end of season two and especially this uh past uh shoot now, just to be around them and do scenes with them in the Hub and everything has been brilliant. They're great guys to work with, so.
Gareth:  Thanks. We are. You're alright yourself.
Gareth:  Kai Owen, ladies and gentlemen.
Audience:  Which do you prefer, location shooting or studio shooting, and why?
Gareth:  Location every time I think. Uh because in studio, you always go back there. Location is always new, so it's sort, it's sort of fresh, but in studio...You're in awe of the studio because that set is stunning, and they change it all the time. it's great, but after a couple of day it just gets a little...the walls starting to close in when you've been in there for twelve hours, so it's nice to film our shots outside on location and it's always a brand new place. That's what it is! You could either be in the Brecon Beacons or inside an industrial warehouse which you get the same, so...but on location. That's it.
Kai:  Yeah, I mean, I mean, I couldn't... I mean in season one all was in, was in bloody Rhys and Gwen's flat um you know. So I couldn't wait to kind of get out and, you know, filming in and around Cardiff, it's amazing, you know. Just to be able to be (indiscernible) in the city filming, in the streets or anywhere (indiscernible) So that definitely outside it's great fun now.
Audience:  TORCHWOOD here is actually bringing you to fans who have never seen DOCTOR WHO, but they watch TORCHWOOD. Were you surprised when you found out you had this huge following in America um, you know, outside of just DOCTOR WHO fans?
Gareth:  I think everyone was blown away. The producers went over when we filmed the second season, I think it was f...for...uh, San Diego Comic Con two years ago, and, and  I think it was before it, it even aired over here, there was, there was just standing room only for the panel, and the people dressed up as the characters. I mean it's...the producers didn't have a clue, and they were blown away. And they came home and told us, and it's like, "WHAT?" They said, It hasn't even aired over there yet, so yeah.
Kai:  I was filming a scene, I was filming a scene with Eve in uh I think it was two units, and John was doing something else..Oh, that's right, it was having photos taken when he did, is it the WWI or WWII outfit dressed as a soldier and so he...
Gareth:  He's that in every episode.
Kai:  No, he was a marine or something, I can't remember what it was...Sorry?
Audience:  WWI
Kai: That's it, yeah. (indiscernible) And me and Eve were doing a scene but taking a break between takes and he came in going uh TORCHWOOD is the highest rated show on BBCAmerica. And we just The highest rated show? We were like really? I can't believe it. Really, we went over the moon, didn't we?
Gareth:  Awesome. Brilliant.
Kai:  USA! USA! USA!
Gareth:  WAAAAY  OOOH!
Audience:  They're here today. Those cosplayers, that, that same group.
Gareth:  They're over there. They're our friends, we've...
Kai:  I snogged uh Gwen last night.
Gareth:  I sno, snogged Capt. Jack the other night.
Audience:  Tosh!
Kai:  Yeah, we did most of them.
Gareth:  Every, everyone's done Tosh. *audience laugh* (indiscernible)
Audience:  Got a question for Kai. Any word on a Rhys action figure?
Kai:  I can confirm that there will be a Rhys action figure. Gareth David-Lloyd, ladies and gentlemen.
Gareth:  I learned we're going to be finished in three minutes, so I'm gonna hold it n.
Kai:  OK. Come on then. Let's get some quick questions in.
Audience:  (to Gareth) Just go behind the couch.
Gareth:  (after pretending to piss in his bottle)  Drink?
Kai:  Go in the box. (looking at his beer bottle) I knew it!

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q&A Part 7 of 7

Kai:  Let's have a quickfire round.
Audience:  Hi Kai...I'm from New Zealand.
Kai:  Hi ya man.
Audience:  How are you? In New Zealand the Maury word for food, is kai.
Kai:  Yes.
Audience:  What's your favorite food?
Gareth:  Kai.
Kai:  In some language it mean chicken I think as well....So, my favorite food, um god christ, I mean I love food. I love to cook. It's a big hobby of mine. I, I um I do like spicy food, I do like Indian curries and food like that.
Gareth:  Oh yeah...Yes.
Kai:  (indiscernible)  very good and there's of course, you know, there's always a good pizza, and the traditional Sunday, Sunday roast um...That's, that's always good. Mam's, mam's cooking is good. A curry I think, yeah. Oh, I love curry....excuse me.
Gareth:  Curry. Chile. I was going to say the same's lovely curry, chile, anything...anything that's got a kick up it's ass really.
Kai: Yeah.
Gareth:  Sunday roast.
Kai:  Yes, oh, oh yes.
Gareth:  (indiscernible) Yorkshire pudding...stuffing...awwww
Kai:  Yeah, and a nice glass of red.
Gareth:  Nothing quite like a good stuffing.
Kai:  Yes. Love a good roast.
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Kai:  A spit roast. Quickfire round.
Mic lady:  I'm afraid this is probably going to be the last question.
Kai:  Nooo. Don't, don't worry about it. We can run over.
Audience:  I have a  (indiscernible) question also, but this question is for Kai. You said you like to cook. Is that actually part of Rhys'...He seems to always cook for Gwen. Is that you or is that just the writers?
Kai: I mean, I think the writers wrote that in the first stages to show the normality of Rhys, you know, day at work, waiting at home being that he was the house husband uh. It's a lot me, but that part is very similar. There was a question, "What's similar" and I said we both like food. I, I like, there's nothing I like better than uh than cooking a meal for my friends or, you know, my fiance back home. She uh, she's, she's been out working for the day and I may have got time on my hands. I love  -mic cuts out-  cooking a meal.
Gareth:  Ooooooh!
Kai:  I love cooking a meal for yeah. This is really cutting out. Yeah. Does that answer your question?
Audience:  Yeah.
Kai:  Cool.
Gareth:  OK. Mack the mic.
Kai:  It's wet.
Gareth:  I've been dribbling on it.
Kai:  Thinking of a Sunday roast.
Gareth:  I know.
Kai:  Oh man.
Gareth:  Is that it? Are we done?
Mic lady:  (indiscernible)
Audience:  Thank you.
Gareth:  Yours is gone now?
Kai:  You're not fucking with us! Hey!
Audience:  One more question, for the group. Would you come back to Gallifrey if you were asked?
Kai:  You asking?
Audience:  Applause....screams...cheers...
Kai:  I would be happy to come over and see you again, and you gotta come over to see us at a convention in the UK. Great events back home. (indiscernible) You'll have a great time.
Gareth:  Yeah, and like listen to my band, and like give it to people.
Kai:  Yeah. Go online, go online to our websites. (indiscernible) know if you're coming over to the conventions in the UK....
Gareth:  If we get a tour over here, then I'll bring him over as the support act.
Kai:  Yeah. And definitely come to the UK as well. You'll have a great time. It would be lovely to see you. And, on my part, for my part we've all had a great weekend with you guys. Been fantastic. Thank all of you so much.
Gareth:  Thank you. Good day.

Next up....Gareth and Kai's Friday Q & A Parts 1 thru 3

Once again...pardon the ridiculously bad punctuation, and I'll take any help with the "indiscernibles" that I can get. Thanks!
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