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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...Gareth & Kai FRIDAY First Q & A of the Weekend

Perhaps I'm just daffy from doing these transcripts for the last week or so, but today I'm making a prediction...

Based solely on what I've gleaned from watching and listening intently to these videos...shared glances...body language...little asides and gestures...use of past tense...I'd go ALL IN that Rhys WILL NOT make it to series four...assuming there is a series four...which there gawddamn well better be. OR...I'm just completely full of shite. Which is indeed the more likely scenario. (Will be interesting to see if I'm right though). :-)

On with the more interesting stuff...

Gareth & Kai at Gallifrey One...the Friday Q & A

Part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Part 3 of 7

TRANSCRIPTS...Use them. I had NO idea how much I'd missed, until now.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Friday Q & A Part 1

Kai:  Tomorrow is Wales day in LA, OK?
Gareth:  Have we got any English...English people here?
Audience:  WOOOO!
Kai:  Get out!
Gareth:  You watching the rugby? We're gonna FUCK YOU UP!
Kai:  You're going down, my friend!
Audience:  It's the right season for whales, they're just off the coast.
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Kai:  Yeah, but  a little different kind of whale watching.
Gareth:  Next question. Hello.
Audience:  Hey uh...John Barrowman has said that there's a lot of him in Capt. Jack but, you know, when it comes to Ianto, you are he are quite a bit different...
Gareth:  There's a lot of him in Ianto as well. Sorry...I've taken the level straight down already.
Kai:  It's going to get worse even.
Gareth:  Much worse.
Audience:  So what do you and Ianto have in common?
Gareth:, I've been asked that before, I'm sure I
Audience:  You're Welsh.
Gareth:  Yeah, we're Welsh...Thank you. Good save. Uh, probably um, um...the way we look at the world I think. We see everything from slightly different angles, and in humorous ways, um sometimes dark things can seem humorous, um or be looked at in a slightly different angle, different light. Anyone else? Hello, yes.
Audience:  Ah, yes well, I want to preface this by apologizing for my behavior...
Gareth:  You're the one that accosted me last night, aren't you?
Audience:  I am, yes. And I apologize but...I usually don't accost people...
Gareth:  She had her hands all wrapped around my body, clawing at my skin, biting at my neck...
Audience:  Well, I could have been doing worse things...
Gareth:  You were....
Audience:  I was holding myself back. But now I'm going to ask you a question, and it's not for's for somebody else...
Gareth:  You're lying.
Audience: So if it embarrasses you, it's not me. But for the edification of all those fan fiction writers out there...Is Ianto a top or a bottom?
Kai:  Sorry. What was....What's was this?
Audience:  Do you know? (indiscernible) let Kai answer it.
Gareth:  A top or a back?
Audience:  Bottom.
Gareth:  A top or a bottom.
Audience:  Not front or back. Top or bottom?
Audience 2:  Is he a giver or a taker?!
Kai:  (indiscernible)
Audience:  I didn't want to confuse you.
Gareth:  Well, I should imagine a bit of both. It's always nice to mix things up, isn't it?
Audience:  OK. Thank you.
Gareth:  I, I  think Ianto's probably the more dominant most of the time because Jack's in charge all day and everything. He'd go for a bit of role reversal when anything happens in the bedroom.
Audience:  There you go. Right. Yay. Thank you.
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  So now that Rhys has found out about Torchwood's activities, is Rhys going to be hanging out in the Hub more often?
Kai:  Um yeah, Rhys found out about it, and, and he definitely gets caught up in it a lot more (indiscernible) You do see a lot more of Rhys. Yeah.
Gareth:  It is a good thing isn't it?
Audience:  Also...Aren't you guys lonely on those couches up there? You want company?
Gareth:  *to Kai* I was hoping you were going to sit next to me actually, you know. Anyone else gonna ask any more questions?
Audience:  Um...For what the writers haven't made up about your character of Rhys, do you sort of make up in your own head maybe Rhys' childhood, his family back story?
Kai:  Uh, that's a good question. I think, I think at the very beginning I just, I just knew that Rhys was a good old fashioned Welsh boy, and then as the story developed, I um, I didn't realize...I didn't really know how much I was going to be involved in it. But then as I realized I was going to be in it a bit more, and a bit more, and they built this relationship with Gwen, I kinda just started thinking about well, you know, he likes football, he likes his beer, he's got a good gang of mates, he's got a good mam and dad, you know, from a good Welsh background um, you know, things like that. And then, but then in the episode "Something Borrowed" we met Rhys' parents, I guessing he hasn't got brothers and sisters. Obviously the writers decided on that, but uh, you know, you kinda make things up, at the end of the day I just thought what I wanted to play was a decent guy, with a heart of gold really.
Audience:  Awwww.
Kai:  I'm getting awwws.
Gareth:  Yes, gentleman there.
Audience:  This is for Gareth. I just recently started listening to your band and I was wondering...
Gareth:  Haaaay!
Audience:  I was wondering if you guys have any plans about coming to the states maybe like Dragon Con or something?
Gareth:  We'd, we'd love to if someone would sort of host us, help us out because there are four of us, we've got equipment and things like that, and I just don't have...NICE. I had to get these from my room. Apparently the bar here doesn't open 'til about four. Hello. Uh yeah, what were you saying?
Kai:  Uh, would you please repeat the questions because I think people can't hear the questions in the back, so try and be a bit louder or we'll repeat them as well.
Gareth:  Yeah.
Gareth:  What was the last question?
Audience:  About your band.
Gareth:  Oh yeah, I have a band. Is our band coming to the US to play at Dragon Con or something like that. Um, I really hope so, but we need sort of someone to help us out really, a tour manager or producer or something. I don't really know a hell of a lot about putting a band on the road, and it is a sort of side project for all of us really. My main, my main career is acting and they've got a band besides BLUE GILLESPIE, so it's just a bit of help we need, that's all. Some venues to maybe offer us a deal...Whiskey A Go-Go...something like that. Um yeah, we'd love to. We would try to get a (indiscernible) together so hopefully. Hello.
Audience:  Does Rhys have a thing for sheep?
Gareth:  Does Rhys have a thing for sheep?
Kai:  Yeah, he's Welsh, of course he does. We shag 'em, you eat 'em.
Gareth:  I actually couldn't find any lamb in Ralph's. There wasn't any lamb...there was poultry, there was beef, but I couldn't find any lamb. I was (indiscernible) Hello.
Audience:  Gareth and Kai, um tonight, any chance you'll get up and and doing karaoke with us tonight?   (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Is there karaoke tonight?
Audience:  Yes.
Gareth:  Then there'd be nothing more certain.
Audience:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Pardon?
Audience:  Could we do one together? Could we do a number together?
Gareth:  Alright, we'll have to take a look. I get, I get quite, you know, um territorial about the stage, so I want to do most of it. You do a little bit.
Audience:  Fair enough.
Gareth:  OK. You're going to do karaoke as well?
Kai:  Oh yes.
Gareth:  Have you got um, HYMNS & ARIAS?
Audience:  (indiscernible)  I'm from Australia so (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Alright,  so I thought you were doing the karaoke then...
Audience:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  Awesome. Awesome.
Kai:  I LOVE karaoke by the way. Love it!
Gareth:  It's a Welsh tradition, isn't it?
Kai:  Oh yeah. Love it. Love it.
Gareth:  That's how we practice. (indiscernible) look good.  Hello.
Audience:  What would be your songs of choice?
Kai:  What would be our songs of choice?
Audience:  Bohemian Rhapsody.
Gareth:  I always do "Mustang Sally" um, but I ALWAYS do, I literally ALWAYS do "Mustang Sally."
Kai:  I can guarantee...
Gareth:  And it drives Gemma and her nuts uh...Gemma and her nuts?...Uh, that was a Freudian slip. Uh drives, drives Gemma nuts, so Um I prob...I might try something different as well as "Mustang Sally."
Kai:  I'll definitely do "The Green, Green Grass of Home."
Gareth:  I'll do it with you.
Kai:  Lovely.
Gareth:  Yeah. Anyone else? Are there any questions related to the show?
Kai:  I was just saying, it always gets like this....Always.
Gareth:  I know. Hello. Yes?
Audience:  Did you guys know that there's a town called Cardiff by the Sea on the uh coast south of here? Do you think you could set up a Torchwood five?
Gareth:  There's a Cardiff? Is it spelled the same?
Audience:  Yeah. Cardiff by the Sea.
Gareth:  Oh.
Kai:  Bloody hell.
Gareth:  Two Cardiffs
Kai:  Stand by.
Audience:  It's sunnier than regular Cardiff.
Gareth:  Yeah? Yeah, we'll check it out.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Sunday Q & A Part 2 of 7

You. Yeah.
Kai:  (indiscernible)
Audience:  Uh of the, of the cast of TORCHWOOD, main characters, Kai included uh, Marry, Shag, Throw off a cliff?
Kai:  Good this.
Gareth: it just for me, or for Kai as well?
Audience:  Both.
Gareth:  You go first. You can set the tone and then I...
Kai:  I'd chuck Naoko off the cliff.
Audience:  She's already dead.
Kai: Oh, Oh...Oh God! So I'll have Ianto...OK, I'd chuck John off the cliff. I'd shag Gareth, and marry Gwen.
Gareth:  I think I'd probably...push Gwen off the cliff...already, already isn't she's, she's...she's taken first off. And, you know um...I'd shag John and I'd marry Kai.
Kai:  That's the fourth Aww ladies and gentlemen. Fourth Aww.
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  So my question is the same as hers about the extended, what you bring to the character that the writers don't...if you thought about back stories, but I'm going to aim it to you, because I'm curious.
Gareth:  Um...back stories...Luckily for me they're very close to what I envisaged in the first place, yeah. It was, it was uncanny actually. Uh the background that is revealed in the upcoming season is nearly spot on. Exactly, exactly how I imagined it to be. It's quite close to my own, my own background. It's nice.
Audience:  I there anything not spoilery you can talk about?
Gareth:  Anything not spoilery?
Audience 2:  Or spoilery.
Audience 1:  Or talk about your personal background or anything.
Audience 3:  Or your personal background for Rhys
Kai:  Anything what? Sorry.
Audience:  Any stories you've come up with for inspiration while acting.
Gareth:  Any back stories?
Kai:  Um...well look, I've been in relationships before and I've had, and I've had, you know, domestics with, with girlfriends, so uh it did help a bit during filming.
Gareth:  You were brilliant. I thought you were brilliant in that scene where you were in the park and you (indiscernible) That was brilliant. (indiscernible)  That was really exactly what you always wanted to say to her. Yeah. Yeah! Tell her! Yeah, hello.
Audience:  Yes. We won't talk about how Jack and Gwen would cheat, but who would be more likely to cheat, would it be Rhys or Ianto?
Gareth:  To?
Audience:  Cheat...on either Jack or Gwen
Gareth:  Oooo! That's quite a...I don't think either of them. No. I think probably Ianto, but uh it would be Jack's idea. It'd be some type of weird role play (indiscernible) I don't think Rhys would cheat on Gwen at all.
Kai:  I believe he wouldn't. I, I, I hate to think that they were lying actually, but I don't, I don't think he would personally, but then again, you know...Jack has so many pills, doesn't he?
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Audience:  What are the odds...Is there a chance of Rhys and Ianto cheating?
Gareth:  What? With each other? I don't think so.
Kai:  See you tonight. Yours after karaoke.
Gareth:  Yeah  with all the rugby and I'm like (indiscernible)
Kai:  Yeah.
Audience: Uh me?
Kai:  Oh, sorry. Yeah.
Audience:  Uh, producers and writers have said that, uh Rhys was originally going to die in the first season, but due to your popularity, he ended up living and now he's a more important characterHow does it feel to have someone who is kind of written to be kind of be more of the dull (indiscernible)  someone as... Sorry. ...
Kai:  No. No, it's alright really.
Audience:  to someone who's adored as much as the main cast.
Kai:  Thank you very much. Yeah. Rhys was, Rhys was supposed to be killed in the fourth episode of the first series, that's what I was told, so I was just chuffed, you know, 'cuz any, any job as an actor is, you're very grateful to get. You're very lucky if you're working as an actor. So, you know, to be a lot in the fourth episode, thought well, you know, good run, four episodes, but then it got more and more and it's something Eve were talking, we've got to make them real. We've got to make them  like a proper couple, and Rhys is kind of the heart and the normality of the series. And it just went on and on, and I got a phone call at the end of, toward the end of the shoot on the first season, from Richard Stokes and he was saying we decided to kill the character of Rhys off, you know, at the end of episode thirteen, and I went OK, no problem. But uh, but within like a couple of hours later he did call me back, and say they decided to keep me alive. Uh and one of the first...
Gareth:  (indiscernible)
Kai:  Richard Stokes yeah. But one of the first things apparently Russell did decide before the start of season two was that Rhys needs to know about Torchwood. He needs to find out. He can't be this sort of, dumb fool all the time, not knowing, and so uh I've very grateful, very lucky. It's a great job to be involved in, so obviously I'm really happy.
Gareth:  I think we're lucky to have you in it as well.
Kai:  Oh, thank you Gareth. It's great. The cast are brilliant. Everybody's supportive. It's a joy to go to work.
Gareth:  Gentleman.
Audience:  Do you think the Ianto/Jack relationship was thought out from the very beginning of the epi...of TORCHWOOD, or do you think it just happened to the chemistry between you guys, and uh maybe the fan fiction ...
Kai:  It could be due to John Barrowman's power, I think...
Gareth:  "I like him." Um yeah...Uh, it was always there, it was a hint of it there, was always a flirtation between them even in the very first script, Ianto only had two lines to say, one of them was a flirtatious quip towards John, towards Jack and um so it's always been there and I think um, it worked, they liked it and, you know, it could have been something that they either scrapped or developed, and they developed it.
Audience: Hi. Are we going to see any more of Ianto's skills? I mean, we know he can make a dress. Is there anything else...
Gareth:  And he can make coffee. Uh he's very good with numbers, which is very unlike me, uh he's very sort of practical, he's sort of logistics, and yeah, offering the alternative answer to everything a lot of the time. Uh yeah, you do. You see more of his brain powers. Hello. Hello uh. You first, and then you.
Audience:  OK. Um so we keep seeing uh, it's funny 'cuz actually, you get hurt Kai, in the show, more than Ianto does. Seems like every time you're on an episode, there's injury. Can you uh, can you guys talk about some of the know, you going and kick a gun out of a guys hand, and how was that for you guys?
Kai:  Well, I get stabbed and shot quite a bit. It's great fun. Great fun, long as I'm still breathing and I wake up from it. But um, yeah. It's great fun to do those things. And, you know, Rhys being pretty much sort of the shield to Gwen in the MEAT episode, he took the bullet there and in season one (indiscernible) by Billis, but um yeah, it's just, that's great fun to do. And the wounds and the special effects guys are brilliant. Yeah.
Gareth:  Yeah, the sort of physical trauma stuff is good. Um, this season I, I did...there's a scene where I'm uh running away from sniper fire, uh which I believe is in the trailer so, uh...I hope, I hope it's in the trailer. Um yeah, uh and there's, there's a guy with a gun, a prop like, firing sparks on the floor with little pellets, and they explode on the floor, but they're firing them at my legs. And one of them got me, and it really hurt...bruised and everything and it really...
Audience:  Awww.
Gareth:  Yeah! But it makes it more exciting because you are actually trying to avoid this guy who's trying to shoot your legs. And it becomes more realistic, and I panicked and I was feeling the pain and, you know, I didn't think I could run that fast. It was...There's some good tricks the BBC has to get me to work...Just get a real gun.
Audience:  Are we ever going to see Lisa again in a flashback or something?
Gareth:  Well, I hope so. Yeah, uh I don't know. I'm not quite sure, but yeah hopefully. Uh, I don't know what to say.
Kai:  (indiscernible) Hi ya.
Audience:  I'm sorry if somebody already asked this question. I was just wondering what is the likelihood, I mean um, you appeared in the last season of DOCTOR WHO. I was just wondering what the likelihood you might appear in more episodes?
Gareth:  I would love that. Yeah.  Yeah I think that was awesome. I, I haven't been approached yet. But yeah I'd could take that...
Audience:  Could you repeat that question, please?
Gareth:  Yeah. Uh will there be any more appearances of Ianto, or myself as a different character in DOCTOR WHO, and I sincerely hope so because it's just as fun as TORCHWOOD.
Kai:  Yeah. Yeah. (indiscernible)
Gareth:  I got to fire, you know, fire a machine gun at a Dalek, which is...Yeah. More of that would be nice.
Kai:  Go on man. What's...little boy over there.
Audience:  What's you favorite football team?
Kai:  Soccer team? Manchester United. I LOVE The United.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen Friday Q & A Part 3 of 7

Kai:  Right!
Gareth:  Gentleman in the back.
Audience:  Would you ever do an episode of the I T CROWD?
Gareth:  Uh yeah. Yeah, I'd love to do an episode of that show.
Kai:  Great show, yeah.
Gareth:  It's um...what's his, what's his name...Morris...
Audience:  Moss.
Gareth:  No. No, the other writer...
Audience:  Graham Linton
Gareth:  No, and oh, who produces it (indiscernible) jam...
Audience:  Chris Morris.
Gareth:  Ahhh...There you go. Chris Morris. He produces it. Yeah. I'd love to do that. He writes all the scripts as well, and I love Chris Morris' humor. Yeah.
Audience:  Has anybody been seriously hurt during the shooting of TORCHWOOD?
Gareth:  Mysteriously hurt?
Kai:  Has anybody been seri...Mysteriously hurt?
Audience:  Seriously.
Kai:  Oh. Seriously...mysteriously hurt?
Gareth:  (indiscernible) He's so depressed, but don't ask him about it, he's so mysterious.
Kai:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  No. I don't think so.
Kai:  No. uh um, not that I know of. We've got a great stunt team, you know, obviously a guy who choreographs everything um really, really top guy. I think you got a bruise from a little pellet of a gun though, didn't you?
Gareth:  Yes. I did. (indiscernible) Hello.
Audience:  Hi. Um this question is for Gareth. Uh, Ianto starts as kind of a quiet, sort of repressed sort of character. Did you have any idea going in that like the girlfriend was hiding in the basement?
Gareth:  No. I shot, I shot the first two episodes before they told me I had a girlfriend hiding in the basement, so um yeah. I knew I was hiding something because, you know, um I played it shiftily for some reason, so I must have known subconsciously that something was going on back there, or down there in the basement. Uh yeah, they said you're hiding a Cyberwoman in the basement and she tries to kill the whole team, and then uh, she gets blown away. I thought, brilliant. That's awesome. And then I got scared because I had a whole episode to myself which was a....
Kai:  Great episode!
Gareth:  Yeah uh, for not doing much series work before, then having a couple of lines in the first two episodes, it was quite daunting and exciting. Brilliant. Hello. Lady with...oh, lady there.
Audience:  Oh, me? Um, I was just wondering when are you both going to start shooting series four?
Gareth:  There's been, there's been no green light, has there?
Kai:  I don't think, no. There's been no sort of green light at all for series four yet, um.
Gareth:  They're going to wait ...I think they're going to wait to see how the one, how this five day special does um...
Audience:  When is it going to air?
Gareth:  I...When is it airing?
Kai:  I've heard June maybe.
Gareth:  I've heard June and March and then April, um. I'm not sure.
Kai:  They're gonna...I think what the idea is, they're trying to air in the same time in Britain as they are over here and everywhere else. (indiscernible) It's all gonna go out on the same day in the UK and America and France. (indiscernible)
Kai:  Hi there.
Audience:  Hello. Um, what are your favorite episodes that you've worked on?
Kai:  My favorite episode of all time is COUNTRYCIDE.  I love that. In the first series I wasn't in many episodes, was in a few. I watch it as a fan as well. I love that episode. And I loved uh...and for my personal...I loved ADRIFT and SOMETHING BORROWED.
Gareth:  COUNTRYCIDE  (indiscernible) and I liked the ADAM episode as well. That psycho's crazy. Um, what else?  I keep a... I couldn't mention episodes from the new series because I have loads of fun doing them. I can't yet, so um....
Audience:  We won't tell.
Gareth:  Whatever. You'll be blabbering to everyone in Cyberspace. Hello. Gentleman in the green, in the back.
Audience:  OK. Um, two, two things...One... Is TORCHWOOD going to be more G rated? And the second thing I...
Gareth:  More? Sorry...More what? More?
Audience:  G Rated. Is TORCHWOOD going to be more G Rated, is the first question.
Gareth:  Does that mean it's sort of toned down uh?
Audience:  Because I heard it's going to be.
Gareth:  No. Not at all. It's darker. It's the darkest ep...darkest series..
Kai:  Very disturbing.
Gareth:  Yeah. It's scary, dark, it's very (indiscernible) I really like it.
Audience:  What was that comment I never got about when Ianto says to Capt Jack about things you can do with a stopwatch?
Gareth:  Uh, that's a comment uh to which you're supposed to apply imagination. Uh yeah. It's up to you. It's up to you that one. It is quite random. Uh, I've got my own ideas, but uh...not at this time of day. Um, lady, lady there.
Audience:  Um, Rhys is always put as second best for your wife and do you think he's ever going to find out that she says comments like "Who else is going to have me?"
Kai:  Yeah, well the thing is, she's basically...
Audience:  I always think you're the best.
Kai:  Thank you. Thank you. She kind of does say that. If you watch SOMETHING BORROWED you probably...and there's a running commentary on it tomorrow, if you watch it, there's a scene in the bedroom where Rhys is standing by the four poster bed and say we've got to cancel the wedding...She literally goes over to Jack and Rhys is standing two foot away from her, "Who else will have me?" You know, He loves me and all that so, he kind of, I don't know that it's just, Love is blind...I think well, in his case, love is a bit deaf as well...he's, she did say these things and you can definitely see the way you know, she looks at him and stuff like that, but uh. I think he's got her, and I think that's, at the end of the day, you know, he knocked Jack out, so it's good.
Gareth:  Hands up from you all who haven't asked a question yet. Lady over there.
Audience:  In keeping with the (indiscernible) on the show, have you had the opportunity to maybe do something that wasn't in the script, that you ad-libbed, have you...that ended up on the show maybe?
Gareth:  There's a, there's a fight we had.
Kai:  Yeah. Yeah!
Gareth:   (indiscernible) for our own amusement.  Yeah. It's a sort of mock fight that uh Rhys and Ianto have, and it, the whole thing was...what (indiscernible) Oh, I can't really say anything...Yeah. That was all improvised.
Kai:  We were told to ad-lib, improvise and ad-lib a fight in the background there and it was done in the middle, in the middle of Cardiff High Street, you know, on just a sunny afternoon in the summertime...on my birthday actually, and we, we had a great time, didn't we?
Gareth:  Any kids here?
Audience:  I'll cover their ears.
Gareth:  I'll tell you at party tomorrow. This is not (indiscernible) Lady in the glasses over there.
Audience:  I was just wondering what kind of development we can expect from your characters in season three?
Kai:  You do see an awful lot more of Rhys in series 3. He's in it all the time. But he's more, he's more as a sort of there for Gwen's safety rather than, you know rather than, but he kind of gets caught up in it, so if Gwen's involved, Rhys is involved, because he wants to be and make sure she's safe. So you just see Rhys sort of maybe be a little bit braver.
Audience:  Oh, he's so sweet.
Gareth:  Um, you really see a sort of loneliness, I think as far as Ianto goes, in the series. It's going to be hard having a relationship with someone like Jack who lives forever, and uh you see how sort of lonely that makes Ianto because uh Jack's going to go on, and it's Jack's responsibility to keep him alive in his memory. If, if someone who lives um for thousands of, you know, for thous....forever basically...How much, how much memory do you get?
Kai:  It's very bleak. Yes sir.
Audience:  I just arrived really quite recently and somebody may have asked this question already, but it's uh, it is to Gareth...Are we going..this is a two part question. Will we see any more of like deep relationship development between the Jack character and Ianto, and the second part is, what's it like making out with John Barrowman?
Gareth:  Rubbish. Um yeah, I mean, all that sort of sad stuff about, you know, about having him...seeing all this loneliness...that doesn't make their relationship any less strong, in fact you do see it develop and, you know, um it does get stronger, and Ianto does learn to sort of deal with that loneliness and deal with that sort, sort  of with the situation he's in. So yes, you do, and it's quite touching really.
Kai:  Yep.
Audience: Me?
Kai:  Yeah.

Coming around the home stretch...Tomorrow Parts 4 and 5

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