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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...Gareth & Kai Friday Q&A ..Surprise Guest - NaokoParts 4 & 5

SO very sorry for the crappy audio...Transcribing is my punishment.
Next time I will have to kindly request the boys back off the mics.

Gallifrey One Gareth and Kai Friday Q & A Parts 4 & 5

Part 4 of 7

Part 5 of 7

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen, Plus! Friday Q&A Part 4 of 7

Kai:  Yeah.
Audience:  Me?
Kai:  Yeah.
Audience:  OK. This is for both of you. Uh, what has been the most difficult thing you've had to film like, I guess, either emotionally or physically or you know, series one through three, you know, what's been the most...
Kai:  What's the most difficult thing we've had to film?
Gareth:  Emotionally.
Audience:  or physically. Either one.
Gareth:  Or physically.......Probably you go first....Um....It's the f...The stuff in the rain in the ADAM episode, because that one is in the middle of the night was freezing, and that water is freezing cold, and it just is, it comes down a lot harsher than rain. It's like being in your shower basically, and you are instantly soaked. And an hour and a half of doing that, constantly having to change, in case you get pneumonia...That was really difficult. I really wanted to go home. That scream of anguish is, is quite real.
Kai:  I think, I think ADAM, from ADAM maybe the memory was...
Gareth:  He was a bastard, wasn't he, Adam. He put us thorough a lot of shit.
Kai:  I think was just so trying to, trying to play those scenes with Eve so that when she didn't know who Rhys was and trying to get that sort of, trying to comprehend that...What if, what if you were with somebody who had lost there memory and stuff, It'd be very, very traumatic, I think. So yeah, I had a bit of trouble with those.
Gareth:  Um...Lisa?
Naoko:  I have a question for Kai Owen.
Gareth: Yeah.
Naoko:  Do you miss me?
Gareth:  (indiscernible)  We kept it a surprise. Yeah. I went, I went to pick up some head shots from the printers, "Ray the Retoucher,"...sounds a bit dodgy um...
Kai:  Naoko Mori!
Gareth:  Here. Have this. Tell everyone how you got here today, how we bumped into each other.
Audience 1:  We love you!
Audience 2: There's your mic.
Naoko:  Oh. I'm sitting on it?
Kai:   (indiscernible)  farted.
Naoko:  I don't do that. Uh yeah, it's really weird uh, I was at the shop
Gareth:  Now I do feel bloody lonely.
Audience:  I'll sit with you.
Kai:  Who wants to come up and sit by Gareth?
Gareth:  Hello. I'll sit (indiscernible)
Naoko:  This is horrible. Why was I not invited?
Audience:  You're always invited....Standing invitation.
Naoko:  Yeah, so I was in the shop um, "Ray...
Gareth:  "Ray the Retoucher"
Naoko:  Well, I wasn't getting retouched...Um, and I hear this voice, and he's standing behind me.
Gareth:  Actually...
Oh my god! That's crazy!
Gareth:  You know you were talking, you were taking to, to the lady about your shots, about, about the composition or whatever and I just came on in over your shoulder and said, "I think it's shit."
Naoko:  He did that actually.
Gareth:  You just turned around looking so angry and then saw it was's fine.
Audience:  What are you doing here? Details.
Naoko:  Me? Well uh, uh I spend a lot of time here um, and have been doing so for about...gosh...I grew up in New Jersey, as a kid, yeah. I used to say New York until people started saying, you know, where in New York, and I'd be like *sneeze New Jersey*  You know, New Jersey's cool again um, so um I have a lot of friends here. Most of my best friends live in Boston and LA.
Audience:  Are you working?
Naoko:  Uh...eee...kind of.
Audience:  Can you tell us?
Naoko:  No. I can tell you but I'd have it Rohypnol? Rohypnol.
Audience: Retcon.
Kai: Retcon.
  Retcon. That's it.
Kai:  Rohypnol...Date rape drug.
Gareth:  DAMN! (indiscernible)  I got Rohypnol and plenty of it.
Kai:  Well, do you have any questions for Naoko, Gareth, OR myself?
Naoko:  One. I'm allowing one.
Kai:  Ohh... Who's the lucky one. Come on sir.
Audience: (indiscernible)
Naoko:  What's it feel like to die? I...this is why...
Kai:  You can have another one. You can have another question.
Naoko:  Awww. Um, it was hard. It was really, really difficult um, but the script was so good, and you know, we all trust the writers so much, so... um it...I couldn't have asked for a better scene. It was, I thought it was really well written um and I'm going to start crying again. But yeah, it was really difficult. It was a we did it at like 4 am in the morning wasn't it? Oh, you weren't there, you were sleep...
Gareth:  I wasn't there. I was asleep.
Kai:  I wasn't there. One more question (indiscernible)
Audience:  Over here! Over here!
Gareth:  Yes.
Naoko:  I know you! I know you!
Gareth & Kai:  *mimicking Naoko*
Naoko:  (indiscernible) Sorry. Sorry, I'm so sorry.
Audience:  Ask your question.
Audience 2:  OK. My question is...this is for everybody. If you could write a TORCHWOOD episode, what would you want to put in there? Like what aspect of your character, your story or anything you'd like to see.
Audience:  And you're not dead.
Naoko:  Oh my god! You're all here!
Gareth:  Stand up. Stand up. Look at that.
Naoko:  You were at Comic Con? We met at Comic Con?
Gareth:  Awesome. That was a question you just asked?
Kai:  I'd write a TORCHWOOD episode with you lot in it. That's what I would do.
Naoko:  (indiscernible)
Gareth:  What?
Kai:  Answer their question! What, what would you write in a TORCHWOOD episode?
Naoko:  Oh, you know me. It takes me ages to...
Gareth:  Yeah. So you want me to go first is what you're saying. OK. Uh probably where uh, Ianto spikes all the coffee with some mysterious hallucination thing (indiscernible) and when gets angry about something, he feels betrayed by the team, and spikes all their coffee, and they start hallucinating, which makes things real, or feel real (indiscernible) You don't find that out that out that it's not real, until the end of the episode (indiscernible) things start happening (indiscernible) You're told at the end Ianto's spiked all their drinks.  James Moran.  He's not here, he's signing I think. But I'll (indiscernible)
Naoko:  Oh um, I would say, a musical episode. I have to go and pick up a friend from the airport.
Gareth:  Alright. You just, you just breeze in and breeze out.
Naoko:  No. I'm OK. I'm OK for ten minutes. But I don't want to....I should leave.
Audience:  No.
Gareth:   (indiscernible) are you coming...
Naoko:  Your friend didn't answer the question.
Gareth:  What TORCHWOOD episode would you like?
Audience:  Um.....I have one....Oh, I don't know. I don't think I'm allowed to say it up here.
Gareth:  It wouldn't be that they all have a gang bang (indiscernible) would it?
Kai:  Torchwood the (indiscernible,) is that right?
Gareth:  Luckily that footage has been destroyed. Gang Bang it is, then.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen, Plus! Friday Q&A Part 5 of 7

Kai:  Another one.
Audience:  Another Tosh. This is sort of a weird question, but I wanted to find out what you think of my Sonic Modulator.
Naoko:  Did you make it? You have a lot of time on...
Kai:  Whoa. Whoa. Is that real?
Gareth:  How many vibration settings has it got? Three! Wow! It has got three vibration settings. That is fantastic!
Audience:  So I was wondering if I could get a photo of you holding this, if you don't mind?
Naoko:  Uh
Gareth:  Yeah. P...Yeah. Come up here.
Kai:   (indiscernible) Take your clothes off. Go on.
Gareth:  It's a good size, isn't it?
Kai:  Yeah...uh yeah, go on.
Audience:  Hello.
Gareth:  Helloo.  (indiscernible)
Audience:  I was wondering how hard was it to film that scene where you (indiscernible) when you said Owen was breaking your heart. How hard it....
Audience 2:  Repeat it.
Kai:  How hard was...
Audience:  HOW much you love him.
Kai:  How hard was it to film that scene in the cellar, and how much Tosh loved him.
Naoko:  I think it was one of the hardest scenes I've ever had to do um....ever. Um and what I wanted to do was do it in one take. What I didn't want to do is break it up, and sort of lose momentum so. I remember we were shooting a mid shot the day after the wrap party when everyone was hung over and asleep, um me and Burn had to film on the next day um and I....said to Richard, the producer, I said I'm going to need time... to sort of prepare myself. Without sounding like, you know, one of those sort of method actors, but I just wanted to find myself a place, you know, the right place, the right starting point um. And apparently it felt like half an hour, but I'd been cooped up in my room for about two hours um, but I think it kind of helped to sort of start at the right place and then...To be honest, I can't remember, because when you're doing it your kind of doing it...but, what you saw was real...well, as real as it can be um and uh yeah. It was incredibly hard. It's one of the hardest, if not the hardest scene I've ever done.
Kai:  It was bloody good, wasn't it?
Audience:  Did you decide to leave the show or...
Naoko:  No. I didn't decide. No. It was was...yeah. It was their decision and I have to say I didn't disagree with it. I think it was the right time um. Tosh had...I said, I've said this in the past in interviews and stuff...I think she went through such an arc um it's almost like she came full circle, and it just felt so right. You know, hand on heart, I just felt that it was right. When they told me I, I was like, of course. It makes absolute sense. Yeah.
Kai:  Come on, darling.
Audience:  There are actually two question options...the silly one and the not quite so silly one.
Kai:  The silly one.
Audience:  Would you like to hug the Pika?
Naoko:  Pikachu
Audience:  He's got a Plus Two Browned Striped Scarf of Charisma.
Naoko:  Is he clean?
Gareth:  Yeah. He looks a little bit..he's been through it, hasn't he?
Kai:  Did you find him outside?
Gareth:  Did you find him in (indiscernible)
Kai:  Chuck him here. Chuck him here.
Audience:  His scarf, apparently doesn't want to come with him.
Gareth:  Good size, isn't it?   *they pass him all around*  You all got it?  I'm gonna hit someone's camera. He's safe. He's safe. Yes sir.
Audience:  Um, Gareth. In an American sci-fi series, if we'd had a character who had had a girlfriend and then got involved with a man, we would have had some, at least one episode of coming out angst....right? Um, were you expecting to see that in TORCHWOOD? When, when you didn't see it in your scripts, were you surprised? Did you shoot anything like that, and then it didn't make it or...
Gareth:  Um....You....I mean, Ianto's out to the team, um which is sort of a secret organization, but um you will see some of that coming out angst as his family and sort of general public go in season three.
Audience:  Thank you.
Gareth:  It has, it has been shot. That's all I can say.
Audience:  I don't know if you can do this, but before you have to take off for the airport, could the three of you get together so we can all take a picture? or is that...
Kai:  At the end. Yeah.
Gareth:   uh well, have you got, have you got to shove off, have you or anything?
Naoko:  No. I'm OK.
Gareth:  Are you OK? Yeah. We'll do it just before Naoko leaves so we don't have to stand up twice.
Audience:  Here's a question for all three of you. Of all the devices that are in the Torchwood, you know, device bin or whatever you call it...What alien device would you as..not as your character, but as you...most want to use?
Gareth:  *sex spray*
Audience:  But you'd never need it.
Kai:  What alien device would we all like to use, sort of like, something like invisibility cloak.
Naoko:  Oh, oh yeah. I have one. Um, I used to say the pendant that Tosh had...but you don't want all that information. You know, what do you do with that information? Moral of that episode. you remember..I don't know if you remember. It was like episode one? episode two? Owen goes into the bathroom and....*sex spray*
Gareth:  *Sex spray*
Naoko:  Is that what you were doing?
Gareth:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Naoko:  I thought it was know....
Kai:  You could have that and then give them the Retcon the next morning, couldn't ya. Lovely.
Gareth:  Kai Owen said....Lovely. I just wanted to repeat it.
Kai:  Yes, my darling.
Audience:  I have a question for all three of you. Outside of TORCHWOOD, what would your dream acting jobs be?
Kai:  What would our dream acting job be outside of TORCHWOOD?
Naoko:  Anything with Kai Owen.
Audience:  Awwww.
Naoko:  and Gareth.
Gareth:  Would you all uh tell Kenneth Branagh that I'd like to play THOR? Because apparently that's coming up soon.
Kai:  I suppose, I would, I would say this, in years to come I'd like to play SWEENEY TODD. In the musical version.  Sorry?
Audience:  I played Johanna.
Kai:  You played Johanna? Did she? Cool.  Johanna....Johanna.  You could play (indiscernible)
Gareth:  I'm being a bit more serious...I think probably Mack the Knife on film.
Kai:  Yeah. You said that.
Gareth:  Yeah. Mack the Knife on film.
Audience:  Me? Uh, first of all...every British actor in the world was in LITTLE DORRIT. None of you.
Gareth:  We were busy.
Audience:  What were you busy doing? What should we look for?
Gareth:  Series Three of TORCHWOOD.
Audience:  Other things...other TV stuff that you're doing we should look for on the Torrents of Doom, or...
Gareth:  Well, the thing, thing about it, it took us right up until the end of November, we passed right through LITTLE DORRIT, and we can't film anything else when we do that. It's, it's pretty much a full time job, and then I had Christmas, and now I'm over here, you know, trying to fill in the gaps between series.
Kai:  Eve was actually filming a little bit of LITTLE DORRIT while she was, while she started shooting TORCHWOOD at the very beginning so, um they kind of crossed over a little, but it was quite full on all the way through.

Tomorrow....The FINAL two parts....then I'll say goodbye to Transcription Hell...Hoooooray! :-)))
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