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TORCHWOOD Gallifrey One Transcripts...Gareth, Kai, Naoko Friday Q&A ...the Last Bits!

This is the last of them folks! Four hours plus, of transcriptions, finally done.

Without further ado...

Gareth, Kai and Naoko at Gallifrey One Friday Q & A... Parts 6 and 7

Part 6 of 7

Part 7 of 7

TORCHWWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen, Naoko Mori - Friday Q&A Part 6 of 7

Audience:  Hello. um...What's your favorite stuff that you've seen online that fans have done?
Gareth:  I don't look online anymore, to be honest with you. It started to affect me mentally.
Kai:  Absolutely no way. No way will I look online.
Gareth:  Safe off line.
Audience:  But you read the talking cat story...right?
Gareth:  Pardon?
Audience:  You read the talking cat story.
Gareth:  Yeah, but that was shown to me on, on...It was a hard copy. It was on a piece of paper, I wasn't actually online. Um, I yeah, I did read that a while ago.
Audience:  Well, he says Hi.
Gareth: Does he?
Audience:  My friend wrote it.
Gareth:  Oh really. He says...yeah, I think he wrote that one yeah. But what happens, I, I, um because I'm too scared to go on there, I got friends who basically go on there, and if they see anything good, they'll print it off or give me a link to it and I've found it's, it's just a way of avoiding all the...yeah. But that's...Yeah, the cat story was a good story, that was one of the things that slipped through.
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  Hi. Um, this is a question for Gareth. I was just wondering how you feel about most people who dress up like you being girls?
Gareth:  I think, I think it's awesome. It's also, it brings all these sort, I'm not going to even bring that up. Um yeah, I, I, I was, it was a surprise when I discovered that most um of the fans for Ianto were girls, not because necessarily they fancied him, but because they sort of empathized with him. They sympathized with the character and I thought that was, that was uh, really nice that that came through, people, um especially girls, connected with that because I wasn't expecting them to.
Kai:  Right in the back over there. Yeah. Yeah, go on.
Audience: Out of the characters of TORCHWOOD, which one were you the most sad to lose, Tosh or Owen?
Gareth:  Who's Owen? Joking... (indiscernible)
Naoko:  You can be honest.
Gareth:  What? Choose? How can you choose? You went, you went as a group, as a, as a couple, you did really. You sort of got together online, and then it, it was very traumatic to lose both of them, thank you very much. It's like asking, asking you to choose between family members. "Which one are you going to throw in the river?" That's, that's, that's a cruel question. Yeah.  I'd kill myself.
Kai:  (indiscernible) In the first season and second season I wasn't really involved with the team uh, uh really until sort of the end of uh, season two so whenever I used to get to work, it generally was just with Eve, and I always used to see um like Naoko, Burn, John and Gareth and Eve having just the time of their lives on the Hub, you know, having a scream, a great laugh. It was just great to see that they all got on really well and that really, you know, I know for a fact they were all really gutted when both of them left.
Naoko:  Nice.
Gareth:  Gentleman over there.
Audience:  In TORCHWOOD in season one it seemed like there was a lot of like building, like you know, trying to figure out how the series was going to be. How much input did you guys each have in the series at that point?
Naoko:  I think it was always kind of organic, um. What was great about uh the series was that there's real um,communication between writers and yourself um, you can bring stuff to the table and you could...and they watch everything. You know, Russell and Julie they watched it, they see everything and, and so it kind of felt organic and natural. And then absolutely I think in the second season we found our identity and our feet, um. I think there's always that kind of first season-itis that...
Kai:  They didn't, you know, they didn't know of Rhys was going to survive or, you know, whatever, so I think they were deciding on these things as, as it went along really, oh that works, that doesn't work. You know, change this, change that, so I think it's ongoing. Fortunately, like Naoko said, they watch everything and they have the power to do, you know, change whatever they want, literally from episode to episode.
Gareth:  Gentleman there.
Audience:  Is Gwen going to get pregnant?
Kai:  Is Gwen going to get pregnant? Um, I don't know. I mean, I would, I wouldn't be surprised if she got pregnant one day, you know. They're married. It's a natural step.
Gareth:  Being a woman in a relationship...
Kai:  Yeah. Rhys, Rhys would love that. Rhys would absolutely love Gwen pregnant. It would make him so happy. But um, you'll just have to wait and see.

TORCHWOOD Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen, Naoko Mori Friday Q&A Part 7 of 7

Gareth:  Lady in the hat.
Audience:  So originally (indiscernible) Ianto was going to be the one shot rather than Owen, so after that episode, which one of the scenes do you think would have fit Ianto's character more than Owen's character, if they hadn't switched?
Gareth:  Sorry? If Ianto had taken the bullet, not Owen as was originally planned?
Audience:  Which scenes later on, after those episodes would have fit Ianto's character better than Owen's character if they hadn't kind of switched them quickly?
Gareth:  It wasn't quickly. I mean, I think that they had time to
make it, I don't think any of the scenes had been written for Ianto. It was just the idea they had that he was going to die. I don't think anything had been written, and I think the um the idea was changed before any of those scripts had been written, so they, they just started from ground zero with Owen really, and they were all written purposely for his character.
Gareth:  Hello.
Audience:  Who do we write to to have Tosh come back in a flashback?
Kai:  Who do you write to to have Tosh come back in a flashback?
Gareth:  BBC
Kai:  PO Box 942, Cardiff, Wales
Gareth:  Write BBC Wales. You know, those letters, those response letters do get around, so...write them.
Kai:  That wasn't the right address, sorry. So don't waste any postage.
Gareth:  Yeah. Google it. BBC Wales. Hello.
Audience:  A question for Naoko. After your first appearance in DOCTOR WHO, did you know anything about TORCHWOOD or that...?
Naoko:  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Um, I didn't know anything about it until I got the call saying...It was funny um, when I got the call I was actually here. I'd just landed um, with my stuff and my agent, while I was on the flight, had called me and left a message saying, don't leave the airport, just turn around and come back. I was like...ooohhh...OK then...(indiscernible) so i had no idea. Absolutely no idea.
Audience:  How long was it after your appearance in DOCTOR WHO that they approached...
Naoko:  When did I do ALIENS OVER LONDON? 2004?
Audience:  2004...2005
Naoko:  We started TORCHWOOD in 2006
Kai & Gareth:  (indiscernible - but to the effect that the audience knows better than Naoko)
Gareth:  These guys know...(indiscernible)
Naoko:  When's my birthday? Um yeah. So it was 200.....
- Sorry...tape change -
Gareth:  Goat's eyes.
Uh, (indiscernible)
Kai:  Over there. The guy with the glove. The man with the glove.
Audience:  This is about the episode entitled ADAM. Uh, this is for Naoko. Uh, the role reversal realized when Adam effected everybody's memories...Did you enjoy acting as the dominant over Owen Harper?
Naoko:  I LOVED it. Um, although I'm not very good at sort of doing a know, that...but it was fun.
Gareth:  You did it well.
Naoko:  Thank you. With a little help. Um no, that was great fun and what was weird is that it was the first bock of the second series um, so it...
Kai:  Naoko remembered.
Naoko:  Yeah. When was my birthday?
Audience:    November 19th!
Naoko:  What? Did someone know my birthday? (indiscernible) Yeah, so uh it was the first week of filming and uh, Burn and I were talking and saying well, how weird that we're back at TORCHWOOD second series, but it doesn't feel like TORCHWOOD 'cuz we're playing like such different characters, but that was, that was fun and you know the *kissing* was fun too.
Kai:  I believe we're going to take one more quick question. Go on then darling.
Audience:  Um, I was going to ask you if John Barrowman's teeth are actually that white, but then Naoko showed up and I wanted to know if you'd sing a bit of Avenue Q for us?
Gareth:  That's has to be the last question, but uh..
Kai:  Are John Barrowman's teeth really that white?...and will Naoko sing a bit from Avenue Q?
Naoko:  Uh....No. Next time. Next time.
Gareth:  Yeah, you probably put the poor girl on the spot.
Kai:  You need to get her drunk.
Gareth: (indiscernible)...rubbish.
Kai:  A quick one. Quick question. Quickly. Go on then.
Audience: These two have offered to do karaoke later tonight. Will you be joining us?
Gareth:  They have karaoke. There'll be karaoke somewhere. Where is it?
Audience:  Across the hall.
Gareth:  Across the hall. Right. Well, we've been, we've been cut off now. It's the end of our panel so thank you all for coming today. Thank you, Naoko, so much.
Kai:  We're going to stand together so you can take some photos now. (or something close to that)

That's it. Four hour long panels and two ten minute compilations transcribed. Hope it all helped enhance your viewing pleasure.

As always...Any help I can get with the "indiscernibles" will be grately appreciated, and if you see any glaring errors or omissions, please feel free to give me a holler. :-)

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