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Adam Lambert OFFICIAL Website Up and Running...and the Equally Glamorous John Barrowman

As if my obsession with all things Barrowman wasn't enough already...

For those of you who haven't yet heard...
and I figure there are a few of you out there, since I hadn't heard until my lovely friend Anita clued me in...There is now an OFFICIAL fansite for us GLamberts to gather and chat...and most importantly, find vlogs from Adam himself, plus spectacular pictures of this phenomenally talented man...

And there are links to his MySpace and FaceBook pages there as well.

Go. Enjoy. Send him your love. :-)))

And speaking of the lovely Mr. Barrowman...and Glam

I ordered my tickets for John's final three performances of LA CAGE on Tuesday, and they arrived in my mail on Friday. Not bad, for the distance they had to travel. Think I may even add tickets for PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT to the itinerary. Now I have sixth months to convince my hubby that I absolutely must spend Thanksgiving week in the UK...with or without him...and my daughter. That might be a bit too much Glamtastic overload for them to survive. ;-)
Tags: adam lambert, gay, glamberts, john barrowman, la cage aux folles, priscilla queen of the desert

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